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British GQ February 2017

GQ is the greatest magazine around, the men’s magazine with an IQ. Whether it’s fashion, sport, health, humour, politics or music, GQ covers it all with intelligence and imagination.

United Kingdom
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gq goes global!

This month sees the tenth season of London Collections Men, the men’s fashion week I helped set up five years ago at the behest of the British Fashion Council. As well as celebrating our anniversary, this season we have also rebranded it London Fashion Week Men’s, a rather more straightforward moniker and what we actually wanted to call it when we launched (the reason we didn’t is because it was a bit conceited to call three days a week). With nearly 100 catwalk shows, presentations, events, parties, flash mobs, dinners and breakfasts, London once again hosts the very cream of young design talent, along with some of the most established brands in the world and including designers from as far afield as the US, Hong Kong and China. This season the…

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this month on gq.co.uk

How to be a better man in 2017 All our insightful columns about life, from figures such as Bear Grylls and Tony Parsons, in one online archive.gq.uk/men What to do when Tinder fails you As well as tips on how to have the best profile and dating repartee, we’ve got a special checklist you should refer to when searching for your long-term partner in crime.gq.uk/tinder Your parenting dilemmas sorted Sunday Times bestseller and GQ Dads columnist The Unmumsy Mum is on hand to answer your biggest and weirdest fatherly worries in her sharp and shocking style.gq.uk/unmumsy Video, video and more video From never-before-seen footage of new films and TV shows to Facebook Live interviews with the world’s biggest talents (such as Jenson Button with Associate Editor Paul Henderson, above) to insightful GQ documentaries, there’s hours of content…

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David BAILEY The legendary photographer David Bailey had always wanted to visit the Naga Hills – home of the Naga tribes, on the border of India and Burma – but war and unrest always kept him away. In 2012, he was finally able to travel and photograph his experience, resulting in a new book, Bailey’s Naga Hills (Steidl, £32), from which an exclusive extract can be found in this issue. Jason BARLOW What would the perfect driverless car look like? Since experts estimate that by 2030 autonomous cars will be the norm, Contributing Editor Jason Barlow created GQ’s ideal prototype. “The prospect initially filled me with dread,” says Barlow. “[But] it’s not the end of the road so much as the start of a crazy new one.” Alice RAWSTHORN This month we welcome a new…

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the last days of disco?

This isn’t you,” thunders the big unit guarding the entrance to a central London nightclub. “It is me,” I say, shakily, looking at my ID. Was it me? I suddenly feel unsure. “It is me!” I repeat. I glance at my friend, who is already walking away. She was turned away for “intoxication” (she’s teetotal). She won’t be alone. My other friend isn’t wearing heels. She doesn’t stand a chance either. “Look at me,” bellows the doorman, brandishing my ID like a weapon. I look at him, terrified, and try, desperately, to look more like me. “OK, go in.” Giddy with relief, I pass £20 to the clipboard-carrying Swedish totem pole and offer my wrist to be stamped. She lifts her arm high and brings the stamp down. No ink…

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the rising star keyed up

GQ INTEL ROSE IS ALSO AN ESTABLISHED HOUSE DJ AND HAS TOURED WITH AVICII. “WE HAD MANY ROCK’N’ROLL MOMENTS,” SHE SAYS. “I LOVE MUSIC AND IT’LL ALWAYS BE A BIG PART OF MY LIFE.” RUBY Rose always knew she was different. In primary school art classes, the other children liked Van Gogh or Michelangelo, but she was more interested in Jean-Michel Basquiat. “The school said he wasn’t suitable,” she remembers. “I felt like a rebel.” After Orange Is The New Black made her name, the 30-year-old Australian actor (2015’s fifth most searched-for person online – hence her 9.2 million Instagram followers) starts the year kicking ass in sequels to John Wick and xXx. “Gym with Vin Diesel is competitive,” she says. “He did push-ups with me on his back.” Rose has a goal: to…

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snow business

The Woman Who Can... Get you to the untouched powder. Bella Seel For the slopes that no one else knows, hook up with this freerider. alsprivate.com The Man Who Can… Secure your table for 12 at Farm Club. Rory Hoddell The ultimate fixer to have on the ground – Sir Richard Branson is a client. camelsnow.com The Woman Who Can… Put you back together again. Leanne Brown The go-to masseuse for world-class skiers and boarders. massage1936.com The Man Who Can… Rent you the Alpine Estate. Duncan Robertson Got your heart set on a tough-to-book property? Robertson manages them. brambleski.com The Man Who Can… Prepare you for an endurance event. Tom Avery World record holding arctic explorer; trusted by the best. skiverbierexclusive.com…