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British GQ July 2016

GQ is the greatest magazine around, the men’s magazine with an IQ. Whether it’s fashion, sport, health, humour, politics or music, GQ covers it all with intelligence and imagination.

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will boris lose the battle but win the war?

LET’S reel back. It’s the summer of 2007. David Cameron is in the back seat of his chauffeured Prius as it makes its way through the suburban streets of west London. There is a by-election coming up and Cameron is campaigning on behalf of the local candidate, popping into local greengrocers, dry cleaners and newsagents, spreading the new Tory love. Having been the Conservative leader for only two years, he is doing his best to convince anyone who will listen that his new breed of “compassionate” conservatism is the only one on the table and that all previous iterations of Tory ideology should be banished. And so far he is doing a good job. His personal ratings are high, and the media – including GQ – is taking notice. Around 11.30am,…

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editor’s the hit list

1 Brunello Cucinelli If you’re looking for a jacket that you can wear to work as well as play, something that functions as outerwear and homewear – and you don’t mind investing – then this is the brand for you. Brunello Cucinelli produces beautiful clothes, especially its “central heating” suits – ie, perfect for indoors and out. £1,380. At matchesfashion.com 2 I Find That Offensive by Claire Fox I have become such a huge fan of the Provocations series that I’ve even written a book for them. These are short polemics which take on assumed positions and sacred cows. Claire Fox’s book (Biteback, £10) makes the case for the right to be offensive. 3 Rob and Nick Carter Probably Britain’s most versatile artists, their work ranges from neons (“London Police Man”, 2011, left), films and…

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Simon AKAM In February, four young musicians met their end when their car veered off a bridge in Sweden. This month, writer for the New York Times and the Washington Post Simon Akam digs deeper into the ill-starred story of indie-rock band Viola Beach. “It seemed both a modern tragedy –enacted in the glare of social media and rolling news – yet also a part of a much older connection between rock music and untimely death.” Aaron CALLOW This month’s Bachelor Pad shows how to give your living room an artistic edge. Deputy Chief Sub-Editor Aaron Callow, who edits GQ’s interiors page, worked with design visionary Maurizio Pellizzoni to create an elegant room full of musical instruments, art and furniture, complete with an ultra-desirable drinks cabinet. AA GILL On GQ.co.uk, AA Gill is getting old:…

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real men do do therapy

Why is it that when we think of men dealing with problems in their lives – crumbling relationships, lost jobs, mourning loved ones, coping with depression or anxiety – we think of booze, pills and doom-laden silence? Or, worst case scenario, even taking the ultimate exit strategy. Men are three times more likely to take their own lives than women, and young men are particularly at risk. Literature and cinema portray men deadening their pain, rather than seeking to find a way out of the dark corners. But that is beginning to change. More men are choosing therapy as a way of dealing with their issues. According to the British Association For Counselling And Psychotherapy (BACP), the number of men seeking therapy has been increasing in the last decade. Andrew Reeves,…

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the trail blazer

GQ INTEL @SELENAGOMEZ IS THE MOST POPULAR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT IN THE WORLD, WITH 78.3M FOLLOWERS – MORE THAN TWICE THE POPULATION OF CANADA THERE are two Selena Gomezes: Old and New. Old Selena always seemed to be in another’s orbit, whether that was Disney (she was the lead in its TV show Wizards Of Waverly Place until 2012, before signing to its music subsidiary, Hollywood Records) or her past boyfriend, Justin Bieber. That, however, all seems like aeons ago. For New Selena is the centre of a considerable solar system. Since announcing this transition with Revival, a late 2015 statement of presence in album form, the 23-year-old has appeared alongside Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale in The Big Short; joined forces with Seth Rogen for Bad Neighbours 2; parlayed that into her…

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time to get a beach watch

BRING YOUR ’A’ GAME no19 THE MILITARY TUCK There’s nothing more inelegant than billowy shirts. Here’s how the army manage theirs 1 First: if your shirt looks like a deflated hovercraft skirt then you simply need to buy one in a slimmer fit. Done? Read on… 2 Tuck in the front and zip up the fly – but don’t do up the button. 3 Move your thumbs around the inside of your trouser waist from front to back, tucking in the shirt cleanly (flat, no wrinkles) as you go. 4 When your hands are at four and eight o’clock, fold back any excess into a pleat, using your thumbs to pull the back taut. 5 Tuck in the back, button up the front and fine tune as required. You’ll pass any inspection, military or otherwise...…