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BuildHome August Issue #25.3

1 issue FREE with your subscription (extra issue already included in the subscription) BuildHome offers a comprehensive guide to the latest home designs from custom builders, project home companies, knockdown-rebuild specialists and kit-home suppliers who service Sydney and beyond. BuildHome is published to suit specific markets catering for builders, suppliers, and consumers interested in boutique homes in NSW and Queensland. The publication is a definitive guide of inspiration for those looking to buy or build a new home.

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editor’s letter

Choosing a block of land can be exciting, but not all building sites are created equal. There are myriad factors that will affect what kind of home you can build, how long it will take to build and how much it will cost. A sloping block or one with stormwater issues, a block with soil problems, or a site located in a bushfire- or flood-prone zone are just a few examples of “difficult” sites. We asked the experts to talk us through the most common issues and share their solutions. Everyone has heard of kit and modular homes, but the range of options on offer may surprise you. Modular homes, where factory-built modules are delivered to site to be re-joined, have come a very long way. Today, they can be of…

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home essentials

WALK RIGHT IN Freedom Wardrobes, with showrooms in NSW, Victoria and Queensland, provides smart and stylish storage solutions for walk-in, hinged and sliding wardrobes, all aimed at the discerning homeowner. Freedom Wardrobes’ launch range comprises 12 door finishes and four interior finishes, available in hundreds of different combinations to ensure you get the precise result you want. High-end luxury storage accessories include island benches, jewellery drawers, a home safe, glass shelving with on-trend black framing, and contemporary matte black hardware. Pictured above is a walk-in style wardrobe with doors and externals in Sierra Warm Grey, an island benchtop in Caesarstone Statuario Maximus, brass gloss bar handles, black-framed glass shelving, and in-cabinet vertical ambient lighting. freedomwardrobes.com.au A TOUCH OF LUXURY Embracing the latest design trends from Italy, the new Grigio Lusso series has touched…

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the complete package

Prefabricated building methods are being embraced for myriad reasons: reduced build times, cost-effectiveness, quality control and environmental benefits, to name a few. And while prefabricated building is by no means new, with advances in technology and an influx of design-led, sustainably-aware modular and kit homes companies, the range of choice in terms of style and size — and the degree of customisation — has never been so broad, or exciting. In recognition of this growth in the industry, and to advance the prefabricated building sector, in June the federal government announced it will spend up to $2 million to kick-start a new collaborative lab. The goal? To foster innovation in the design of prefabricated buildings, produce more eco-friendly and affordable prefabricated buildings, and achieve even quicker turnarounds. The new lab will focus…

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now that’s tricky

Not all building sites are created equal. Some can throw up difficulties that can be costly and timely to resolve. A site can present quite a broad array of challenges, beginning with its location — this might range from a battle-axe block to a block by the beach or a building lot in a remote bushland locale. It also extends to building in a bushfire or flood zone, which brings with it a raft of challenges and a slew of building regulations and council requirements that must be met. Size and shape can be an issue, too — mainly narrow lots (including those with a zero-boundary) and blocks that are unusually shaped (which can present issues with setbacks, among other things). Sloping sites are a commonly encountered difficulty, often requiring clever…

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what lies beneath

When it comes to flooring, the choice is diverse, from tiles and laminates that look like wood to natural hardwood or engineered timber. For those who like to keep things cool, there is polished concrete; for those who like things easy-care, there is new-generation vinyl; and if cosy is your thing, there’s carpet. Choosing the right flooring is a critical part of completing a new home, for looks, longevity and ease of maintenance, so we talk to those in the know and discover the myriad flooring solutions at your disposal. THE GOOD WOOD We never tire of timber, although today, the decision tends to be between solid natural hardwood and engineered timber, which is made from layers of real timber. “In the 10 or 15 years that engineered timber has been around,…

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custom-built homes

For future homeowners who know exactly what they want, there really is no substitute for a custom-built abode. Finding a reputable builder is the first, and perhaps most important, step on the journey towards creating your dream home — one designed with your lifestyle needs, sense of style and location in mind. A custom builder will guide you through every stage, from design to construction, and will work towards turning your dreams into reality. To streamline the process, a custom builder can also coordinate and manage the whole project to ensure everything stays on track and the end result lives up to expectations.…