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BuildHome December Issue #25.1

1 issue FREE with your subscription (extra issue already included in the subscription) BuildHome offers a comprehensive guide to the latest home designs from custom builders, project home companies, knockdown-rebuild specialists and kit-home suppliers who service Sydney and beyond. BuildHome is published to suit specific markets catering for builders, suppliers, and consumers interested in boutique homes in NSW and Queensland. The publication is a definitive guide of inspiration for those looking to buy or build a new home.

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editor’s letter

Working with a custom builder brings many benefits. It enables you to develop highly individualised floor plans, choose any fittings, finishes and appliances you want, utilise high-tech building systems, and integrate the precise features your family wants and needs. A custom build is a popular choice for knockdown-rebuild projects, where you are typically building in an established area with all the restrictions and challenges that can bring. And it appeals to people upgrading to their second or third home. But it’s not just for those with deep pockets. A custom builder can help you find a way to have the home you desire within a budget that suits you and with minimal compromise. In this edition of BuildHome, we take a look at custom building and how to get the…

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home essentials

THE ART OF GLASS Designed by Giovanni Barbato and manufactured by Italian company Vistosi, the Mirage pendant light is about simplicity and elegance. With the soft, fluid lines of its curvilinear design, it lends a contemporary element to a room but in a subtle and refined way. The Mirage is made using mouth-blown glass, bringing an artisan’s touch that you don’t find in many modern light fittings. The glass directs and spreads the LED light source evenly, infusing rooms with brightness but not in a harsh way. The Mirage is available in three colours — amber, smoke or white — which makes it easy to match the fitting with your decorating theme. The metal components are in white. The Mirage has a maximum drop of 120mm and the 17.5W LED, 3000K…

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made to order

Custom home builders specialise in building one-off designs for their clients. They build homes designed exclusively for the client and the client’s unique block of land and this tailored, individualised approach ensures the finished home is a perfect fit with the client’s lifestyle needs, aesthetic preferences and the topography of the site — and, of course, their budget. “A custom builder, also sometimes referred to as a designer builder, will build bespoke homes for clients who are looking for something exclusive and individual,” says Nick O’Shea of O’Shea & Sons Builders in Brisbane. “A good custom/designer builder will provide a one-stop-shop service, whether in-house or by way of professional partners, to help guide the clients through the entire build process, from design concepts to completion. “People engage a custom builder often because…

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take it outside

Being outside — it’s a temptation most of us just can’t resist, even more so when we want to share good food and good times with the people we love. Family lunches, dinner parties, movie nights — we now take all of these activities, and more, outdoors. Of course, Australians have always loved to entertain under the sun or stars, but now outdoor entertaining is often a more sophisticated affair, with zones for lounging, dining and cooking. Today, most outdoor entertaining areas flow from our main indoor living spaces, creating an effortless transition from inside to out. In fact, making it possible to enjoy indooroutdoor living has become a priority when designing a home, as has creating alfresco spaces that can be used in various ways by different family members. “Having a…

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gardens by design

Irrespective of its style, a garden — front or back — should work with the topography of your site, the architectural style of your home and the local climate. It should present a pleasing vista when viewed from inside the home, one that draws you out, and once you are out, it should make you want to linger. But functionality is just as important, which is why it can be pure folly to start work on a garden without proper planning, or professional advice. MAKE A MUST-HAVE LIST Think carefully about what activities you and your family will want to undertake in your garden, advises Steve Warner, principal of Sydney-based Outhouse Design. “Write a list, breaking it into two columns: the must-haves and the things you would ideally like, and get input…

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the right wrapping

Roofing and cladding are two words that don’t excite a lot of people. They might not sound sexy, but both are essential elements if you want to design and build a visually pleasing and structurally sound dwelling. Taking Australia’s heat and often harsh climate into account, there will be a number of options to suit your home, depending on your style and budget. HEAD UP TO THE ROOF Much like a good head of hair, a building’s roof has a significant effect on the appearance of a home. Taking up around 30 per cent of the facade, this important element is often overlooked by homeowners and renovators. But, with advances in roofing technology, securing a safe and high-performing roof that also looks good has never been simpler. As the first line of defence…