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Computer Music December 2017

Computer Music's goal is to help its readers create great music with a PC or Mac. Each month find easy-to-follow tutorials for all sorts of music software, unbiased reviews of the latest products and answers to technical questions. Our Zinio edition does not include the DVD but it DOES INCLUDE the full software, samples and tutorial files to download. Full details inside. Download does not include Producer Masterclass in-studio video. This digital edition is not printable.

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If you hadn’t already guessed from the gleaming cover, there’s something extra-special about this month’s . Yep, it’s issue two hundred and fifty, folks! Since 1999, we’ve stayed true to one mission: to bring you all you need to make great music on your PC and Mac. That’s the mantra we still stand by, and it’s what motivates us to create the best magazine possible. So what better reason to celebrate than with a giant tips extravaganza? No matter what music you make, your Digital Audio Workstation is your creative home; the place where discoveries are made, tears are shed, and dreams are born. Hence why we’ve got 250 premium tricks, covering the major DAWs out there! It wouldn’t be an anniversary issue of without some great freebies, of course. PC heads get…

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Plugins Download our collection of over 75 plugins and this month’s free goodies Samples Grab all the inspiration and fodder you need to spin your tunes into gold Tutorial Videos See and hear exactly how it’s done with our expert video guides Tutorial Files Follow along in your DAW with WAVs, project files, MIDI clips and more Log in at www.filesilo.co.uk/computermusic Register this issue for instant access to our plugins, samples, videos and files on your desktop computer Free for digital readers, too! Read on your tablet, download on your computer…

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Secure and safe online access, from anywhere Free access for every reader – print and digital Download only the files you want, when you want All the downloads from all your issues, in one place Get started 01 Register your FileSilo account and log in. Even if you have a subscriber ID, you’ll still have to unlock each mag separately or migrate your old Vault account (see step 3). 02 Head back to the Computer Music page (filesilo.co.uk/computermusic) and choose an issue to unlock. You’ll need to answer one question to prove you’ve purchased the issue. 03 You can migrate your old Vault account over to FileSilo to retain the issues you’ve added – head to filesilo.co.uk/vault and enter your Vault email address. Reset your password via the email you receive, and log in!…

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250 DAW POWER TIPS Get better with your DAW and discover what the others can do with our technique-filled videos Read the full article on p20 Bitwig Studio 2 Pro Tools Studio One 3 GarageBand Reason Renoise Ableton Live Cubase Logic Pro X Reaper Maschine cm Producer Masterclass MJ COLE Get schooled in his production techniques, and see how he handled the making of his track Pictures In My Head Note: this video is only available using the link on page 57 Read the full article on p56 CAKEWALK SONAR HOME STUDIO Get started with Cakewalk’s $49 PC DAW, yours for free this issue Read the full article on p64 CAKEWALK RAPTURE SESSION Learn how to tweak this huge Mac/PC instrument Read the full article on p68 SINEVIBES FLOW Sequence phasing and flanging with this Mac-only AU plugin Read the full article on p70 Samples We get a loop rolling using the huge number of samples that come…

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propellerhead reason 10

Earlier this year, the unthinkable happened: Propellerhead Software finally added VST plugin support to Reason, their iconic all-in-one software studio. Version 9.5’s bombshell inclusion blew the doors off this once insular DAW, at last allowing producers to use any VST instruments or effects in their Reason projects. So how will Propellerhead top this for v10? The answer may surprise you… Unexpectedly, yet more instruments and effects Devices are the big selling point of Reason 10. That’s the last thing we expected after VST support, but we’ll assume that the Props know what they’re doing here – and the new Devices do look rather tasty. First, Europa is a wavetable synth “for huge, epic sounds”, claimed to pump out everything “from big stacks of buzzing sawtooths to shimmering, glitched-up sonic explorations.” The waveform…

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app watch

The iPad version of IK Multimedia’s Syntronik offers sounds from 37 instruments, including tones from Moog, ARP, Roland, Yamaha and Oberheim synths. There are also effects and the option to create four-part multis. The standard Syntronik app is actually free, and comes with 25 sounds, but if you want a fuller experience you can either buy all the app’s content for £38.99, or choose individual modules for £9.99 each. www.ikmultimedia.com You can do some pretty serious and complex music making on an iPad, but there are times when you’d rather keep things fun and simple. Samplebot, a new app from A Tasty Pixel (creators of Audiobus) that enables you to record or import samples to the grid of pads, them play them back and create sequences. You couldn’t call it deep, but for…