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Computer Music January 2018

Computer Music's goal is to help its readers create great music with a PC or Mac. Each month find easy-to-follow tutorials for all sorts of music software, unbiased reviews of the latest products and answers to technical questions. Our Zinio edition does not include the DVD but it DOES INCLUDE the full software, samples and tutorial files to download. Full details inside. Download does not include Producer Masterclass in-studio video. This digital edition is not printable.

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We’re currently experiencing somewhat of a synthesiser renaissance thanks to the popularity of Stranger Things and the recent Blade Runner sequel. Hurrah! Which brings up that old debate again: do classic 70s and 80s synths sound ‘better’ than modern virtual emulations of said instruments? As someone who’s owned (and sold) plenty of hardware, I feel the differences are barely indistinguishable once a sound is buried in a mix. And although the tactility of a physical instrument is a huge plus, you can achieve near-identical sonics with software and the correct studio know-how. So if you’re a synthesiser obsessive who can’t get enough of retro machines, or a producer looking to add a classic musical touch to your tracks, our Vintage Synthesis cover feature (p20) will help you backwards-engineer lush, expensive sounds. And…

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Plugins Download Vacuum Pro, plus the rest of our 75-strong plugin collection Tutorial Videos See and hear exactly how it’s done with our expert video guides Samples Inspirational track-making fodder, including our handmade CS-80 pack Tutorial Files Follow along in your DAW with WAVs, project files, MIDI clips and more Log in at www.filesilo.co.uk/computermusic Register this issue for instant access to our plugins, samples, videos and files on your desktop computer Free for digital readers, too! Read on your tablet, download on your computer…

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Secure and safe online access, from anywhere Free access for every reader – print and digital Download only the files you want, when you want All the downloads from all your issues, in one place Get started 01 Register your FileSilo account and log in. Even if you have a subscriber ID, you’ll still have to unlock each mag separately or migrate your old Vault account (see step 3). 02 Head back to the Computer Music page (filesilo.co.uk/computermusic) and choose an issue to unlock. You’ll need to answer one question to prove you’ve purchased the issue. 03 You can migrate your old Vault account over to FileSilo to retain the issues you’ve added – head to filesilo.co.uk/vault and enter your Vault email address. Reset your password via the email you receive, and log in!…

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VINTAGE SYNTHESIS Step inside the world of virtual analogue synthesis, and learn how it’s done with your new instrument Read the full article on p20 1 Installing and authorising Vacuum Pro 2 Vacuum Pro’s Master section explained 3 Macro tweaks with Smart Controls 4 Vacuum Pro’s Global section 5 Understanding Vacuum Pro’s oscillator section 6 Get to grips with Vacuum Pro’s Mixer and ring mod 7 Vacuum Pro’s dual filters and filter envelope in use 8 Vacuum Pro’s Age, VTA and Setup sections 9 Vacuum Pro’s Arpeggiator and Effects 10 Envelopes, LFOs and modulation in Vacuum Pro 11 Comparing classic and modern synth waveforms 12 Artificially ageing oscillators in software 13 Two classic leads – sync and portamento 14 Faking polyphony with a monophonic synth 15 Duophonic mode for old-school polyphony 16 Recording and editing raw waves for multisampling cm Producer Masterclass GAIST Watch the techno duo break down their…

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ableton live 10

You gotta hand it to Ableton for making each iteration of Live really count. The last major update debuted nearly five years ago with Live 9 – and it still rocks hard. But what would a 2018 remix of this ubiquitous music creation and performance package look like? Stop your dreaming! Live 10 is (almost) here. To see it in action right now, head immediately to watch our First Look videos at bit.ly/Live10CM. First, four new Devices bearing the obligatory self-explanatory names. Wavetable is a synth with two morphable oscillators, “wavetables derived from analogue synths”, unique unison modes, filters by Cytomic, and a breakout view for easier editing. Echo promises the sound of classic hardware delays, featuring analogue-modelled filters, “noise and wobble for vintage imperfections” and reverb for “diffuse soundscapes”. Drum Buss deals…

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app watch

Apple are pretty generous with their point releases these days, proved once again with the launch of GarageBand for iOS 2.3. The biggest addition is the Beat Sequencer, a step sequencer for electronic and acoustic drums. There’s also the Sound Library, which enables you to choose what additional content you want to install, and three more Drummers. There are new World Touch Instruments. GarageBand for iOS 2.3 is free, although it requires iOS 11. www.apple.com If you like the idea of playing your music on pads rather than a keyboard, you might consider GridInstrument. As its name suggests, this arranges your notes on a grid, and you can choose to play in a wide range of scales. The app is also compatible with Novation’s Launchpad range of controllers, and you can use…