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from the editor

Not all free trials of software are created equal. Some bury their best tools until your introductory period has finished, while others plaster watermarks over your photos and videos. But in our Cover Feature we recommend only software that gives you full control over their features during the free trial. Follow our advice, and you’ll learn how to get the most out of these paid-for, professional-level programs before your time runs out. You’ll also discover how and when to cancel the trial, so you don’t end up paying for something you no longer need. Microsoft’s offer of a free upgrade to Windows 10 has officially ended, though some users can still get it without paying (see the loophole revealed in Issue 564, page 60). If you’ve been unable to take advantage of…

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microsoft fixes windows 10 flaw after us govt warning

Microsoft was forced to fix a security flaw in Windows 10 detected by the US government on the same day that it ended support for Windows 7. On Tuesday 14 January the National Security Agency (NSA) warned the public that Windows 10 contained a “critical vulnerability” that could let hackers create fake digital signatures for malware. This would make operating systems like Windows 10 see the malware as genuine, safe software, giving hackers access to infected computers. Later the same day Microsoft released a fix for the flaw as part of its ‘Patch Tuesday’ updates for January. The company said it had no evidence that hackers had been taking advantage of the flaw to take over computers. “Customers who have already applied the update, or have automatic updates enabled, are already protected,” said Jeff…

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chrome & edge still safe in windows 7

Google and Microsoft have confirmed that their browsers – Chrome and Edge respectively – will continue to receive updates for Windows 7. Chrome will be updated until at least July 2021, by which time 18 months will have passed from Microsoft ending support for the operating system. Google says its decision is to give companies and the public time to upgrade to Windows 10. It mirrors its decision to release Chrome updates for Windows XP until April 2016, two years after Microsoft ended support. Microsoft didn’t say for how long it would support Edge in Windows 7, but it seems likely to follow Google’s lead because the new version of Edge – released on 15 January – has been built on Chrome’s source code. This means that Edge should be safe to use in…

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snp: scotland to have uk’s best broadband (eventually)

The SNP has claimed Scotland will have improved broadband “years ahead” of the rest of the UK, despite admitting that it’ll miss its target of delivering super-fast broadband (30Mbps and above) to every home and business in Scotland by 2021. Scotland’s Energy minister Paul Wheelhouse said the SNP will now offer money-off vouchers to homes and businesses so they can afford to connect to faster broadband from mobile or satellite providers. He told the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood that the SNP would now aim to deliver full-fibre broadband by 2023, which he claims goes beyond the party’s original commitment by providing speeds up to 1Gbps (1,000Mbps). This will ensure that Scotland has a better service than England, Wales and Northern Ireland, he said, and be “ahead of the curve, not just in the…

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councils: stop networks ‘marking their own homework’

Councils have accused mobile networks of misleading the public about their signal strength because it’s not based on how people actually use their phones. Millions of customers use networks’ own coverage checking tools when deciding which contract to buy. But the Local Government Association (LGA), which represents over 300 councils in England and Wales, says these results aren’t accurate because they are based on the networks’ own computer based analysis, which amounts to them “marking their own homework”. Councils claimed tests they conducted in their districts showed the four big networks – EE, O2, Three and Vodafone – routinely over-estimate the signal strength people can actually get in the “real world” Shropshire Council, for example, identified 28 areas where coverage was worse than networks claimed. The LGA wants Ofcom to force networks to use an…

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in brief

CLASSIC GAMES TURNED INTO STAMPS Tomb Raider, Lemmings and Elite (pictured) are among eight classic computer games to appear in a new set of stamps from Royal Mail. There are 12 stamps in total, featuring games from the BBC Micro, ZX Spectrum, Commodore Amiga, Sega Mega Drive and Sony PlayStation. Order the stamps from www.snipca.com/33769. UPDATE FIREFOX TO PREVENT HACK Mozilla has released an emergency update for Firefox after hackers were spotted exploiting a flaw in version 72 of the browser. Click the top-right cog icon, Help, then About Firefox. If you’re not running the latest version (which is 72.0.1 or later, see screenshot), you’ll see a button to click that updates the browser. TOMORROW’S WORLD Called Robo-C, this robot Arnold Schwarzenegger (pictured) has 600 facial expressions, which might be 599 more than the actor…