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Cottages and BungalowsCottages and Bungalows

Cottages and Bungalows

December/January 2019-20

Create the cottage lifestyle you love in any home with expert tips, inspiring house tours, and fun DIY tips and instructions.

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there’s no place like home

CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS OFTEN CHANGE OVER THE YEARS. Families grow, and sometimes families get smaller. Homes change, rooms get bigger and storage gets smaller. What we hang onto as the pieces of Christmas evolves over time, too. Maybe you’re like me and you just have to have the same star on the top of the tree, the same ratty stockings on the mantel or the same cheap velvet ribbon ornaments on the tree that you bought for your first Christmas with your husband when you were young and broke. Or maybe you do what I sometimes wish I would do more of—be always up for fresh new looks; trying out fun new accents, colors and motifs; or changing it up for Instagram. No matter which way your holiday bell rings, though, what…

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cottages and bungalows

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like it, love it

Vibrant Vintage Give your holidays a retro twist with these decorating ideas that are full of nostalgic creativity. Tour a Fall Mountain House A lot of love and a little budget bring this vacation cottage back to life. Editor’s Picks Check out this roundup of our favorite new ornaments for 2019. Gold Merry Christmas Wreath (gingerray.co.uk.) How to Keep Fresh Greens Alive What’s the secret for keeping pine garlands and Christmas swag looking vibrant all season long? Check out our top tips. DIY Wreaths Check out these tutorials for fun and creative wreaths the whole family can enjoy. Follow us online on Facebook and Instagram for inspiration daily! WEB Look for this symbol throughout the issue to see what extra content you’ll find online! cottagesandbungalowsmag.com…

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festive welcome

What better way to set the holiday stage than right at the front door? This English cottage on our cover inspires all things jolly and bright. The simple but eye-catching ideas are ones anyone can recreate. Here are the keys to bringing this look to your home. GAGA FOR GARLAND You probably deck the halls inside your home with plenty of seasonal greens, but have you overlooked your porch? Here a country-inspired garland of pine needles, pinecones and plenty of red berries trims the trim just beneath the porch eaves. It not only helps soften the area, it brings the eyes up and adds warmth. THE BIGGER THE BETTER An oversized wreath gives the home massive merry spirit. Chock full of ribbon, ornaments and toys, it’s fresh, fun and unquestionably cheerful. When choosing your…

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all in a day’s work

Working from home hasitsperks —you can stay in your pajamas—but it also has its challenges, especially when you feel like your living room is your office and not a place to relax. Liz Marie Galvan wanted to draw the lines between her work and home life and, after taking one look at her lengthy resume, it’s understandable why. She’s a blogger, interior designer, boutique owner and writer in West Michigan. She’s also a new mom. “I knew I wanted a place solely to work,” she says. “Also, my husband, Jose, recently joined me in working from home and we hired our first employee.” Seeking a place for all three of them to hone their workplace identity, Liz Marie found a clever solution: a she shed-turned-office shed. STYLE TO MATCH Of course, not…

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christmas by the curb

How do you make a small home festive and functional during the Christmas season? The answer is a covered porch and lots of garland. “This is a shotgun house,” says interior designer Kaitlyn Blair of Spruce Homes. “They take out one house and put two houses in instead. We have a lot of these in Saskatchewan.” WINTER WEATHER For an area with short summers and long winters, it’s important for the homes to have all-season capabilities. “In Saskatchewan we get up to minus 40 degrees during the winter,” Kaitlyn says. That means building a large porch for functionally. “People like to have a big porch to hold outdoor equipment and be able to put on their boots,” she says. Conversely, during the summer, the porch serves for relaxation. “Summers here are short…