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Cross Stitch Crazy Christmas 2018

Busting with fun, Cross Stitch Crazy is the magazine for stitchers who just can’t get enough! In each issue, we promise to deliver easy to follow and quick to stitch designs from your favourite designers.

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meet the team

Katie Kegie Art Editor This month… “I’m so pleased that my first issue of Crazy has Tatty Teddy on page 10!” Alison Maney Production Editor This month… “I’m ready for a stitchy challenge, so I’m making the 3D train on page 44” Emily Godwin Designer This month… “The little festive cars on page 53 are just so bright and cheerful!” Fiona Baker Technical Editor This month… “Lesley Teare’s elegant fairy cards on page 64 are top of my stitch list” Heather Nugent Charting Editor This month… “Turn to page 74 and learn how to make my fun snowball shooter project!” Hannah Erskine Charting Assistant This month… “I’d like to make a set of tags using the winter floral alphabet on page 37” Contact crazy www.facebook.com/crossstitchcrazy www.twitter.com/crazy_magazine www.cross-stitching.com ☎ 0117 300 8786 Cross Stitch Crazy Immediate Media Company Bristol Ltd, 2nd Floor, Tower House, Fairfax Street, Bristol BS1 3BN Download our app! Take Crazy with you wherever you go! Visit the app store…

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… to the Christmas issue of Crazy! It’s the most wonderful time of the year for stitching, so inside you’ll find an amazing 140 charts to inspire you! Start with your fab gift – a set of cute robin gift tags on page 8 – then turn to page 10 for some festive fun with Tatty Teddy. For quick and easy gift ideas, you’ll find a sumptuous selection by Emma Congdon over on page 18, along with a bright retro reindeer table set on page 57. Be sure to check out the beautiful Bethlehem scene on page 28, too – it’s an heirloom you’ll want to bring out every year! As we welcome our new Art Editor Katie to the team this month, I’ll also be bidding a fond farewell to Crazy.…

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over to you…

Emily Tower USA Which project are you most proud of? I’m most proud of a Noah’s Ark quilt I stitched for my daughter while I was expecting her. My husband was deployed to Iraq with the US Army at the time, and it kept my mind focused on the wonderful things to come. Who do you most like to stitch for? I love to stitch for my friends and family. I enjoy giving gifts that have taken time, and that can be personalised with my loved ones’ favourite colours and activities! Which occasion gets your needle twitching? Anything, I suppose! As long as I’m breathing, my needle is twitching. I always have a project or three underway! Who’s your favourite character to stitch? Santa Claus! He’s one of my favourite symbols of the holiday season. Chui Ling Mak Singapore Which…

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your fab gifts jolly robin gift tag kit

Christmas can be one of the busiest times of the year – just ask this family of robins! These sweet birds are hurrying about to get ready for the holidays, hanging stockings and baubles, setting out candy canes and making sure the mistletoe is fixed just so – it’s no wonder one of them literally has his skates on! All of this zooming about will be worth it, of course, once they get their festive to-do list done and they settle down to enjoy the spirit of the season together. Requiring whole stitches and backstitch only, each design can be stitched in a single sitting – useful if you too are hurrying about! Once you’ve finished creating this little troupe of Christmas birds, use double-sided tape to attach each finished stitch…

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tinsel tangle

Exclusive to Crazy! Everyone’s favourite blue-nosed bear loves to decorate his wrapped presents with bright ribbon – but all the excitement has got Tatty Teddy into a real ribbon jumble! Don’t worry, though, as all will be ready and under the tree by Christmas morning. Give Tatty Teddy a hand by stitching this sweet scene and giving it as a gift, or try using your finish to decorate your own home this festive season. You’ll love watching your new friend come to life as you add backstitch detail and French knots to your whole and half stitches. And once you’ve finished, your loved ones will look forward to seeing this cute stitch go on display every Christmas holiday! Need to know Stitch Time 35 hours (approx) Stitch Types Whole cross stitch, half cross stitch, backstitch, French…

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your letters

You are a winner! Gill Crisp Star letter Wit and Wise-dom Hi everyone at Crazy! Here’s my latest finish – Morecambe and Wise! I hope the photo is ok. It took me ages to get a clear image! Anyway, the chart was a Janlynn design chosen by and for my son-in-law, as he loves their kits. Hopefully you’ll think that this project is good enough to print on the Letters page in Crazy! I really enjoyed stitching it. Gill Crisp, Wednesbury Rachel says: I love this stitchy Morecambe and Wise! It’s kind of you to stitch this great design for your son-in-law, Gill – it sounds like the two of you have a fun relationship. He made a great choice of chart, too – the taken aback look on Ernie Wise’s face really captures his…