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Cruising World is your passport for exploring the world’s coastlines and oceans while voyaging under sail. Its contributors inspire and entertain through stories, pictures and videos that underscore the beauty and adventure of sailing, while providing instruction on the disciplines of seamanship, navigation and boat handling. The Cruising World community is made up of experienced, committed sailors and boat owners. No matter their long-range sailing plans, Cruising World’s mission is to nurture their dreams with practical how-to information and stirring real-life adventure features.

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editor’s log

TAKE Charge Every so often it’s healthy to be reminded that even on a wellbuilt and maintained boat, sailed by a seasoned crew, things can — and do — go wrong, as they did on Lake Michigan last July, just 26 minutes into the annual Race to Mackinac from downtown Chicago. In 20- to 25-knot winds and 6- to 8-foot waves, Jon Santarelli, an experienced crew member, was working at the aft end of the cockpit of the TP 52 Imedi when he went into the water and his life jacket failed to inflate. The crew immediately tacked the boat and circled back, making three attempts to save their mate. In the end, just as those on board tossed a line, Santarelli went under. His remains weren’t recovered until a week later. In…

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bluewater boat weekend

Whether you’re a new or experienced cruiser, make a plan to check out the Essex, Connecticut, Summer Solstice Gam, June 21-23, 2019, at the Essex Yacht Club. This year’s event is hosted by the Seven Seas Cruising Association, the Ocean Cruising Club and the Salty Dawg Sailing Association. The weekend starts off with a raftup on Friday night. Saturday and Sunday will feature safety demonstrations by the U.S. Coast Guard, weather-routing strategies by Chris Parker, several roundtable discussions about preparing for offshore cruising, group lunches and dinners, and much more. Tours of bluewater-ready boats, and discussions with offshore sailors will help attendees to know what they need to do to launch their cruising dreams. The cost for the weekend is $75 per person, or $55 for members. For more information or to…

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the stuff of legend

According to legend, during one of Zeus’ myriad extramarital affairs, he impregnated the Titaness Leto whose swelling from their affair caused the notice of Hera — Zeus’ wife and queen of the gods. Hera was so infuriated by her husband’s infidelity that she forbade Leto from giving birth on solid land. After being denied access at every shoreline she encountered, Leto became frantic in her search to find somewhere safe for childbearing, until at last Poseidon (at the request of Zeus) guided her ship to a floating piece of rock not yet rooted to the seabed, called Delos. There she managed to go ashore and through great effort and pain gave birth to twins, Artemis and Apollo — two of the most venerated gods from antiquity. With such a divine claim,…

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that rings a bell

As any avid Cruising World reader, I wait anxiously for every new issue coming to my door. They are always full with information for seasoned and new sailors, beautiful illustrated articles about destinations, and all sort of other tips and advice for cruisers and landlubbers alike. The article “Islands Fit for a Queen” by Bill Barton (March 2019) is a great example of a well-written, very descriptive and balanced piece, like most of the ones portrayed in the magazine. I believe my heart missed a beat when I saw the bell at the Convento de San Francisco in Trinidad on the first page of the article. It turns out that particular bell, among many others, was cast by Jose Giroud, born in 1781 in France. He migrated to Cuba around…

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eight bells: julie nicholson

The world of crewed yacht charter lost one of its key industry pioneers in 2019. With family and loved ones at her side, Julie P. Nicholson died on Feb. 27 at her home in Blue Hill, Maine. She was 90. To say that no mold could define her life and career would be an understatement. Lifelong sailor, Smith College graduate and a certified Able-Bodied Seaman, she hailed from a wealthy, strict Yankee family and was endowed with the hands-on, practical nature of a mariner. She married into the Nicholson family and became deeply involved in the business of crewed sailboat charter, a newfangled concept in the mid-20th century that the Nicholsons are widely accredited with creating. While she started out as crew aboard the Nicholson fleet, she excelled at the details of…

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sail trim quick guide: headsail

1 HOIST Hoist the sail with minimum halyard tension and then sheet the sail appropriately for the point of sail. Now tension the halyard just enough to remove any horizontal wrinkles emanating from the luff. You can leave a hint of wrinkles in light apparent wind velocity. In more wind, more tension is needed—and vice versa. 2 TUNE The lead position controls headsail leech tension and foot depth. Set the lead so that the sheet bisects the clew, thus applying equal tension to the leech and foot. To fine-tune the position, move the lead forward to add power (full foot, minimal twist) in light conditions and aft in bigger air to de-power (flat foot, more twist). When you’re reaching, the lead should follow the clew, moving outboard and somewhat forward as the sheet…