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Cruising World is your passport for exploring the world’s coastlines and oceans while voyaging under sail. Its contributors inspire and entertain through stories, pictures and videos that underscore the beauty and adventure of sailing, while providing instruction on the disciplines of seamanship, navigation and boat handling. The Cruising World community is made up of experienced, committed sailors and boat owners. No matter their long-range sailing plans, Cruising World’s mission is to nurture their dreams with practical how-to information and stirring real-life adventure features.

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the boats

Not far from the bustling and pretty waterfront at Connecticut’s Mystic Seaport Museum—right across the street, in fact—there’s a sprawling old industrial building that could easily be mistaken for abandoned property. It’s not. Instead, the former velvet factory is home to Mystic’s watercraft collection, a mind-boggling warehouse of hundreds of small vessels—from seal-skin Eskimo kayaks to racing hydroplanes, steam-powered launches, old wooden fishing skiffs and lovely Herreshoff sailboats. It’s literally wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling jam packed with boats—enough to make your head spin. My colleague, Herb McCormick, and I were lucky enough to stumble upon it all one day this spring when Bob Rodgers, a Connecticut yacht broker and, it turns out, chairman of the museum’s Watercraft Committee, suggested we meet him at the Seaport rather than his office. “If you can get here…

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passage notes

It’s Rally Time! Attention multihull sailors! If you’re on the West Coast and are looking for a little camaraderie with your cat and tri brethren, check out the 14th Annual Seawind Catalina Rally, August 15-18, 2019. This rally is hosted by West Coast Multihulls and is open to all multihull sailors. Events include a beach dinner in Two Harbors, boat parties, a race around the island and more. For info, visit the website (charter-catamaran.com/events). The Salty Dawg Sailing Association is hosting two rallies this summer: the Rally to Maine, which leaves Chesapeake Bay on July 7, and the Rally to Nova Scotia, which leaves Rockland, Maine, on August 4. Rallies include social activities, weather routing, a radio net and support. For information or to register, visit the Salty Dawgs’ website (saltydawgsailing.org). Women’s Sailing…

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reader mail

THRILLED BY THRILLS After being away for 10 months last year sailing with friends in New Zealand and then in the Oyster World Rally, my wife, Carol, and I are back home in cold Virginia catching up on this past year’s magazines. Corinne Dolci’s article, “Thrills Await” (Underway, April 2018), about volcanoes, moray eels, sea snakes, sharks and more brought a smile to my face one cold morning as we too saw all that and more in Vanuatu, Australia and Indonesia before heading across the Indian Ocean to South Africa. We were never terrified, but instead are continually amazed by all these “dangers” in the world. —David Tabor, Irvington, VA BIT BY THE BUG IN GREECE I’ve just read Zachary Krochina’s interesting story about Delos, Greece, and the Greek sailing experience (“The Stuff…

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fiberglass recycling

Sailing legend holds that the celebrated yacht designer L. Francis Herreshoff commonly referred to fiberglass as “frozen snot,” a rather pejorative term for one of the easiest and most cost-effective materials afloat for building sailboats. Trouble arises, however, when it’s time to permanently unbend a boat’s sails, since well-crafted fiber and resin lasts virtually forever and is notoriously hard to recycle. As a result, many tired old boats end up as landfill fodder. In fact, the Rhode Island Marine Trades Association (RIMTA) estimates that some 1.5 million fiberglass boats were retired in the U.S. between 2003 and 2012, and that’s saying nothing of the eye-watering toll that’s been extracted by recent hurricane activity in weather-battered states like Florida and the Carolinas. Fortunately, RIMTA and Rhode Island Sea Grant created the Rhode…

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always wave

As a sailor, I have to trust certain quantifiable truths: atmospheric pressure, fluid dynamics and magnetic pull. I believe a good knot will hold, and the right course will lead home. But having felt the ridiculous tomfoolery of wind and currents, I can’t blame seafarers for our superstitious ways. We are immersed in the great mystery itself. At sea, in weather, in wild places, I am on high alert, colliding and colluding with every pulse, pain, push and pull. I feel it all in junkie sensation, a purity impossible to explain or to bring home to everyday life. But I can say one thing with confidence: I believe in waving to every boat I see. The true boat wave, I feel, should be an open hand raised high above the head. I like to…

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gear for summer cruising

1. KENYON STACKEN • $595 (SET) • COOKWITHKENYON.COM If you are looking for a space-saving cookware set for the galley, check out Kenyon’s StacKEN. The handles are removable, and the seven-ply stainless-steel and aluminum construction ensures even heating and excellent heat retention. All the pieces fit for easy transport in the included cooler bag. 2. HELLY HANSEN LILLO • $120 HELLYHANSEN.COM Night watches and dinghy rides can still be chilly even in the summer. Available in men’s and women’s sizes, the Lillo sweater features a cozy quilted fabric for insulation. The water-resistant pullover works well alone or layered underneath foulies. 3. COSTA BEACH BAG • $60 COSTADELMAR.COM Perfect for a day at the beach or for hauling stuff in the dinghy, the Costa Beach Bag is constructed out of a water- and abrasion-resistant fabric. It features a large…