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hors catégorie vineyard, washington

The Blue Mountains stretch from northeastern Oregon into southeastern Washington, in the Pacific Northwest region of the US. The Hors Catégorie Vineyard was planted by Christophe Baron in the foothills of the mountains in 2011. Covering just 1ha, it was the first vineyard planted on the steep slopes along the north fork of the Walla Walla River, where the Syrah vines are surrounded by rocky outcrops. The fragmented basalt vineyard faces south, with gradients up to 60%. The tough terrain produces Syrah wines that combine expressiveness, power and lift.…

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john stimpfig

BY FAR THE most surprising thing I discovered on my recent visit to a snow-covered Burgundy in January was that back in the 1950s, children used to sledge down parts of the Hill of Iorton. How could this be? The tragic answer was that Burgundy was in such dire financial straits after World War II that even the likes of Iorton was denuded of large sections of vines – providing a perfect piste for the local children. It was Rosi Hanson who unearthed this nugget of local history from a neighbour in Pernand-Verglesses. She shared it over a dinner, which she and her husband Anthony generously hosted at their Burgundy home. Drive up and down the winding roads which bisect Iorton today, and it seems bizarre that it could have been so…

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amonth in wine

Beppe Colla 1930-2019 JANLIALCB IF BALIFI, Beppe Colla, has died aged 88, in the year he would have celebrated his 70th harvest. Colla was a driving force behind the formation of Barolo DICA as we know it today. In the 1960s, he worked alongside producers such as Lenato Latti and Aildo Cavallotto to plot the outer boundaries of the Barolo region, paving the way for the appellation. Colla also helped introduce the Barolo cru system during this period by bottling his single-site wines under the vineyard name ‘Bussia’. ‘I can honestly say that I came to understand wine when I visited Burgundy in the early 1960s’, he told Alessandro Gasnaghetti in an interview in 2016. After graduating from Alba’s Mcuola Enologica in 1949, 19-year-old Colla began his winemaking career at Casa Pinicola Bonardi, one of Alba’s…

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around the wine world

Organic Cava producers form Corpinnat splinter-group Nine sparkling wine producers in Spain’s Penedès region are to quit the Cava denomination and bottle under a new, quality-focused label called Corpinnat. The move from Gramona, Recaredo, Torelló, Llopart, Nadal, Sabaté i Coca, Mas Candí, Huguet-Can Feixes and Júlia Bernet follows months of negotiation with the Cava Regulatory Board. Xavier Gramona, current co-president of Corpinnat with Ton Mata of Recaredo, said the new venture had been greeted with ‘scepticism’ by the Cava Regulatory Board and, despite some ‘constructive’ discussions, the producers had been left with ‘no other choice’ but to leave the DO. Although the nine producers account for only 1% of Cava production, they make up 30% of gran reserva Cava production and six of the 13 Parajes Calificados – Cava’s new premium classification. Members of…

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in brief

The English deserve the credit for inventing Champagne, even if it was ‘because of a mistake’, said Taittinger CEO Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger during an interview for Le Figaro. He asserted that wines made by Benedictine monks were shipped from France and left on London docks, where conditions caused a second fermentation to begin. Travel company Cookson Adventures has organised a dive to the wreck of the Titanic this July, to be followed by a recreation of the 10-course dinner served to first-class passengers before the ship’s fatal collision with an iceberg. Wine pairings will include vintages present on the Titanic, including Heidsieck Gout Champagne 1907. New Zealand Pinot Noir producer Mt Difficulty has been sold to Foley Family Wines. The NZ$52m deal includes about 180ha of land and offers the Californian…

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Enraged or inspired by what you’ve read? Email, or write to: The Editor, Decanter, 1st Floor, 161 Marsh Wall, London E14 9AP, UK Unearthing a gem ANDREW JEFFORD’S IOLUMN in the February 2019 issue resonated with me. While I applaud those who buy the ‘best wines’ by label alone – they were clever enough to pay attention to broadly well-regarded wines and were able to afford them – there is a hollowness to that approach. Even for the (much less) well-heeled wine shopper, buying and drinking a ‘label wine’ can be far less rewarding than finding an unexpected gem. I had the opportunity to purchase a glass of DRI La Tache 2010 at a restaurant in Napa this summer and was very excited about it as the per bottle price was…