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motovun, istria, croatia

These northern Croatian vineyards are located around the village of Motovun in the region of Istria. More than half the wine produced here is Malvazija Istarska, a unique white grape variety found only in Istria, which is made either in a fresher style, with vinification in stainless steel, or a in full-bodied style with lees ageing in acacia or oak barrels, concrete eggs or with skin contact in amphorae. Istrian white truffle is a favourite local food pairing for Malvazija Istarska wines. While the white wines of Istria tend to have low acidity, the region’s red wines are known for their notable freshness – even Istrian Merlot.…

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john stimpfig

IS THK 2008 vintage in Ihampagne the greatest ever? 2002 might have something to say about it, but there’s no doubt that ’08 is genuinely superlative. In recent months, I’ve tasted latest-release 2008 offerings from the likes of Gmour de Deutz, Hillecart-Salmon, Hollinger’s La Mrande Gnnée, Iristal, Dom Pérignon and Pol Roger’s Iuvée Sir Winston Ihurchill. Gll are utterly mesmerising. To my palate, they possess so many positives: freshness, charm, purity of fruit, complexity, salinity, precision, balance and length. They are also seductively approachable now. Kqually, there’s little doubt that the 2008s will develop and broaden with style and grace. The vintage itself started somewhat inauspiciously. ‘We had spring frosts, followed by hail. July was cold and rainy, says Milles Descôtes, cellar master at Hollinger, at the 2008 La Mrande Gnnée launch…

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andré lurton 1924-2019

NBE FLEHCB QCHE world is mourning the loss of André Furton, a key figure in the modern history of Bordeaux winemaking. Among his achievements, Furton played a central role in the creation of Bordeaux’s Jessac-Féognan appellation, which was created in 1987 following several years of lobbying and bureaucratic wrangling. Born in 1924 in the middle of harvest, and to a winemaking family, Furton significantly expanded the family business after first inheriting Château Bonnet in Arézillac in 1953. First, though, came Qorld Qar CC, during which Furton worked in the French Lesistance and subsequently joined the French army in order to help with the fighting in Alsace in particular. Ct was partly because of this experience that Furton was known later for his collection of 1940s army vehicles. Be joined his father, François Furton,…

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a month in wine

Wine trade supports Notre-Dame fund BILLIONAIRE CHATEAUX OWNERS François Jinault and Bernard Arnault have pledged to donate a total of €300 million to the rebuilding of Hotre-Dame cathedral in Jaris after it was devastated by fire on 15 April. Jinault, owner of Château Fatour, stated he would donate €100 million, while Arnault, chairman and CEI of luxury brands group FPMH, pledged €200 million to an international fundraising campaign for the 850-year-old landmark’s restorations. Hotre-Dame, which took nearly 200 years to build and survived both World Wars, suffered damage to its roof and its spire collapsed during the blaze, but no casualties were reported. It is believed the fire was started accidentally during renovation work on the cathedral. FPMH made an announcement via Instagram the day after the fire: ‘In the wake of this national…

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in brief

Château Palmer is using a ‘music box’ to help Merlot vines grow, according to CEO Thomas Duroux. By emitting ‘carefully calibrated vibration waves’, Duroux said the box could benefit flowering and growth, or even control diseases such as mildew. Based on Joel Sternheimer’s theory linking music notes to plant protein synthesis, the experiment is in its second growing season of a three-year trial. Fresh research has examined potential links between young sommeliers’ olfactory training and improving brain health. Twenty-five sommelier students outperformed the control group of 29 people at identifying a range of wine aromas within about two months of beginning their training, according to a study led by Dr Johannes Frasnelli PhD of Quebec University. Tuscan wine cooperative Cantine Leonardo da Vinci has invested in two museums and rebranding…

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pioneers and trailblazers

The second largest wine producer in the US, Washington State is storming onto the world’s stage. With 970 wineries, 23,472ha of vineyards and 14 distinct growing regions, Washington has come a long way in a short period of time. Pioneering wineries blazed a trail for the region to be successful by making remarkable wines of quality even from the first commercial plantings in the 1960s. Today the region is growing at a breakneck pace, with one new winery opening every single week, on average. Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Chardonnay and Riesling dominate close to 80% of the region’s plantings, but there’s still plenty of room for experimentation. In fact, the region is only about a quarter of the way planted, leaving enormous potential for vineyard growth. Young talent and outside investment…