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There are certain basics which experts take for granted but the rest of us puzzle over. Watch any great musician, sportsperson or artist and they’ll execute something amazing in a way that looks effortless but is actually the product of technique, skill, talent and many years of practice. One of those basics in the world of wine is tasting. You don’t just slurp and guess; it’s a precise skill with much more to it than the layperson, or even keen novice, would imagine. So we thought it was about time we investigated this dark art thoroughly, and enlisted the help of a stellar cast of experts to shed some light on the tricks and techniques of tasting. We hope that everybody can learn something from this story, whether you’re a seasoned…

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a month in wine

Space wine tasted: an unearthly Petrus Château Petrus wines that were blasted into orbit for a 14-month stay on the International Space Station have been tasted alongside bottles that remained on earth as part of a novel research project. Twelve bottles of Petrus, Pomerol 2000 returned safely from their adventure via a SpaceX Dragon cargo craft in January, before being flown to Bordeaux. Rather than offering liquid refreshment to astronauts, the wines’ voyage was part of a research project led by start-up Space Cargo Unlimited and also involving the University of Bordeaux’s wine institute, the ISVV. Does Petrus from space taste different from control samples left behind on earth? An initial ISVVhosted event saw 12 tasters get 30ml samples of the space and earth wines. ‘The earth wine was exactly how you would expect…

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champagne goes pop as star jay-z sells half to lvmh

Champagne has made headlines after rap star and entrepreneur Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter sold a 50% stake in his Armand de Brignac brand to Moët Hennessy, while Louis Roederer has announced new still wines from the region. Moët Hennessy, the wine and spirits arm of luxury group LVMH, will also handle global distribution of the brand, known as ‘Ace of Spades’. Financial details weren’t disclosed. Armand de Brignac’s ‘entry-level’ Gold Brut retails for about £250 (US$348) to £300 a bottle in the UK. The Cattier family, of Champagne Cattier, will continue to make Armand de Brignac Champagnes, said a Moët Hennessy spokesperson. Carter said he was proud to announce the Moët Hennessy deal, which ‘will give Armand de Brignac the commercial power it needs to grow and flourish even further’. Elsewhere, Cristal producer Louis Roederer is…

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the high-tech wine wall with its own robotic arm

A luxury wine cabinet with a ‘high speed’ robotic arm to fetch your desired bottle has been launched, with prices starting from $179,000. WineCab said its temperature-controlled wine wall can be customised but includes a ‘seven-axis’ robotic arm, ‘virtual sommelier’, cellar management app ‘Delectable’ and facial recognition security that can ‘lock out important bottles from certain users’. A spokesperson said: ‘There are several units for private clients in the design process.’ Two New York fine dining restaurants have also placed orders. Photographs: Geopix/Alamy Stock Photo; PRNewsfoto/Moët Hennessy; 2Mmedia…

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in brief

‘Diversity scholarships’ for prospective Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers have launched alongside initiatives by the Gerard Basset Wine Education Charitable Foundation and Liquid Icons, a company co-founded by the late sommelier. ‘There are very few BAME/BIPOC [black, indigenous and people of colour] MWs globally and only three BAME/BIPOC MSs,’ said the groups. UK wineries may need to guard against brown marmorated ‘stink bugs’, recently discovered in the country by the Natural History Museum (NHM) and research institute NIAB EMR. Native to southeast Asia and known for ‘unattractive, almond-like smell[s]’, the bugs aren’t harmful to people but can damage grapes and spoil wine. Stink bugs breed very fast, and the adults can fly. Italy’s Antinori has created a ‘new partnership’ with highly regarded Jermann winery after buying a majority stake…

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price changes your enjoyment of wine, researchers find

New research has found people enjoyed a wine more when given an inflated price. Three Italian wines retailing at about £8, £25 and £50 were given to 140 participants in groups at a University of Basel open evening. Some people were given false prices. ‘The cheapest wine was rated as more pleasant when presented as four times its actual price,’ said researchers, writing in the Food Quality and Preference journal. Professor Jens Gaab, a researcher at the university, told Decanter: ‘Context is important. The mind is a beautiful thing, able to bend the truth to the point where expectations fit the reality.’…