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Peter Bradshaw p.144 The contributing editor turns his hand to fiction this month. “I wrote my short story, Holiness, because I have always been fascinated by Pope Benedict XVI’s retirement,” he says. “How do you renounce infallibility and rejoin ordinary humanity, with all its vanity and cruelty? By getting into the movie business, of course.” Bradshaw is chief film critic for The Guardian.Michael Smith “It was a great adventure for me to go and explore the beer culture of Manchester,” says Smith, “one of the cities at the leading edge of the current beer renaissance. One unintended consequence of my trip to the Manc metropolis is that I’ve been listening to the Happy Mondays in our small flat all month like a displaced Northerner in his forties trying to relive…

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editor’s letter

The editor. In his dreams. (Pathetic, really)THE GREAT SUMMER FILMS ARE BEST APPRECIATED IN WINTER. That’s summer films as in films set in the summer, rather than films that are released during the summer, which are summer movies, and typically have nothing at all to do with balmy heat and bronzed bodies and erotic yearning and the rest of it. (An exception is Jaws, which is one of the best ever summer films, as well as the first ever summer movie; he’s not Steven Spielberg by default.)You can see a summer film any time. There is no bad moment to re-watch Body Heat. Or Do the Right Thing. Or The Green Ray. (Or Caddyshack.) But their spells are cast most powerfully when it’s cold outside, when the thirst for light…

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self examination

WHERE TO START WITH THE TEETH? I mean to say, while they aren’t with us (usually) from the very beginning, they have a nasty way of outlasting us at the end. Yes, yes, I know they’re made of dentine not bone, but they do nonetheless seem like the bits of the skull that have thrust their way through our skin. And — not to piss on your miserable, fleshy parade or anything — as a man grows older, his gums begin to recede, almost as if his skull were emerging into the full white light of his own bodily dissolution.So, I’d better begin with my mother’s teeth, which were an absolute puzzle to me as a child. From time to time, and without warning, she’d push out the bottom row…

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man & boy

THANK GOD, NEITHER OF MY CHILDREN GIVES A SHIT ABOUT CLOTHES. My seven-year-old daughter, Kitty, is a sticky-haired, gap-toothed ragamuffin and hard as nails. She lives in leggings and a hoodie, goes hard at life and has the scars and broken bits and bobs to go with it. She’s not anti-dresses — she’ll scrub up for a party if my wife insists — she just doesn’t give a shit. There was never any nightmarish “pink phase” and she doesn’t want to be a princess or a fairy. Sure, she’ll turn 14 or 15 and suddenly want to go to everything dressed as a Russian prostitute, but one virtue of being an older dad is that with a bit of luck I should be long dead by then.Sam’s the same. He’s…

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new look for spring

Pattern pendingGet ready — a wave of loud, boxy shirts is set to break this summerWhite logo-illustration print poplin, £575, by PradaPeach Hawaiian print viscose, £140, by Levi’s VintageBlue Fuji print cotton, £180, by Gitman Vintage @ End ClothingMidnight palm print viscose, £215, by Paul SmithGrey/navy floral print, £130, by AlbamGreen Oriental print, £390, by Emporio Armani @ HarrodsPink/black bird print linen, £225, by BurberryTropical flower print viscose, £30, by TopmanGreen print viscose, £110, by Ralph Lauren @ Mr PorterBlack/red logo-floral print viscose, £1,180, by Louis VuittonPink goldfish print viscose, £165, by SandroRed/blue printed silk, £730, by Gucci @ Matches FashionBlue/white striped cotton, £85, by Tommy Hilfiger MenswearOff-white Mexican print écru cotton, £135, by YMCWhite floral print viscose, £25, by River IslandGreen/blue viscose, £280, by Acne Studios @ Mr Porter…

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daily express

The interior has taken a leap forward and much work has been done on upgrading its usability, but to anyone who sees this as the cuddly Ferrari, it’s also brutally, devastatingly, life-changingly fastFerrari PortofinoEngine 3.85-litre V8 twin-turboPower 592bhp0–62mph 3.5secsTop speed 199mphEconomy 26.9mpgPrice From £166,180Some people will try to tell you this isn’t a “real” Ferrari. You’ll recognise them from the urge to run away after just a few minutes in their company.The reasons they’ll give will have something to do with the new Portofino — which replaces the California T as Ferrari’s “entry-level” all-rounder — being comfortable, adaptable, flexible and easy to drive. That it is designed for enjoyment, has a contractable roof that transforms it from a coupé to a “spider” in 14 seconds, can fit humans (albeit small…