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November 2021

Featuring performance-tuned road and track cars, product news, buying guides, technical advice, engine tuning, plus a massive section of Fords for sale, it provides a complete guide to the modified Ford scene for the first-time Ford buyer through to the full-on Ford fanatic.

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Can you believe it’s been 25 years since we first saw the ST badge on the back of a fast Ford? It doesn’t seem that long ago when the first Mondeo ST24 hit the streets, and I can remember watching the Mondeos racing in the BTCC, and playing TOCA on the Playstation as a kid where, naturally, I always chose the Rapid Fit-liveried Fords! And I can remember the launch of the Mk2 Focus ST like it was yesterday. In fact, I took one out on a test drive so I could review it as part of my uni course. I remember it well because the main dealer’s insurance wouldn’t cover me as I wasn’t 21 at the time, so I had to take out my own cover for the day. When…

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what is your favourite st model?

“It’s a tough choice. The best car in terms of build quality and all-round package is without a doubt the Mk4 Focus. But the comfiest car I’ve ever been in was my old ST220. The Mk6 Fiesta ST we had as a project was one of the most fun Fords I’ve ever driven, and then there are the fantastic Mk7 and Mk8 Fiestas! My favourite? I dunno, all of ‘em!” JAMIE, EDITOR “I’ve never owned an ST, but I have owned an ST170 engine! With this fitted to my old Mk4 Escort estate and mated to a set of Weber Alpha ITBs, the combination was unreal. Addictive sound, plus power that saw me receiving a pretty serious speeding charge!” ADE, PHOTOGRAPHER “I’d have to say the new Mk4 Focus ST outweighs the competition in…

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box fresh

What, in your opinion, makes a fun, street-able fast Ford? For most of us a good blend of power, a sporty but comfortable ride, a decent interior and solid reliability would all be high on the list of must-haves. The Mk2 Focus ST offers all these things at an affordable price as standard, but is it possible to turn every area of the car up a few notches while retaining all the everyday usability? Carl Box has reached this sweet spot by applying well thought-out modifications that work together in harmony. As a result, his mint Performance Blue ST is now very fast, great fun to drive on B-roads, doesn’t rattle or bump down the road, and it’s never gone wrong despite taking plenty of beatings. Carl explains, “I’ve tried to create…

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new fiesta st goes mean green

Ford has recently revealed the new Fiesta ST, complete with a fresh exterior design that incorporates a more aggressive fascia appearance with honeycomb upper and lower grilles alongside large lower side vents. The Fiesta ST upper grille and side vents are finished in distinctive Chrystaline Grey, and the aero-optimised lower lip spoiler, side skirts, rear hatch spoiler and rear diffuser are finished in body colour – which now includes the eye-catching Mean Green previously seen on the Puma ST. Standard 17in or optional 18in alloy wheels feature a dark Magnetite finish, while on the inside new Performance Seats replace the previous Recaros; Ford says the new seats have been developed specifically to provide even greater support for drivers during high performance driving and comfort on the road. An integrated headrest and 14-way…

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speed of sound mustang

The new Mach 1 model is Ford’s most track-focused Mustang yet, but even that’s not quite enough for some. Mustang specialist tuner and importer Clive Sutton has just launched a tuned version, dubbed the 767 Edition. Why is called the 767 Edition? That’s easy – because it has 767bhp thanks to its supercharged V8. But why 767bhp specifically? Because 767 is the same figure as the speed of the sound (767mph, or Mach 1) – clever, huh? That increase in power comes from a combining a 3.0-litre supercharger with a dual-pass charge cooler and an H-pipe exhaust system. The performance upgrades don’t stop there, as the 767 Edition comes with Ford Performance anti-roll bars, spoiler and splitter, and then Clive Sutton upgrades the subframe and suspension components and gives the car a fast road…

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new: focus st edition

It’s been repeatedly reported that Ford has no plans to make another RS model. With every manufacturer in the world faced with the challenge of switching to electric power, it’s easy to understand Ford’s current stance – even if we don’t quite believe the rumours for ourselves and would never bet against the Rallye Sport badge making yet another comeback. But what does the lack of hardcore, motorsport-inspired, enthusiastic driver’s car mean for the Ford Performance department? Well, to start with, it doesn’t. It doesn’t mean the lack of hardcore, motorsport-inspired, enthusiastic driver’s car; it just means a different name. To all intents and purposes, the new Focus ST Edition could easily be considered the RS of the model range – certainly there have been less performan-ceorientated models to wear the Rallye…