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House and Leisure is a quarterly 240-page journal-style decor and design magazine. The inspirational content focuses on decor, design, interiors, architecture, trends, food and wine, books, art, tech, travel and more. Beautiful lengthy stories, photographed by some of the best in the industry, showcase stylish homes and exclusive properties from around the continent.

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3 min
weaving hope

Silk tapestry artist Billie Zangewa shares in an interview with Phaidon – as a featured artist in their publication Vitamin T: Threads and Textiles in Contemporary Art – that as a child, she remembers observing her mother and the women who were part of her sewing group. ‘It was not just about making pretty things for their homes,’ comments Billie. ‘These women supported each other emotionally and, coupled with the soothing repetitive nature of stitching, it was like group therapy.’ That is the history of ukuthunga (to sew). Women have been gaining financial independence through projects like Tunga Studio (which opened in 2003 and is now permanently closed) and Isipethu Embroidery Group in KwaZulu-Natal, the Keiskamma Art Project in the Eastern Cape and the Mapula Embroidery Trust in Tshwane. Past and present,…

2 min
wtf are nfts?

Accelerated by pandemic isolation, our social and commercial interactions are increasingly moving into the ‘metaverse’. Combine that with the emergence of hybrid realities that integrate virtual features into our physical environments, and vice versa, and it makes sense that the spatial designs and interior furnishings that we rely on to express ourselves in the physical world will also need to manifest digitally. Cue the exponential rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), digital collectibles and crypto art in the interior design industry. For the uninitiated, an NFT is a blockchain-based certificate of authenticity and ownership that can be assigned to digital assets. Some pundits say that NFTs are the future of art and design and that they will democratise the industry at long last. Others say they are a faddish bubble waiting to…

2 min
escape plan

After exactly 12 months without my passport experiencing the palpable thrill of getting stamped, I finally set off – Covid-negative results in hand – on a ‘bubble holiday’ to Namibia with a small excitable group of ‘safe’ company. Faced with the reality that international travel will remain disrupted until the pandemic is overcome, those of us longing to board a plane face the challenge of circumventing ever-changing rules, mandatory quarantines, slow vaccination programmes and the threat of spontaneous lockdowns. So-called ‘travel corridors’ (referring to two or more countries that have agreed to open their borders to each other) have been established between Australia and New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan, Rwanda and India, to name a few. But these take time to set up, relying as they do on the unravelling of knotted…

5 min
the nest

‘We live suspended in mid-air,’ smiles Francois Riley, describing his extraordinary home, which hovers over the forest floor in a verdant hollow below Cape Town’s Lion’s Head. The site is unquestionably unique. Hugging a green belt, a river runs through it – quite literally – and graphic boulders tower above. It was this singular setting that inspired award-winning architect Sonja Spammer to build the original home in 2005. The existing property had been designed as a summer retreat: two separate pods connected by an open bridge, blending into the surrounding tree canopy with ease. ‘The house had an undeniable bond with the landscape, and although we were keen to adapt the space to our needs, we wanted to do it in such a way that it would be impossible to…

5 min
the pavilion

Graham Paarman, son of local culinary doyenne Ina Paarman (and her business partner in Ina Paarman’s Kitchen), admits he’s somewhat averse to the usual gym experience. Converting him was the challenge he put to Jan-Heyn Vorster and Pieter Malan of Malan Vorster Architecture Interior Design when he commissioned them to design a personal gym on his family’s estate in Constantia, Cape Town. ‘My brief to Jan-Heyn and Pieter may have seemed simple, but it was also a tall order,’ laughs Graham. ‘Make exercise a pleasurable experience.’ The estate’s beautiful, landscaped gardens have views over vineyards towards the distant mountains, which provided a spectacular setting for the planned gym pavilion, so the architects figured that immersing the workout experience in the sylvan scenery might do the trick. The only question was…

6 min
the burrow

‘Would you come with me?’ asks Jan. He begins to walk away and turns back to us with a glint in his eye. ‘Bring your drinks.’ We’ve been sipping on Kalahari Klassiek – an awarded Methode Cap Classique produced by Die Mas located near Upington – and enjoying canapés on the stoep of Boscia House. The unassuming 100-year-old property is the site of Klein JAN, Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen’s long-awaited landmark South African restaurant on the Tswalu Kalahari Reserve in the Northern Cape. This original tin-roofed frontier house has been restored and charmingly appointed with furniture and decor that takes you back in time. Intrigued, we follow Jan inside, passing through the delicious-smelling kitchen, the cosy domestic scene belying the sophisticated culinary setup cleverly concealed behind vintage kitchen doors.…