iPad: The Complete Manual

iPad: The Complete Manual

15th Edition

The iPad has taken the world by storm, integrating itself into every environment you can think of. In the classroom, office and home, the device offers endless opportunities for improving how we learn, work and create. Today the likes of the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 show us a type of power, versatility and portability we could only imagine several years ago. This newly revised edition of iPad The Complete Manual shows you how to harness that power to enhance your lifestyle. Read on to familiarise yourself with your gadget and navigate the setup process, before mastering the basics of iOS 10 and Apple’s fantastic built-in apps, from Apple Music to News. Featuring: Introducing the iPad - What makes the iPad one of the best tablets available? It's time to find out. Set up your iPad - Activate your iPad and follow our step-by-step guide to the setup process. How to use your iPad - Get acquainted with the hardware essentials and basics for using your iPad. Applications - Take a look at each of Apple's built-in apps and discover how to make the most of your new device.

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You’ll use it to… Make lists Compose lists of tasks to complete Set reminders Get alerts when you need to complete particular tasks Sync to iCloud Have reminders pushed to other devices Tick off tasks A handy check-box lets you tick off items as you complete them Check your calendar Reminders syncs with the Calendar app to track key dates Remember everything An intuitive interface means reminding yourself is easy Set and schedule tasks Reminders lets you organise your life by setting yourself tasks complete with due dates and ‘to-do’ lists (Fig 1). The app works with iCloud and your calendar accounts, so any changes that you make will update automatically on all of your iOS devices and computers. It’s the simple way to never forget anything ever again! Set a reminder Setting yourself a new reminder is a quick and easy process – you can…

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control centre

You’ll use it to… Control brightness Make your screen brighter or dimmer Enable items Toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Airplane Mode Stop disturbances Activate the ‘Do Not Disturb’ function Light the way Turn on an iPad’s torch Take a picture Quickly launch the iPad’s camera app Control your music Play, pause and beam your tunes to other compatible devices Control your home Connect to your enabled in-house gadgets thanks to the Home app Stay in control With the release of iOS 10, Control Centre has changed. You can now swipe up to enable/disable certain features and access your torch, timer and calculator (Fig 1). You can also swipe left to access separate panels to control your music, your home and more. Control your music Swipe up to access your Control Centre, then swipe left to access your music playback controls (Fig 2). Press the triangle ‘Play’ button and a…

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You’ll use it to… Create text documents Use this great word processor for perfect letters, CVs and more Embed photos Insert photos to illustrate documents, add charts and other objects Use templates Select a ready-made template and you won’t be worrying about design Share documents Choose how to share documents – as files or online using links Export documents Use the excellent export facilities – write a book and read it in iBooks Use AirDrop Send the finished documents to nearby people using AirDrop A portable word processor Pages is a great word processor at heart. Whether you want to write a letter, report or book, you’ll _ nd that this app is perfect for the task. It features spell checking on the _ y so you can instantly see misspelt words, plus documents are auto-saved (Fig 1). Handy features in Pages Creating attractive and professional-looking…

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You’ll use it to… Shop for new podcasts Browse the iTunes store for new downloads Listen to podcasts Play your content through a simple interface Create playlists Line up your favourite podcasts to listen to Find out what’s hot Explore at the charts to see what’s popular Find video podcasts Discover content to watch and listen to Search for podcasts Use keywords to find the podcasts you’re looking for Listen to and watch podcasts Once an optional download from the App Store, with iOS 8 the Podcasts app became part of the operating system. The app directs you straight to the podcasts wing of the iTunes Store, where you can start searching for quality audio and video podcasts to download and enjoy anywhere (Fig 1). Navigate the app Tap on the Podcasts icon to enter the app. Once inside, you can browse content easily via the…

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an introduction to ipad

The original iPad completely transformed the tablet market. Its beautiful screen and fantastic built-in apps struck a chord with consumers and critics alike. Apple added to its tablet repertoire in 2012 when it launched the iPad mini – giving users a new choice that centred on even greater portability and an attractive price point. More recently Apple released the formidable iPad Pro, which comes in 9.7 and 12.9-inch models. They’re the most powerful iPads ever made and show just how seriously Apple values the iPad among its product range. Considering the long battery life and exceptional build quality, the iPad is a tablet for anyone who wants to work and play anywhere. On top of all this, iOS 10’s amazing new features and revamped apps make using the iPad a dream.…

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You’ll use it to… Browse world times See the time in cities across the globe Set an alarm Have different alarms for numerous tasks Measure elapsed time Use the stopwatch and see time go by Measure time intervals See the time left between tasks Catch the latest news The clock links to Yahoo! in your location Check the weather View summaries of local climates Keep track of time As well as letting you see the time across the world (Fig 1), the Clock app allows you to time the interval between events or use a stopwatch. It also operates as a brilliant alarm clock, that even o_ ers suggested bedtimes thanks to iOS 10. Set an alarm Tap the ‘+’ icon in the top right-hand corner to begin setting an alarm (Fig 2). Use the dials to con_ gure the time, then decide whether or not…