iPhone for Beginners 18th Edition

For almost a decade now, Apple’s iPhone has been redefining the idea of what a phone can be. The company’s most iconic device has come a long way since the debut of its original model, but that hasn’t stopped Apple from seeking to push the boundaries of mobile technology with every new release. With the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, as well as the introduction of iOS 10, Apple has once again set the standard for smartphones in quality, versatility and accessibility. One of the only downsides to having such a feature-packed phone is that i can be difficult to know where to start. Thankfully, this new edition of iPhone for Beginners covers everything you need to know. From setting up your new iPhone to getting the most from the pre-installed apps, editing your photos to getting directions, Apple Music to Apple Pay – it’s all here. Get to grips with all the best features via our step-by-step tutorials and see how your device can transform your user experience. Featuring: Essential guide - Get to grips with all the essentials, from first steps to exploring apps. Getting started - Master your iPhone's functions to ensure you unlock your device’s potential. The next step - Step up your skills with step-by-step tutorials on iTunes, Apple Music and more. Essential apps - Download the latest apps to enhance the functionality of your iPhone.

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the essential iphone guide

Now that you have finally got your hands on your new iPhone, you’ll no doubt be keen to master it. In truth, it couldn’t be easier. The operating system (currently iOS 10) is intuitive and simple to use, and all of the key apps come preinstalled, visible on your Home screen. Before you get to experience these though you will need to go through an initial setup process when firing up your device for the first time. This takes the form of several steps that explain the features that need to be set up and guide you through the process of activating them. The first step is creating an Apple ID (or signing in if you already have one). This is linked to all aspects of your iPhone, from buying apps…

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first steps

Turn on/off How to power-up your device or shut it down completely using the power button Sleep mode Conserve your iPhone’s battery power when the device is not in use Unlock Determine how your iPhone is unlocked ready for use Charging All you need to know about powering-up your iPhone Change volume Discover how to adjust the sound output of your iPhone for all kinds of purposes Rotation lock Learn how to lock your iPhone’s screen orientation to keep it in landscape or portrait mode Brightness Learn how to adjust the brightness of your iPhone screen to suit any conditions Icons How to organise your apps neatly on your Home screen Mute Learn how to cut all sound on your device instantly Syncing iCloud ensures all of your info and files stay up to date Folders Folders are a great way to help keep apps organised Safari Safari is your iPhone’s default web…

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activate and register a new iphone

With trembling hands and a giddy sensation in your stomach, you unpack your brand new iPhone from its box and are ready to activate it and start using it to enhance your life. The entire setup can be carried out independently from your computer, which makes it a quick and easy process. All you have to do is connect your new device to a power source and then press the Power button, which is situated on the top of the right-hand edge of your iPhone. It is on the top-right of the device if you have an older generation of iPhone. This will bring up a generic iPhone lock screen with a slider at the bottom. Tap and hold on the slider with your index finger and swipe it to the…

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get to grips with settings

Your iPhone’s operating system is highly configurable, and we don’t just mean that you can change your wallpaper, though of course you can! The default settings when you first fire it up are pretty good for most people, but there will surely be some things that you would like it to do differently, whether it’s waiting a little longer before locking the screen, remembering your passwords in Safari or adding a signature to your outgoing Mail messages. More or less all of the iOS apps like Mail, Messages, Music, Photos and the Phone section of an iPhone can be tweaked and tuned to behave as you like, whether it’s using shake to shuffle tunes in your Music app or automatically checking for mail. You can’t alter every single thing of course,…

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set up a wi-fi connection

For all the iPhone’s uses and versatility, it doesn’t really come into its own until you have Wi-Fi access. Sure you can play games, write documents, send emails and even download the latest books, but you can’t do the really big stuff if you don’t have access to the internet. Internet access turns your iPhone from an impressive piece of expensive kit into something that opens up worlds. This is due in part to the magnificence that is the App Store, a virtual store that gives you access to literally thousands of different applications, ranging from popular games like Angry Birds and Real Racing to GPS devices, interactive encyclopaedias, word processing apps and much, much more. Your iPhone is a portal to a host of fantastic services, but first you need to…