iPhone for Beginners iPhone 6 For Beginners 16th Revised Edition

For almost a decade now, Apple’s iPhone has been redefining the idea of what a phone can be. The company’s most iconic device has come a long way since the debut of its original model, but that hasn’t stopped Apple from seeking to push the boundaries of mobile technology with every new release. With the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, as well as the introduction of iOS 10, Apple has once again set the standard for smartphones in quality, versatility and accessibility. One of the only downsides to having such a feature-packed phone is that i can be difficult to know where to start. Thankfully, this new edition of iPhone for Beginners covers everything you need to know. From setting up your new iPhone to getting the most from the pre-installed apps, editing your photos to getting directions, Apple Music to Apple Pay – it’s all here. Get to grips with all the best features via our step-by-step tutorials and see how your device can transform your user experience. Featuring: Essential guide - Get to grips with all the essentials, from first steps to exploring apps. Getting started - Master your iPhone's functions to ensure you unlock your device’s potential. The next step - Step up your skills with step-by-step tutorials on iTunes, Apple Music and more. Essential apps - Download the latest apps to enhance the functionality of your iPhone.

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welcome to… iphone for beginners

With the release of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple smashed its own record sales for a new device’s first few days on the market. It’s clear that we can’t get enough of this innovative technology. The subsequent launch of the much-anticipated iOS 9 brought in big updates to apps and services we use everyday. What might have seemed like simple additions to the operating system meant new ways to share content, increased device security, a more intuitive Siri and improved functionality of apps like Notes, Maps and Safari. What with the latest 9.3 update introducing the brand new News app too, there’s been a lot going on! This new edition of iPhone for Beginners covers everything you need to know, from setting up your new iPhone to getting…

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the essential iphone guide

Now that you have finally got your hands on a new iPhone, you’ll no doubt be highly curious about how to use it. In truth though, it couldn’t be simpler. The operating system (iOS) is simple and intuitive to use and all of the key apps come pre-installed and will be visible as app icons on your Home screen. Before you get to experience those things though you will need to go through an initial setup process when firing up your device for the first time. This takes the form of several steps that explain the features that need to be set-up and guide you through the process of activating them. The first step is creating an Apple ID (or signing in if you have an Apple ID already). This…

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first steps

Turn on/off How to power-up your device or shut it down completely using the power button Sleep mode Conserve your iPhone’s battery power when the device is not in use Unlock Determine how your iPhone is unlocked ready for use Charging All you need to know about powering-up your iPhone Change volume Discover how to adjust the sound output of your iPhone for all kinds of purposes Mute Learn how to cut all sound on your device instantly Rotation lock Learn how to lock your iPhone’s screen orientation to keep it landscape or portrait mode Syncing iCloud ensures all of your info and files stay up to date Brightness Learn how to adjust the brightness of your iPhone screen to suit any conditions Icons How to organise your apps neatly on your Home screen Folders Folders are a great way to help keep apps organised Safari Safari is your iPhone’s default web browsing…

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Reminders Get acquainted with the app that never lets you forget… Read a book on your iPhone iBooks The brilliant iBooks app now comes preinstalled on your device. From within this app you can use the Featured, Top Charts and Search icons at the bottom of the interface to browse the store for fresh content and see all of your books displayed on shelves. Tap to open it and see a range of options to tailor the experience and add notes and bookmarks. Get the latest headlines News New to iOS 9, the News app allows you to create your own personal news channel by highlighting the key sources that you wish to include based on your interests. You’ll then get one handy digest of all of the latest headlines delivered on demand. It eradicates the need…

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Camera & Photos Your iPhone’s Camera and Photos apps have been intrinsically linked to make capturing and editing images as simple as possible. The Camera app features a dynamic set of shooting modes and live filters (as well as new features such as a shutter delay timer) and the Photos app groups your captured images together into time frames and locations. You can also perform a surprisingly versatile sequence of edits and share them with friends and family. You can jump straight to your iPhone’s Photos app from within the Camera app by tapping on the thumbnail of the last image you took and the Camera app itself can be launched via your Home screen, Control Centre or by swiping up on the camera icon on the Lock screen to ensure…

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game center

iTunes & Music The iTunes store, accessible from its own app on your iPhone’s Home screen, is a sprawling online shop for music and visual entertainment. You can buy or rent movies or TV shows to view in your Videos app or shop and download tracks or albums to listen to in your Music app. New content is well flagged up and the comprehensive search engine means that you’re never far away from what you want to watch or listen to. Any music you buy will be automatically downloaded to your Music app and here you will be able to create playlists. All of your purchased music is also synced to iCloud Drive. This means that if you put your iPhone down and switch to your iPad, you can open the…