Kung Fu Tai Chi Fall 2019

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publisher’s corner

Haters gonna hate. It’s a colloquial saying that so describes our current culture that the princess of pop, Taylor Swift, made a chart-topping song about it a half decade ago. She thematically sequeled it with the lyric ‘control your urges to scream about all the people you hate’ in her new pride-filled anthem You need to calm down! And no place is hate more prevalent than on the internet. As our facebook followers know, we post hundreds of photos after each Tiger Claw Elite Championships every year on our Kung Fu Tai Chi page. Our parent company Tiger Claw posts some too although not nearly as many, mostly focused upon the Tiger Claw Elite TaeKwonDo Championship (see page 16). Naturally both pages share each other’s content. Upon sharing some of…

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the 2019 tiger claw elite championships

WITH the luxury of being connected to this magazine, the Tiger Claw Elite Championships receives more coverage than any other independent martial arts tournament. Along with this special report in this issue, hundreds of photos are posted on KungFuMagazine.com’s facebook photo albums and dozens of videos are posted on KungFuMagazine.com’s YouTube channel. What’s more, an exclusive free DVD that spotlights the Grand Champions and Showcase Division Finals for the Tiger Claw Elite KungFuMagazine.com Championship is distributed to subscribers. The Tiger Claw Elite Championships combines three events: the Tiger Claw Elite KungFuMagazine.com Championship which encompasses the entire weekend, the Tiger Claw Elite Taekwondo Championship (see page 16) on Saturday, and KUNG FU TAI CHI DAY (see page 26). It was held on May 18–19 in the South Hall of the San Jose…

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kungfumagazine.com championship 2019

This year marked the 11th annual Tiger Claw Elite KungFuMagazine.com Championships, held once more in downtown San Jose. Originally, from 2006 to 2008, the Tiger Claw Elite Championships were held in the Santa Clara Convention Center. Back then, the Tiger Claw Elite Championships were a co-production between Tiger Claw and Disney; it was open to all styles of forms which attracted a large contingent of Chinese Martial Arts competitors, particularly in the San Francisco Bay Area, home to Tiger Claw and Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine. The third and final Santa Clara Championships was especially auspicious because Beijing hosted the Olympic Games in 2008. Although Modern Wushu was unable to fulfill its long-held dream to become Olympic that year, there was a special Wushu event at the Games – the…

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7th annual tiger claw elite taekwondo championship

THE 7th Tiger Claw Elite Taekwondo Championship divisions include Open Poomsae, Traditional Poomsae, Synchronized Poomsae, Weapons Poomsae and Sparring. Additionally, there is an obstacle course competition for children as well as Individual Sports Poomsae using the same format as the USAT Nationals. This year, the Championship was supported by the Amateur Youth Sports Foundation and implemented the Daedo Truescore PSS System. This year, the Championship had 526 competitors. Master Kwangil Bae was the Tournament Director of the Tiger Claw Elite Taekwondo Championship, who founded this competition. The Championship’s Co-Director was Tony Matafuentes and the Event Director was Andrew Cheav. Serving as International and PATU referees were Jangsk Lee, Keith Quatro, Samir Zerbouh, Henry Villas, Jennifer Howard, Rosalyn Le, Arnold Chung, Gerardo Ortiz, Hyun Kim, Vincent Le, Mike Wong, and Angela DeOliveira.…

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kungfumagazine.com championships grand champions

OVERALL GRAND CHAMPIONS 9-10: Sydney Shinn – Kung Fu Dragon USA (Songshan Shaolin) 11-13: Lisa Oshiba – Elite Kung Fu (Modern Wushu) 14-17: Naoki Tang – Elite Kung Fu (Modern Wushu) 18+: Du Au – Southern California Wushu Academy (Modern Wushu) DIVISION GRAND CHAMPIONS TRADITIONAL KUNG FU 7-8: INT: Alyssa Tham – Silicon Valley Shaolin Culture Center 9-10: INT: Landau Tzou – Omei Academy ADV MALE: Ethan Ma – Richard Ow Kung Fu Association 11-13: INT: Crystal Chang – Silicon Valley Shaolin Culture Center ADV FEMALE: Belize Riggs – One Tribe Martial Arts Academy ADV MALE: Ashton Wu – Silicon Valley Shaolin Culture Center 14-17: INT: Audrey Ngai – Richard Ow Kung Fu Association ADV FEMALE: TIED Elena Hung – Lily Lau Eagle Claw & Krystal Lan – Silicon Valley Shaolin Culture Center ADV MALE: Kevin Wong – One Tribe Martial Arts Academy 18+: ADV FEMALE:…

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kungfumagazine.com championship wildaid tiger claw championship

IN proceeds donated to WildAid. WildAid the Year of the Tiger 2010, the Tiger Claw Foundation launched a special Showcase Championship with all is an international non-profit organization with the mission to end the illegal wildlife trade within our lifetimes. Jackie Chan is a primary spokesperson for WildAid, accompanied by Yao Ming, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lupita Nyong’o, Maggie Q, Li Bingbing, Jay Chou, David Beckham and many other international celebrities. The WildAid Tiger Claw Champion is a special “any style, any form” division. It is the only division where Taekwondo and Chinese martial arts can compete against each other; however, Taekwondo has not stepped up in years. There is the adult WildAid Tiger Champion division and two youth divisions: the WildAid Teen Tiger Championship for competitors age 17–12 and the WildAid Tiger…