Kung Fu Tai Chi May - June 2018

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publisher’s corner

Dear loyal readers - this is our last bimonthly issue for a while. In order to stay viable and meet the demands of the ever dwindling newsstands, we must scale back our yearly production schedule. Starting with our next issue, we will publish Kung Fu Tai Chi quarterly. That will be our Summer issue. It will be available two months following this issue, taking the place of what would have been our July+August issue. Our Fall issue will follow three months later, completing our transition to quarterly. But take heart. To compensate for our reduction in frequency, we will be expanding our page count for our quarterly issues. In this way, coupled with our increased free content on KungFuMagazine.com, we’ll actuallys bring you more content than ever before per year. Kung…

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the 10th tiger claw elite kungfumagazine.com championship

To make it to ten years in anything today is no easy feat. Fads a come and go faster than a spinning fidget spinner (remember those?). In today’s fast-paced world of quick social media hits, it’s hard to make something last anymore. It’s even harder to have something grow year after year, but that’s exactly what we have done with our Tiger Claw Elite KungFuMagazine.com Championship. It started out as a way for us at Tiger Claw to give back to the local community, a place to showcase skills and compete against other skills. It has turned into an event that brings people from around the country and even around the world to San Jose, California, for a celebration of Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Every year we increase our…

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web fu

Tai Chi and Veterans Affairs Program The Department of Veterans Affairs in Murfreesboro Tennessee now offers the only adaptive Tai Chi class in the U.S.A. for veterans. A special pilot program, launched two years ago by Dr. Guo Zibin, aspires to offer free Tai Chi lessons to veterans through VA programs. A paper published in December 2016, Feasibility, qualitative findings and satisfaction of a brief Tai Chi mind–body programme for veterans with post-traumatic stress symptoms (Complementary Medicine, Barbara L Niles, et.al.) suggested that Tai Chi was a beneficial therapy for PTSD. Dr. Eric Schoomaker, the former United States Army lieutenant general who served as the 42nd Surgeon General of the United States Army and Commanding General of the United States Army Medical Command, endorsed Tai Chi along with Qigong, acupuncture and…

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on the set of into the badlands season 3

Additional Into the Badlands coverage In Kung Fu Tai Chi: “On the Set of Into the Badlands” – May+June 2017 “Into the Badlands with Daniel Wu” – January+February 2016 Cover Story On KungFuMagazine.com: “Exclusive INTO THE BADLANDS Season Two Teaser” “INTO THE BADLANDS: Enter the Pig” “INTO THE BADLANDS: Where in the World are the Badlands?” “INTO THE BADLANDS: Women Warriors and Whitewashing” “INTO THE BADLANDS: Fight Camp – The 1st Chamber of the Badlands” “INTO THE BADLANDS: Dressed to Kill” “INTO THE BADLANDS: Daniel Wu on the Sunny Side of Life” Plus more on Daniel Wu: In Kung Fu Tai Chi: “Chollywood Rising: Interview with Daniel Wu” – November+December 2014 On KungFuMagazine.com: “2017 KFTC25 AF” “2017 KFTC25 AF Part 3: The Show, the Tournament and the Banquet” “Robin Leong on Acting, Teaching, and His Renowned Kung Fu Father”…

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close encounters of the canine kind

Master Kenny Perez is a lifelong martial artist who started his journey into Chinese martial arts in the early ‘70s under highly respected Kung Fu masters Augustine Fong and Douglas L. Wong. He later became the first non-Asian student of the legendary Wushu Grandmaster Wu Bin (March+April 2007 cover master 吴彬), whom he has followed for 37 years, and is the only American certified with the 8th duanwei (段位) under him. Master Perez has been involved in the promotion of Wushu in every imaginable way – from Beijing to Berlin – through competitions, demonstrations, seminars, videos, books, movies, television, stage, gaming, and more. He is undoubtedly a man of lofty goals, on a mission, and well aware of all aspects surrounding traditional and contemporary Wushu. Perez’s personal experiences around the…

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the legacy of grandmaster ku yu-cheung and bak sil lum

Shaolin Kung Fu encompasses a wide spectrum of different styles. Nowadays, most people think of bald robed monks from the original Shaolin Temple on Songshan mountain range in Henan, China. Shaolin’s warrior monks began touring the world and disseminating their Kung Fu in the mid-’90s, and over the last two decades the Kung Fu of the Shaolin Temple of China, also known as Songshan Shaolin Kung Fu, has spread exponentially. However, with over a millennium-and-a-half years of history, there are many other styles that originated at Shaolin Temple, distinct from what the monks promulgate. These styles rightfully bear the name. For several decades prior to Shaolin’s globetrotting monks, Bak Sil Lum was the dominant style representing Shaolin outside of China. Bak Sil Lum (北少林) literally means "Northern Shaolin" in Cantonese.…