Locomotive 2020

Locomotive 2021 returns with the most comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of motive power trends, new locomotive production, rebuilds, and other changes in North American fleets. This year’s edition also pays tribute to the GE FDL engine. Plus, you’ll find compelling photography and locomotive stories from industry insiders. Don’t miss the best locomotive guide of the year!

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always a class act

In the interest of transparency and full disclosure, what follows here may fall short of the accepted code of journalistic standards and practices of impartiality and neutrality. There exists a recognized possibility of favoritism or conflict of interest informing content as a result of more than 60 years spent in the presence of, and under the influence of an institution that once proclaimed itself the “World’s Greatest Travel System.” It is, however, to quote the New York Times, “the complete and unvarnished truth.” The Canadian Pacific of my youth could still lay honest claim to its self-declared status as the World’s Greatest Travel System. Railways, steamships, airlines, hotels, communications, and express; CP had it all. The breathtakingly artful travel posters, timetables, and brochures that filled the company’s downtown ticket office captivated my…

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battery-electric breakthrough

The weathered concrete-arch bridge that carries the former General Electric, and now Wabtec test track over Sixmile Creek in Harborcreek, Pa., has shouldered the weight of all manner of locomotives for more than a century. It’s seen everything from pioneer boxcabs to Milwaukee Road “Little Joe” electrics, to 8,500-hp Union Pacific gas turbine-electrics, to generations of U, Dash, and Evolution Series diesels for customers around the globe. But it’s never seen the likes of GECX 3000, the striking red-and-gray locomotive posed for the company photographer on a brilliant day in May 2020. The front third — the operator cab and aux cab — of the 3000 is identical to a conventional Wabtec/GE Evolution Series locomotive. From there back, it’s like nothing else on the road. A boxy, full-width carbody extends almost…

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20/20 the age of change

Motive Power Review, the new common denominator: 4,400 hp” in Locomotive 2015 provided a look at North American locomotive technology during the previous 50 years, 1965-2015. Here, we'll take a closer look at 2000-2020 to examine how locomotives, technology, manufacturers, and the marketplace have changed. We will also attempt to look into the near future. Our focus is on 20 stories, starting with the most significant contributions, and then transitioning to less positive, darker, or negative outcomes, and major risks and challenges facing railroads. Let’s start with the positive stories, ranked in order of importance. 1 RAILWAY PROPULSION: THE A.C. TRACTION AGE North American railroads have progressed since the early 1800s through three ages of propulsion and locomotion: steam (dieselization was completed in 1960), diesel-electric using D.C. traction motors (manufactured early 1900s through…

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the iron-horse opera

A lot of diesels have gone over the dam in the past 20 years. And I’ve been watching them go by as I’ve reread the 104 pages’ worth of earlier Trains annual motive power surveys by way of homework for this 20th edition. In retrospect, I can see that these add up to a sort of mechanical soap opera. The predictable plot revolves around the compatibility of the diesel-electric locomotive and U.S. railroading, with the scriptwriter introducing just enough guest spots, cameo roles, and end-of-program suspense to keep the audience awake, if not on the edge of its seat. The surveys began innocently enough. Twenty years ago I was young, highly locomotive conscious, the junior man on the staff, and preoccupied with the trauma of total dieselization. I filed a piece…

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20/20 motive power moments: 2000-2020

2000 • New locomotive production • GE: 770 • EMD: 535 JANUARY 1 • The Environmental Protection Agency’s “Final Emissions Standards for Locomotives” take effect. • New locomotives must meet Tier 0 standards. MARCH • Tearing down “the home of the diesel locomotive.” Unused buildings at the Electro-Motive Diesel plant in McCook (La Grange), Ill., are demolished, including the legendary High Bay, where thousands of EMD locomotives were built. APRIL • EMD London, Ont., begins delivery of the first SD70Ms of Union Pacific’s historic 1,000-locomotive order. AUGUST 12 • General Motors Diesel celebrates its 50th anniversary with an open house at its London, Ontario, locomotive plant. AUGUST • CSX retires U23B 3305, the last GE U-boat in revenue service on a Class I railroad. • Amtrak HHP-8 electrics enter regular service on Northeast Corridor. OCTOBER • Repatriation of D&H PA hulks from Mexico begins. OCTOBER 1 • BC Rail…