Love Patchwork & Quilting 93

Love Patchwork & Quilting is the brand new magazine from the makers of Mollie Makes and Simply Crochet. Every issue features fresh, modern, step-by-step projects for quilts, cushions, home style and gifts, with something for every skill level. In addition there are fascinating features and interviews, the latest fabric and trends, plus news, reviews and ideas to inform and inspire you. Essential reading for every modern quilter! ****Note: This digital edition is not printable and does not include the covermount items or supplements you would find with printed copies***

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bright & beautiful

Hands up all those whose fabric stashes are threatening to take over the house? We thought so – you are not alone! This issue we’ve tasked our brilliant designers with taking a long hard look at their own stashes and producing some gorgeous quilts to help you make the most of yours. They’ve done a grand job, so you can enjoy revisiting that stash, or treat yourself to new fabric if you must! The long dark evenings this time of year are the perfect time to learn – or practise – a new skill too, so do take a look at Anna Brown’s wonderful Beginner’s Guide to Hand Quilting booklet this issue. Take a break from your sewing machine and relax with a needle and thread for a while. You’ll…

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soothing stitching

What kind of quilter are you? Do you race your quilt sandwich through your machine at lightning speed, armed with quilting gloves, or do you take things a little slower and indulge your calmer side with some therapeutic hand sewing? This month we’re all about doing things the old-fashioned way, and we’ve got hand quilting enthusiast Anna Brown (although you may know her as Wax and Wane Studio) to give us all of her top tips and techniques to help you fall in love with hand quilting too. From the bare basics of the tools you’ll need to kick things off to the nitty gritty of tying knots, marking lines and achieving even stitches, Anna has left no topic untouched. Once you’ve absorbed all the wisdom there is to be had,…

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easy as a.b.c

There’s a trend in the modern quilt world that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon… patchwork lettering! It’s a trend that we, for one, are particularly taken by, and Stephanie of Patch and Dot has only enhanced with her latest pattern, Blackletter Quilt. Piece up 26 Foundation Paper Pieced blocks to make a striking baby quilt (above) or mix and match Stephanie’s letter designs to spell out your own words. The letters are scrap and strip roll-friendly, making it a real stash buster – winner! Download a copy of the pattern from patchanddot.etsy.com LIBERTY LOVE Start your 2021 with a treat and indulge in one of Alice Caroline’s new Block of the Month series! Pick from The Flower Garden Quilt (pictured) – an EPP design inspired by Alice’s garden over…

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sherbet blast

YOU WILL NEED • Dark mint: one (1) fat quarter• Dark peach: one (1) fat quarter• Dark yellow: one (1) fat quarter• Dark blue: one (1) fat quarter• Medium mint: one (1) fat quarter• Medium peach: one (1) fat quarter• Medium yellow: one (1) fat quarter• Medium blue: one (1) fat quarter• Light mint: one (1) fat quarter• Light peach: one (1) fat quarter• Light yellow: one (1) fat quarter• Light blue: one (1) fat quarter• Background fabric: 3½yds• Backing fabric: 3¾yds• Binding fabric: ½yd• Batting: 66in x 81in FINISHED SIZE • 60in x 75in NOTES Seam allowance are ¼in throughout, unless otherwise noted. Press seams open throughout, unless otherwise stated. Press fabrics well before cutting. RST = right side together. WOF = width of fabric. HST = Half-square Triangle. COMPLEMENT THE ANGULAR PATCHWORK DESIGN…

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galaxy twist

YOU WILL NEED Quilt • Background fabric: 3½yds• Pink fabrics: three (3) fat quarters and three (3) fat eighths• Yellow fabrics: three (3) fat quarters and three (3) fat eighths• Teal fabrics: three (3) fat quarters and three (3) fat eighths• Binding fabric: ½yd• Batting: 70in square• Backing fabric: 4yds FINISHED SIZE • 60in square NOTES Seam allowances are ¼in throughout, unless otherwise noted. Press seams open throughout, unless otherwise instructed. WOF = width of fabric. HST = Half-square Triangle. RST = right sides together. Press fabrics well before cutting. LAY OUT YOUR BLOCKS ON A DESIGN WALL FOR THE PERFECT MIX OF PRINTS AND COLOURS CUTTING OUT 1 From the background fabric cut: Ten (10) 5¾in x WOF. Subcut into thirty two (32) 5¾in x 10¾in and eight (8) 5¾in squares. Five (5) 5½in x WOF. Subcut…

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name and shame

Ah, the Vault of Shame. The mysterious holding place of sewing projects gone by, woefully forgotten in favour of their newer and shinier counterparts. I’m often asked about the Vault of Shame. How many WIPs do I keep in there? What’s so shameful about it? Can I please, for the love of all that is holy, finally finish that quilt with that Anna Maria Horner line? So what do you say we put these questions to rest? To be honest, I have absolutely no idea exactly how many WIPs I have hoarded in the Vault of Shame. If I had to guess, I’d say it falls somewhere around three dozen. Why don’t I know the exact number? For the same reason I don’t know my exact weight. Nothing good can come…