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NZ Hot Rod

NZ Hot Rod

October 2020

Published since 1967, N.Z. HOT ROD is dedicated to portraying every sphere of Hot Rodding. From traditional and modern Hot Rods to Street Machines, Muscle Cars and Race Cars, NZ Hot Rod features them all. Plus there's coverage of many of the 100 or so hot rod events, including Drag meets from around New Zealand and overseas.

New Zealand
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3 min
publisher’s podium

COVID Content DECIDING on what this month’s content mix would look like had me in a bit of a quandary because COVID has my arm up my back and twisted to boot. The reason for that is we’ve been almost seven months without any hot rod events of any significance to report on. What to publish, is a question which has me squirming in my seat. Sure there are many hot rods in NZ I can think of which deserve a feature, but often, when you drill down into that resource a myriad of “not-ready” reasons appear to thwart attempts to publish them. That said we’ve racked up a grand total of 28 cool hot rods since we emerged from COVID lockdown. In this issue, we’ve been busy behind the camera…

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box 8 waipu letters

Dumping HI PAUL, I must add my voice to the comments on the great work you are doing in getting the magazine out and delivered under the current circumstances. I meant to write immediately after reading Barry Livermore’s letter in the recent magazine, finally getting around to it. I shifted to Christchurch from Upper Hutt in December 1966, shortly after I was hailed by an ex Upper Hutt lad who knew my brother and recognized my car, turned out that he was boarding about 500 metres from my parents’ home in Somerfield and was building a fibreglass bodied sports car with Zephyr engine, I went down for a look and met the family he was boarding with, they were into speedway with a TQ, later sidecars, and they had a Model A…

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just in passing

• World’s Fastest - Again AT Bonneville Speedweek 2020 George Poteet powered his Speed Demon to 480 mph earning him the record for the World’s Fastest Piston Driven Land Speed Record! The engine powering the car this year is a 557ci, twin-turbo big-block Chevy built by Ken Duttweiler poking out a colossal 3,156hp. SCTA’S AA/BFS Class record was set at 470.015-mph with a two-way average, while the car hit a top speed of 481.576 mph one-way in the last mile. There’s a Kiwi connection too! Golly’s brother Paulywog who resides in LA, painted the car in its previous guise as “Flatfire”. Incredible achievements by all. Quote of the Month “EVERY person born to this world has God-given gifts of genius (in varying degrees, of course) which are unique and different than anyone before or…

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lockdown garage

• Back to the Track HERE’S another old Wild Bunch car coming back to life. Steve Hardcastle ran a Wild Bunch car a few years ago, (October 1996 issue) and he’s now rebuilding it with a custom 1937 Ford carbon body weighing in at 20 kg and a new chrome-moly chassis: Steve built both. The new car will run pretty much the same engine which is a 1471 blown 350ci smallblock. He’s actually building the car for his daughter Krista to race, but she’ll start her off with a much tamer engine. The wild motor is set aside for his ‘39 coupe, which is also under construction. From Mark Richards. • Restoration Underway THIS Top Fuel dragster was the last car - the Gold Car - Garth Hogan raced and held the NZ record…

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new arrivals

• Precious Pickup BARRY Hogan found this cool ’57 Chevy pickup in California and landed it in Auckland via Chucks. Once it was certified, registered and warranted he sold it to Vaun Freer. Vaun intends to restore it and is deciding whether to put a new chassis under it or leave it as is due to it’s cool and authentic condition. • Double Nickel Hauler BARRY Hogan found this ’55 Chevrolet pickup in Chico, California and landed it via Chucks. He says it’s a bit of a project, but definitely a keeper. The original a 6-cylinder engine was swapped for a smallblock at some point in its life in the hot, dry California sun. We’re sure Barry will enjoy many more years of ownership. • Stone, Woods & Cook DAVE Levien just landed this very…

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emerald dream

“I’VE never been to America, and this is my first hot rod,” says Ross Bell “but not my first American car, I’ve always loved cars.” That profoundly entrenched passion evolved from his father’s influence, which, and being a mechanic wasn’t too complimentary, referring to American cars as grotesque heaps of shit! “That was enough reverse psychology and motivation for me to want them. My first American car was a 1967 Corvette, and I now have a small collection of four, including the roadster,” recalls Ross. His 1933 roadster project kicked off in late 2006, and I recall viewing construction progress on Ross’s roadster at Chris Mazany’s BlackJack Engineering in Kaukapakapa. At the time I was in awe of its all-aluminium FE engine and wondered about the finished hot rod’s performance potential…