August 2021

Octane is a premium monthly magazine celebrating over 100 years of automotive design, from classic Bentleys to the latest BMW. We have been at the heart of the motoring industry for seventeen years, so we know our stuff when it comes to classic cars. Written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, the magazine captures the exclusivity and excitement of the classic car world so you can experience it all wherever you are.

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the hovercraft museum

THIS MUSEUM IS literally like no other: it’s the only example of its kind, displaying more than 60 hovercraft. Craft are dotted around the site, inside and out, and even the ticket office is, appropriately, a former SRN4 Sir Christopher cockpit, a much better repurposing than its former use as a tomato greenhouse. You don’t have to be an avid ‘hover-head’ to gain great enjoyment from a visit, though. The museum evolved from the Hovercraft Society formed in the late 1980s and nowadays enjoys charitable trust status. The first craft was rescued from being scrapped in 1986 by the society’s Warwick Jacobs. It’s a very rare and important SRN5. When Jacobs’ mother said an emphatic ‘no’ to him storing it in the front garden of the family home, it needed a…

3 min
much more fun than a fiesta

A LOT OF PEOPLE have said I’m bonkers to daily a car that’s almost 90 years old, but I didn’t want a boring little modern hatchback. Rachel, my Riley 9 Monaco saloon, is different from everything else on the road. People don’t expect a 21-year-old to be driving her and I get a lot more attention than I’d expected. I beep at everyone that waves, smiles or gives me the thumbs-up. It’s nice to make someone’s day. My friends had never been in anything like it so I’m happy to share the fun. They love it – even at a steady 20mph. I had about 50mph out of her once, going downhill, but I wouldn’t push any further than that. I live in Southend so we’ve driven to the seafront for burger,…

2 min
new boots, no kinks

TYRES MAY NOT be the most interesting topic, but they’re vitally important to the way a car feels on the road. I’ve always been obsessive when it comes to making sure my cars have the most suitable rubber, because it’s surprising how sensitive some can be to changes in sidewall stiffness, for example. The Integra came with OE-spec Bridgestone Potenzas, which work perfectly with the standard chassis set-up. They were getting on for eight years old, though, and wearing low at the front, which meant I needed to start weighing up options for a new full set. A new set of Potenzas then? Sadly, it wasn’t quite that simple. This tyre has long since been discontinued in the correct size and superseded by an ‘eco’ tyre. A perfectly good option for…

2 min
1953 rgs atalanta

One of a reported 11 cars built by Dick Shattock at Brookside Garage: Major Richard Gaylord Shattock, a tank driver in World War Two, is the ‘RGS’ of the car’s name. Atalanta was a pre-war English marque that made cars in Middlesex from 1937 until 1939. Shattock resurrected the name after the war, and offered chassis kits (with independent coil-spring suspension), glassfibre bodies and complete cars. This rather nice example is fitted with an alloy body and a 3.4-litre Jaguar XK120 engine with four-speed manual gearbox. The coachwork is said to have been built by former Vickers Aircraft engineer John Griffiths. First UK road-registered by Shattock in 1955 as UKL 852 for a David Smallwood, the car was fully equipped when new as a tourer with weather equipment, including a full…

1 min
aston martin db5 vantages

NEED A DB5 Vantage for any occasion? That is in effect what Aston Martin specialist Nicholas Mee has on offer, with this trio of Vantages currently being offered as a complete set. Thanks to the fact that the Shooting Brake seen here is unique – the only example built by the factory – it’s actually the only complete trio of works-built DB5 Vantages in the world. Apparently commissioned in order to accommodate David Brown’s gundog and polo equipment, the Shooting Brake order was put in by dealer Cyril Williams of Wolverhampton. The alloy body was built by London coachbuilder Harold Radford & Sons, and attracted so much attention that 11 further cars were built for various customers – although this was the only one to Vantage specification. It was delivered in…

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showroom briefs

1972 BRISTOL 411 £78,000 Beautifully maintained S2 example of the ‘businessman’s express’, which received self-levelling suspension but retained the original and much prettier front lights and grille arrangement. thehairpincompany.co.uk (UK) 1960 FIAT JOLLY 600 $128,800 There’s something strangely appealing about these charming wicker-seated Fiats. The antithesis of a modern supercar but just as much fun, in their own way. Which is good, given the asking price! copleymotorcars.com (US) 1969 DATSUN FAIRLADY 1600 €29,950 Cute Japanese roadster, which makes a neat alternative to an MGB. This one has a known maintenance history and is offered in good condition, having been restored in the past. erclassics.com (NL) 1984 HOLDEN WB STATESMAN MAGNUM HDT, $184,995 AUS Special edition run-out model of the final ‘all-Australian’ WB Statesman, including a high-output 5.0-litre V8 breathed on by Peter Brock and HDT. This is the last off…