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Outside July/August 2019

Outside readers are passionately committed to leading an active lifestyle. Outside not only motivates readers to uncover and define their own personal day-to-day adventures, but also provides them with the tools, products and information to fulfill them.

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adventure capitals

You might notice something a little different about this year’s iteration of our Best Cities coverage (page 20): there are no towns, only big urban centers. That’s a pretty radical departure, especially given that our annual list has always put a premium on delivering the small-town fantasy. Places we’ve highlighted in the past, like Salida, Colorado, or Middlebury, Vermont, are truly sensational locations to call home—thriving communities surrounded by vast open spaces—but they’re not exactly practical targets for relocation. Jobs in these types of dream burgs are hard to come by, which is largely why they’ve remained small. For most of our audience, pulling up stakes and heading to one of these locales isn’t possible, and just reading about utopian small-town life provides all the escapism we really crave. This year…

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Live Bravely In our May issue, Julie Ellison profiled transgender climbing photographer Nikki Smith, whose very personal story offered a window into how the outdoor community is slowly becoming more inclusive and accepting. Readers appreciated both the subject of the story and how it was told. Being outdoors challenges us to be the real version of ourselves and demands honesty with ourselves concerning our strengths and limits. I can’t imagine a better place to discover who you are. @fhasti Instagram You present her story—which is more common than most people realize—with accurate facts and laudable compassion. As one who hikes, camps, and rides motorcycles while being transgender, I’m heartened by your education of the general public and kind support of us. Ralph A. Hummel Huntington Station, New York I loved this piece. Throughout, I kept thinking how much…

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hustle and flow

THE NOT-SO-SECOND CITY CHICAGO, ILLINOIS POPULATION: 2.7 MILLION MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME: $55,295 PARK ACREAGE: 13,547 Stereotypical Resident: The weekend warrior who’s quick to tell you how the cold doesn’t stop them from running, biking, or surfing all winter long. What’s Happening: Chicago is undergoing a public-space renaissance with the development of new trails like the elevated 606 and the Chicago Riverwalk. This in a metro area that’s already loaded with recreation opportunities. The Neighborhood: A community that attracts immigrants from all over the world, Pilsen is known for its vibrant street art and international food scene, from high-end Vietnamese at HaiSous to Mexican street fare at Don Pedro Carnitas. The Run: The Lakefront Trail parallels Lake Michigan for 18.5 miles and offers views of Chicago’s skyline. Fleet Feet Sports operates water and Gatorade stands along the path in…

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the running hub

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS POPULATION: 683,015 MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME: $66,758 PARK ACREAGE: 5,089 Stereotypical Resident: The brewery worker with an advanced degree who wears a Red Sox hat while training to run a sub-three marathon. What’s Happening: Boston is booming and getting more diverse. The population has grown by nearly 10 percent since 2010; these days nearly 30 percent of Bostonians are foreign born. The Neighborhood: Fenway, once home to little more than the legendary ballpark and plenty of dive bars, is now one of the hottest culinary destinations in Boston. “Fenway has always gotten a lot of foot traffic, but new condo investment has brought higher-end restaurants and bars,” says Maggie Walsh Deaver, a yoga instructor who organizes pop-up fitness classes throughout the city. Grab a whiskey and a dozen oysters at Citizen Public House before catching…

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the desert rose

TUCSON, ARIZONA POPULATION: 535,676 MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME: $41,613 PARK ACREAGE: 4,610 Stereotypical Resident: The burrito-fueled cyclist who’s unafraid of hill climbs, cactus needles, or riding singletrack at night to escape the summer heat. What’s Happening: In 2015, Tucson was designated a Unesco Creative City of Gastronomy—the first American city to earn such an honor—in recognition of its unique blend of Native American, northern Sonoran, and colonial Spanish cuisines. The Neighborhood: Menlo Park, close to open space on Tucson’s west side, is just minutes from the Loop, a newly completed 131-mile bike path that circles the city. The Ride: The route that really put Tucson cycling on the map is the 29-mile, 6,600-foot climb up Mount Lemmon. You start among saguaros and end among ponderosas. Riders who get this far are rewarded with a gleeful descent. The Adventure: In…

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the tropical paradise

MIAMI, FLORIDA POPULATION: 463,354 MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME: $40,327 PARK ACREAGE: 1,500 Stereotypical Resident: The tanned triathlete-yogi-marathoner-SUPer who does everything but surf. What’s Happening: Sure, Miami has beaches, but public officials are also busily connecting hundreds of miles of urban trails, making it possible to explore oceanfront parks, cross Biscayne Bay, and then grab a delicious Cuban pastelito puff pastry—all on multi-use paths. The Neighborhood: You’ll find bungalows, Spanish architecture, old-growth trees, and quirky parks in Coconut Grove, Miami’s oldest neighborhood, on the city’s southeastern shore. The Bohemian vibe comes with great recreation, including runs along the five-mile Commodore Trail and 20-mile out-and-back rides to Key Biscayne on the Rickenbacker Causeway. But you’ll have to pony up. Coconut Grove is one of the city’s hottest housing markets; the average single-family home is priced in the low seven…