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Outside January/February 2020

Outside readers are passionately committed to leading an active lifestyle. Outside not only motivates readers to uncover and define their own personal day-to-day adventures, but also provides them with the tools, products and information to fulfill them.

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easy does it

Last spring, at a meeting to vet ideas for the theme of our annual January-February fitness cover story, deputy editor Mary Turner brought a timely concept with an ingeniously straightforward title: “Chill the F—k Out.” She went on to describe the frenetic, angst-ridden state of being that we all seem to be experiencing: perpetually overworked, bombarded by terrifying news from the front lines of climate change, and deluged with advice on how to reboot our nutrition, ramp up our workouts, and hack our time to supercharge productivity. We’re all exhausted from the constant striving, Turner argued, so maybe instead of our usual series of stories prescribing new time-saving fitness plans and foolproof keto-based diets targeting New Year’s resolution season, we should give readers some novel strategies on how to relax. Our…

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in memoriam

John Askwith, 1943–2019 He was the first employee, the one who would help me visualize and understand the complexities of putting together a national magazine. The magazine was called Mariah, and it was conceived in late 1973, launched in February of 1976, and became Outside in 1978. JA, as he affectionately became known, was the art and design director for over 20 years and relocated from Chicago to our new offices in Santa Fe in 1995, along with his wife, Sharon, two daughters, Seandra and Aberlynn, and around 50 other Outside teammates. In the beginning, John and I each having day jobs, we’d work nights on the floor of my one-bedroom condominium in Chicago’s Near North Side, where we’d deliberate into the wee hours the intricacies of magazine publishing. We did this…

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this is an emergency

ON A WARM JULY day in 2013, a 48-year-old Texan named Nancy Allen and her 18-year-old daughter, Sara, set out to climb Mount St. Helens from the Climber’s Bivouac trailhead. The five-mile hike to the 8,365-foot summit of this famous Washington State volcano, which became 1,300 feet shorter after it erupted in 1980, is a strenuous route up rough terrain. But the pair reached the top without incident, presumably gazing into the crater with wonder and a sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately, the Allens got lost on the way down, and Nancy fell from a small outcropping, injuring her leg. At 8 P.M. she called 911, and the Skamania County sheriff’s office dispatched a well-trained crew of search and rescue volunteers called the Volcano Rescue Team. A few hours later, SAR specialists…

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sticks and cones

Every January for the past 15 years, hundreds of competitors from across the country have descended on Minneapolis for the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships. In 2019, photographers Kennett Mohrman and Sheldon Sabbatini set up a portrait studio on Lake Nokomis, the championships’ home since 2007, and watched as hockey was played the old-fashioned way: in high-stoke contests on crinkled pond ice with no goalies. Temperatures were well below freezing—so cold that youth-night games were canceled—but that didn’t dampen spirits. “People were drinking beer and skating at eight in the morning until six at night,” Mohrman says. “It felt like a bunch of kids having fun with their friends.” —MADELEINE LAPLANTE-DUBE…

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hygge life

A. Duluth Trading Company Woolpaca Shawl Collar cardigan $170 Nothing wears finer than a Mr. Rogers sweater. This one delivers an impressive amount of warmth. B. California Cowboy High Sierra shirt $148 With its soft modal lining, classic plaid print, and comfy fit, this versatile shirt comes with a winning extra: a low-back pocket designed to carry a beer bottle. C. Talisker 18-Year-Old $160 This scotch lives in a cask for 18 years, developing a complex yet balanced smokiness and subtle sweetness. D. Glerups Slip-On slippers $95 Burying your feet in heavily insulated slippers is a recipe for sweat. These slip-ons offer woolly warmth and are breathable enough to avoid overheating. E. Fjällräven Greenland Down Liner vest $190 The timeless styling of this lightly insulated vest matches everything in our closet and feels right at home in a five-star…

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roll up in a fatty

Expedition Ace A. RAB THE INFINITY LIGHT $450 Rab isn’t taking any chances with the Infinity Light. To fortify the excellent warmth-to-weight ratio of 800-fill down, it’s treated with hydrophobic Nikwax, swaddled in water-resistant Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper, and made with minimal seams. Articulated arms, a cavernous hood, and a hip-length hemline safeguard you in the most adverse winter conditions. 1.2 lbs (men’s, pictured) / 1.1 lbs (women’s) Ski-Touring Standout B. NORRØNA LYNGEN GORE-TEX INFINIUM DOWN850 $599 Waterproofing a puffy usually means using heavy and stiff fabrics. For its 850-fill Lyngen parka, Norrøna used Gore-Tex’s Infinium, a supple, breathable fabric that stands up to everything short of falling into a creek. The jacket weighs just over a pound, making it perfect for ski tours. Our only gripe: no women’s version. 1.1 lbs Resort Ripper C. STIO COLTER DOWN…