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Outside September/October 2020

Outside readers are passionately committed to leading an active lifestyle. Outside not only motivates readers to uncover and define their own personal day-to-day adventures, but also provides them with the tools, products and information to fulfill them.

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change agent

Our cover this month features a self-portrait of Lanisha Renee Blount, a 31-year-old innovation-strategy consultant, photographer, and climber in the Bay Area who, among her many creative and outdoor pursuits, runs the Instagram account @urbanclimbr. (“Wander Woman,” page 23.) The backstory of how Outside discovered her work is important to recount, because it says a lot about the barriers to entry for writers and photographers of color in the outdoor industry, and about Outside’s stumbles on the path to becoming a more inclusive brand. A few months ago, Blount, who goes by L. for short, published what she describes as “a provocation” on her Instagram account. She posted a slideshow with ten of her images, Black and brown climbers and surfers photoshopped into mock covers or advertisements for big outdoor brands,…

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Documenting an Ongoing Tragedy This spring, Outside Online launched a project to track every U.S. cycling death in 2020 and to publish a series of articles exploring the increase in cy-cling fatalities over the past ten years. In the months since, many readers have reached out to share their experi-ences with danger-ous conditions on the roads. We’ll be updating the pro-ject throughout the year. Send tips and stories to 2020cyclingdeaths@outsideim.com. Last October, my husband was T-boned by a distracted driver who ran a red light. He was two feet in front of me, and I watched the car coming, screaming for it to stop. I saw my husband sail through the air. He survived but was badly hurt, and two-year-old hard-ware in his knee was damaged. We did all the right things—bright…

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all together now

IT’S AMAZING that Ayana Elizabeth Johnson found the time to talk to me. To cite just some of the things the 40-year-old Brooklynite has been up to in the past year: running a conservation consulting firm, Ocean Collectiv; founding a coastal-cities think tank, Urban Ocean Lab; advising Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign on the Blue New Deal, an ocean-focused strategy for reducing carbon emissions and boosting the economy; taking over Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Instagram account to guide a dialogue on environmental justice; editing an anthology of essays by women climate leaders; and launching a podcast with industry heavyweight Alex Blumberg ambitiously titled How to Save a Planet. So, yes, she’s been busy. And with good reason. With her expertise, personal story, and collaborative grassroots approach to problem solving, Johnson has emerged as a…

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fall escapes

AS WE NAVIGATE the new travel normal, making decisions about where to go—or whether to go at all—during a pandemic requires flexibility and informed planning. By the time this issue reaches you, the COVID-19 news will likely have shifted again. We hope it’s for the better. As some Americans have decided to venture out, a road trip close to home is one of the safest and most popular options. That’s why we put together our favorite in-state itineraries in every region of the country, to make it easy for you to explore your own backyard—think uncrowded spaces, camping, and lots of fresh air. We also gathered expert advice and resources on how to plan effectively, stay up-to-date about changing conditions, and ensure your safety and that of the communities you…

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hit the range

80 MILES Branbury State Park, at the foot of Vermont’s Green Mountains, has over 40 family-friendly campsites and lean-tos that are a quick walk from the beachfront of Lake Dunmore. After a day of hiking and swimming, head north on Route 116 along the western edge of the Greens. Follow the highway east into the mountains and to the idyllic town of Bristol for a maple soft-serve at the Village Creeme Stand. Continue east through Lincoln along River/Lincoln Gap Road, then pull over where the Long Trail—the oldest through-hiking route in the U.S., and part of the Appalachian Trail—intersects with the road. Hike it to the top of Mount Abe, one of the state’s five 4,000-foot peaks; the rocky summit pokes above the timberline and offers stunning 360-degree views that span…

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lose the crowds

387 MILES This part of south-central Colorado is rich in public lands, dramatic 14,000-foot peaks, and picturesque mountain towns. Set out from Denver and drive about 140 miles south to one of the state’s most unusual man-made landmarks: Bishop Castle. Its namesake architect, Jim Bishop, started building the three-story stone fortress—with its winding staircases, wrought-iron causeways, and enormous dragon’s head—in 1969, and is still working on it. Stay the night ten minutes away at Lake Isabel, where you’ll find a quiet body of water, easy trails to explore, and designated Forest Service campgrounds (from $20). Start day two off with a 100-mile scenic drive to the stunning Arkansas River Valley and the town of Buena Vista, the gateway to the Collegiate Peaks, including eight fourteeners. Day hikes abound, and you can…