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PC Gamer April 2020

In addition to a great visual design, PC Gamer focuses more on communities, user-made content and of course the big-name games we know and love! Each issue also offers exclusive previews and insightful features to make sure you're at the top of your game. Delivering authoritative, honest, informative and entertaining reviews, PC Gamer is the ultimate buyer’s guide. ****Note: This digital edition does not include the covermount items or supplements you would find with printed copies.****

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“for pc gamers, d&d will always evoke a sense of reverence”

In many ways, Dungeons & Dragons is the most significant ancestor of modern gaming. Levelling up, fighting monsters, exploring vast open worlds – Gary Gygax was doing it all in the 1970s with paper and pencils. Particularly for PC gamers, D&D will always evoke a sense of reverence. How could it not, with so many iconic adaptations? From Neverwinter Nights, to Icewind Dale, to Planescape: Torment. And, yes, Baldur’s Gate, now triumphantly returning with the RPG masters at Larian taking the reins. We’ve been out to see it, and it’s looking as magical as a 10d6 fireball. ROBIN VALENTINE Specialist in Attacks of opportunity Twitter @robinlvalentine This month Had nightmares about Mr Tentacle-Skull.…

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the pc gamer team

FRASER BROWN Specialist in Living one turn at a time Twitter @FraserIBrown This month Wrote not one but two massive features. We had to cast Cure Light Burnout on him. WES FENLON Specialist in Bomb defusing Twitter @wesleyfenlon This month Checked out an old shooter made new, and a new shooter that feels suspiciously old… TYLER WILDE Specialist in Bigger boats Twitter @tyler_wilde This month Massacred medieval knights, sinister undead, and tourists just trying to enjoy the beach. ANDY KELLY Specialist in Evading the persistent undead Twitter @ultrabrilliant This month Discovered an even worse person to have a drink with than Mr X.…

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frosty reception

The launch of Warcraft III: Reforged seemed like it was going to be an easy win for Blizzard – it had already remastered one beloved RTS, and people were ravenous for another strategy game set in Azeroth. Instead, it’s been hammered by negative user reviews and Blizzard is now offering no-questions-asked refunds. Poor communication, delayed and missing features, and changes to the end-user licence agreement (EULA) have overshadowed the launch – and that was pretty shaky in its own right too. THE ACTUAL CHANGES ENDED UP BEING QUITE A BIT MORE CONSERVATIVE Back in 2018, Warcraft III: Reforged was pitched as something between a remaster and remake, with new art, graphics, cutscenes, UI and even changes to the campaign. Blizzard showed off one of the new cutscenes at the time, which had…

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highs & lows

HIGHS Epic Games Store Epic has announced that its free game giveaways will continue all through 2020. Counter-Strike CS: GO has seen record numbers of players flocking to it, breaking its record twice in as many weeks. Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn might be making the leap to PC, according to rumours. LOWS Overwatch League matches and other competitions have been postponed due to the coronavirus. System Shock 3 Layoffs at developer OtherSide Entertainment leave the future of the sequel in doubt. Delays Cyberpunk2077and Marvel’s Avengershave both been delayed until September.…

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the spy

The Spy slips out of a dark alley and onto the high street, makeshift bandages and a bloodstained shirt hidden underneath a thick coat regretfully stolen from a market stall. The Spy scans the crowded thoroughfare, looking for… something. A trace of recognition; of surprise; of cold, predatory triumph. Reader, the job went bad. Suddenly, something unexpected happens. A man, lost in thought, walks headfirst into a lamp-post. What thoughts so fully consumed this man’s attention as to cause his face and head to collide with a much sturdier object? Perhaps the better question is what didn’t? There’s just so much… please now picture The Spy gesticulating widely in an attempt to convey the breadth and depth of how much there is. A NEW ASSASSIN’S CREED – WHICH IS LONG-RUMOURED TO BE…

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this month in… 2010

1 2010 was an exciting time for MMOs. The cynical World of Warraft cash-ins were (mostly) dead, and a new wave of projects promised to evolve and improve the genre. And sure, looking back, many fell short of that aim – yes, we’re looking at you, APB – but we also got plenty of genuinely great online games, including this month’s cover feature star, Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic. 2 Rich McCormick marks his debut issue by gaming on a laptop for a week. Luckily the laptop could handle Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, so he was fine. 3 Not everything was rosy in the land of PC gaming. Previews for this issue detail Crysis 2 andSplinterCellConviction – both shallower, more consolised versions of once classic, complex PC series. Crysis…