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Quick+Easy Quilts October - November 2018

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Packed with step-by-step instructions and tried-and-true strategies, Quick+Easy Quilts teaches readers how to create beautiful quilts in no time at all. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned quilters of all ages. Every issue includes 14+ quick & easy quilting projects, quilt making fundamentals, step-by-step instructions and fun gift ideas!

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look again

What drew you to quilting in the first place? Was it the pretty fabrics? Family tradition? The satisfaction of making something beautiful and useful from scraps? Or was it the bewitching patterns that can be created with the clever manipulation of color, value and shape? Whatever brought us to quilting, it hasn’t let go and continues to fascinate and delight with the never-ending creative possibilities. I never get tired of thinking of new quilt designs and how I could create exciting, unusual compositions using the quilting techniques I know and love. In this issue, we’ve compiled a selection of quilt patterns that may make you take a second look, to see how they were put together, or because they create depth, glow or dimension by using color, value and shape so…

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quick pics

SEND US YOUR PHOTOS OF PROJECTS made with Quick Quilts patterns! Include people in your project photos. Email high-resolution digital images to quickquilts@fwmedia.com. Please include your mailing address. Submission materials cannot be returned. If your submission is selected for this page, The Warm™ Company will send you a FREE queen-size batt. We’ll also mail you two complimentary copies of the issue in which your contribution appears. Susan Williams of Marietta, South Carolina, was inspired to try making Rainbow in a Box* (Quick Quilts, April/May 2016) by Gretchen Wylegala when taking a quilting class at a local church. She found Gretchen’s blog when searching online for how to finish it with machine quilting, and credits Gretchen for taking the time to respond to her comments with tips and encouragement. She’s very happy…

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We’re always on the lookout for the best new gadgets, gizmos and gotta-haves to share with our Quick Quilts readers. Here are a few of the latest hot products designed just for quilters! Attention Manufacturers: If you have a unique product that would be of interest to Quick Quilts readers, please send a sample to Quick Quilts Product Review, 741 Corporate Circle, Suite A, Golden, CO 80401. Roxanne Glue-Baste-It Dip & Dab This water-soluble glue works well to temporarily hold applique or quilt binding in place without pins until stitching is complete. It comes with a little wand and tube so you can apply tiny dabs or a thin line of glue to your project. colonialneedle.com Schmetz Super Non-Stick Needles Designed especially for use with embroidery stabilizer, temporary spray adhesive or adhesive hook and…

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quick tips for creating illusion quilts

When we talk about illusions in quilt designs, we are most often referring to a three-dimensional effect created through a clever use of shape, color or value—or most often a combination of the three. Creating a sense of dimension through a patchwork design is not a recent innovation. It’s not even an innovation of the 20th-century. Quilters have been playing with dimension since at least the mid-1800s when Tumbling Blocks and Attic Windows patterns started showing up in magazines of the day. While there are numerous eye-popping 3-D patterns available nowadays, you don’t need cutting-edge computer software to start playing with illusion in your own quilts. You just need to learn how to look at a pattern to see its potential for dimension. Shape The traditional Tumbling Blocks pattern is an easy one to…

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jewel mine

Quilt Designed & Made by Kymberly Pease Finished Quilt Size 56" x 64" Planning, Marking & Cutting Unearth a gorgeous gem of a quilt by piecing strips and cutting them into triangular units. The way that the units are put together creates an illusion of depth, like a stack of brilliant cut jewels. The A, B and Br patches are cut from templates. To prepare templates, trace on template plastic, including seam lines, grain lines, and match points. Cut out directly on outer lines. Make small holes at match points using an awl or large needle. The A templates are cut from pieced bands, as shown in Diagrams I-A–I-C. You can cut 4 of each unit from a band, as long as the width of fabric is at least 42". The cutting will be tight…

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green acres

Quilt Designed & Made by Ramona Sorensen Finished Quilt Size 102" x 102" Number of Blocks & Finished Size 25 Blocks 18" x 18" Plan Big log cabin blocks come together easily and are built quickly, and before you know it, you’ve got a big, beautiful bed quilt to enjoy! With just three fabrics and simple patchwork, you won’t have to work past sundown to get this quilt ready for winter. Our instructions have you strip piece units where possible to expedite the construction process. Chain piecing the blocks will speed up construction even more. Use an accurate ¼" seam allowance throughout to ensure all elements of the quilt fit together well. Shop* • White dot 5¼ yds. for blocks and sashing• Lime print 5 yds. for blocks• Green print 1¼ yds. for blocks, sashing and sashing…