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Sailing World January/February 2018

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Sailing World connects the community of racing sailors through words, images and shared experiences. Across many mediums, it explores the sailor’s passion and showcases the lifestyle, destinations and technology. It links knowledge-hungry participants to the sport’s top experts, providing unrivaled instructional content.

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United States
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5 min
dryland training

• “Hon? Are you staying up?” “Um ... er ... no. Hold on. Just … uh … finishing something,” I yell up to my wife as I’m closing gauge with a starboard tacker. What the? I can’t believe that guy just hunted me like that! What a jerk. There I sit, alone in my living room in the soft glow of a small lamp, mumbling to myself and cursing someone I don’t even know, someone who has just suckered me into fouling them mere seconds into the first leg of the race. Whoever he or she is, they’re ruthless on this virtual racecourse. Because of my penalty turn, I lose another race — granted, a race that has zero consequences. But I hate to lose, even if it is a silly video game,…

2 min
the chuny effect

• What’s a Volvo Ocean Race team director to do when one of his starters is put on the injured reserve before the start of a crucial 7,000-mile leg from Lisbon to Cape Town? Simple: Find the guy who can practically do it in his sleep. For Vestas 11th Hour Racing’s Mark Towill, the search to temporarily fill teammate Phil Harmer’s sea boots led to Spaniard Roberto Bermúdez de Castro, a six-time veteran and two-time winner of the race who happ “He was very keen to do the leg,” says Towill. “To get a guy with his experience was a nobrainer.” Vestas 11th Hour navigator Simon Fisher won the previous edition with Bermúdez de Castro on Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, but the rest of the team had yet to experience the…

2 min
adding another dimension

• I tighten the headset around my head and pull the goggles over my eyes. No, I’m not stepping on a high-performance race boat, I’m going sailing, virtually in VR Regatta: The Sailing Game. The owner of Base Station VR in Providence, Rhode Island, flips a switch, and I’m transported to a tropical bungalow surrounded by ;crystal-clear water. Looking around the room, I see a number o I select the latter and opt for a sunset sail to figure out the controls. I press the ignition and start motoring away from the dock. I bring in the mainsail using the pedestal in the middle of the boat and trim the jib with a winch. Trimming the sails correctly and steering the boat at the right angle directly translates to the boat’s…

3 min
sparking the fleets

• The Nashville sailing scene was dying before Chris LaBorde’s eyes. Immediate action was required to stop the bleeding. Nashville’s older racers were on their way out, and behind them was nobody. Over glasses of bourbon one evening at Harbor Island YC in Old Hickory, Tennessee, LaBorde, Robert Mattix and Tim Fitzgerald assembled a ragtag group of racers and hatched a plan: They would commit to buying six boats and to sail eight weekends. By process of elimination, the doublehanded Vanguard 15 made it to the top of their list. It’s self-bailing, self-rescuing, fast and exciting in breeze, and there were plenty of used boats and parts available. They then built a six-boat trailer from donated parts, drove to Chicago and returned with their starter fleet in tow. One year later, Nashville’s…

4 min
signature edition

• Seeing an ice boat fly across the ice at more than 40 miles per hour is usually met with excited and amazed curiosity from bystanders: “Wow, how does that work?” they ask. “I’d love to experience that, but I don’t know how to sail” or most commonly, it’s, “Dang that’s cool, but I know I’ll never experience it.” I grew up racing sailboats in the Midwest and competed on both coasts of the United States. However, from an early age, I knew I wanted to live and raise my family on a Midwestern lake: Weatherby Lake in Missouri is perfect mid-America, where I could raise my family surrounded by similar people, who would be my friends for life. I accomplished my first goal when I married my wife, Lyn, in 1985.…

3 min
in control

• It’s early on a Saturday morning in October, and the parking lot is already jam-packed at Lake Somerset within the gated community of Sun City, in Beaufort, South Carolina. From trucks and SUVs, men and women unload boats and lay sails neatly on the grass. It has the bustle of any other regatta, but in this case, the boats are small. Really small. It’s the Sun City Model Yacht Club Regatta, and the sailors are here to practice for the upcoming East Coast 12 Meter National Championship, hosted by Turtle Pond Model YC in Peachtree City, Georgia, on the outskirts of Atlanta. Fran DiTommaso, the regatta coordinator and a competitor himself, says competitors have traveled from the Carolinas, Florida and Georgia for the two-day gathering. The EC 12 Meter class is…