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where to next

It might seem bold to strategize internally about a future sporting competition that has yet to be won, but the America’s Cup is such a complex event that it requires early planning. All four teams competing in Auckland for the 36th America’s Cup believe they can win, and they are surely thinking about what’s best for this venerable regatta should they get their hands on the Auld Mug. The biggest reward (or burden, some might say) for successfully challenging is the right to host it on home waters. This is one of the key incentives dating back to the first defense in 1870, and it stands true today. Just ask New Zealanders, who have poured millions into Auckland’s waterfront development, or Larry Ellison, who transformed once-derelict piers on San Francisco Bay…

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starting line

Into the Arena Four years—and in some cases, decades—of sailing, training and exhaustive preparation have been invested in a single purpose: to win the 36th America’s Cup, the oldest trophy in international sport. Through a mastery of sport and technology, only one of three well-heeled challengers will advance to sail against the Defender, Emirates Team New Zealand, in March 2021. All start on equal footing when the first race signals sound. Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team, sailing for the Circolo della Vela Sicilia, is on its seventh challenge since 1997 and stands strong as the regatta’s Challenger of Record. The United Kingdom’s INEOS Team UK, with its knighted helmsman and Olympic hero, seek to reclaim honors lost 170 years ago, while the American Magic powerhouse of the New York YC, first-timers…

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the weatherman’s call

In Auckland, New Zealand, the 75-foot foilers will be wedged into small, inshore boundary-constrained racetracks where wind shifts still matter, but given the speed of the boats and the dimensions of the racecourse, it’s about a minute of sailing between boundaries. Tack on shifts? Maybe not. Given the cost of maneuvers, it could very well be worth the distance loss of sailing a header for a short period in order to earn a longer board on the other tack. Change is ubiquitous in the America’s Cup, and when the boat type changes, so too does the role of the weather team, an important component of every serious Cup syndicate. In the early days of a campaign, the weather team plays a crucial role in boat design. I can still remember…

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prime time from auckland

The 36th America’s Cup promises to be an engaging spectacle for both sailors and nonsailors alike, starting with the America’s Cup World Series and Christmas Regatta in December, extending through the Prada Cup in January and February, and concluding with the America’s Cup Match Presented by Prada in March. The good news for viewers in the United States is that the regatta will be streamed during prime-time hours. And there are platforms aplenty. The America’s Cup broadcast has come a long way since one camera in a blimp followed Intrepid and Dame Patty in 1967 off Newport, Rhode Island. Geoff Mason was a young producer at ABC Sports at that time, and later was the executive producer for ESPN’s groundbreaking coverage in Fremantle, Australia, in 1987. “The dark ages ended before we…

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pit-row protocol

What are the essential first steps and checks once the boat returns from racing or training? As soon as the boat docks, a rigger will go aloft and disconnect the masthead wind gear and connect the boat-lifting gear. Cockpit and deck wash get underway immediately. Washing the boat is very important because care needs to be taken with electronic components. The more fresh water, the better—for all components. The sooner we get the boat out of the water and in the shed, the sooner the post-sailing checks can be completed, and thus allow the shore team to get into their jobs. What’s the haul-out procedure for a boat of this complexity? Once everything is washed and the boat connected to its lifting gear, a crane driver and a spotter—as well as experienced staff…

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taming the beast

It didn’t take long for the sailors to begin referring to their big tri as “The Beast.” The media were calling it Dog-Zilla, a play on the acronym for Deed of Gift. Everything about it was big, heavy, beastly. Today’s computerized design tools will tell you everything you want to know about a boat’s performance in all conditions and configurations, so while the data that registered about loading revealed no surprises, the numbers were sobering when they represented larger-than-life-size realities sailors had to contend with hands-on. There was a 75-ton compression load on the mast step, 32 tons on the forestay with the mainsail sheeted on, 24 tons on the mainsheet. The wingsail would tame that to 4 tons. Bowman Brad Webb, who previously sailed with TAG Heuer in 1995 and…