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miranda kerr is simply amazing!

Leave all the stupid gossip about her ex and that teenage lesbian getting into a slap fight for the other blogs, because it’s about time the rest of us get back to focusing on what’s really important when it comes to Miranda Kerr: her pants-meltingly hot photoshoots. So here’s her latest, and if you want to get into a fight with anyone, do it with the lucky bastard here who just got paid to live out every dude’s biggest fantasy. Now that’s something actually worth getting jealous about. ■…

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As one of the most popular DJs of the late-2000s EDM boom, Grammy-nominated Swedish producer Avicii went on to top the charts in multiple countries and tour the world with his uplifting house anthems. Born Tim Bergling in Stockholm in 1989, he began making music at the age of 18, writing and remixing tracks in his bedroom and uploading them onto the Internet. Influenced by Daft Punk and Steve Angello, his melodic house sound gained a huge following, which led to support from both Tiësto, who invited him to perform a weekly residency at Privilege in Ibiza, and Pete Tong, who released first single “Manman” through his Bedroom Bedlam label.In addition to remixing tracks for Little Boots, Robyn, and Dizzee Rascal, Bergling issued a handful of his own singles,…

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Release Date April 20, 2018 Duration 42:52 Genre Reggae Pop/Rock Styles Reggae-Pop Contemporary Pop/ Rock Sting spent the entirety of his career studiously avoiding the appearance of having a good time, which is why his 2018 collaboration with reggae star Shaggy seemed so odd: at the age of 66, the rock star decided it was finally time to crack a smile. 44/876 -- a collaboration named after the phone codes for their respective home countries -- is most certainly a party record, albeit one that cooks at a low simmer as it swings between fleet-footed reggae sunsplash tunes and mellow grooves. If Sting seems subservient to Shaggy, that makes sense. Shaggy specializes in doing one thing well, while Sting took it…

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a quiet place

Fear is a very personal emotion and experience. There is a wide range of what causes fear in people and therefore a broad spectrum of what most consider “scary.” For some, a movie has to be completely grounded in reality in order to effectively scare them. For others, dark imagery will haunt viewers after watching a film, no matter if it’s tied to the supernatural. Then there are other factors like age, social and cultural baggage, and other experiences that feed into what a person is afraid of. There are universal elements that startle everyone, but there is nothing that truly scares all people everywhere.Director John Krasinski’s first foray into genre filmmaking, “A Quiet Place,” is a largely entertaining scifi horror film that does an excellent job of grounding…

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“Rampage” was a slyly subversive video game. Players earn points by unleashing their inner monster to break stuff and stick it to the Man (kill or eat soldiers dispatched to shoot them down). “Rampage” the film, however, is mostly joyless, and takes itself waaaaaaay too seriously, a stark contrast to the tone set in the trailers, which suggested something light-hearted and self-aware. The full-length film is neither of those things.In a space station orbiting the earth (yes, God help us, this movie begins in space), a group of scientists engage in a series of questionable gene-editing experiments that leave all but one of the crew members dead. The lone survivor leaves in an escape pod, but not before her Earth-bound employers force her to bring along three samples of…

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luiza freyesleben drops some killer cleavage