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céline dion

From her humble roots as a French-language teenage pop singer to international superstardom, Canadian singer Celine Dion became a multi-platinum, Grammy-winning crossover success in the ‘90s after breaking into the English-language market with heartfelt ballads that shined a spotlight on her powerful and inimitable voice. In addition to winning first prize at the 1988 Eurovision song contest, Dion has also scored multiple Grammy awards, including Album of the Year for 1996’s Falling Into You. Her award-winning contributions to film soundtracks helped expand her presence into the pop culture mainstream, most notably with songs like “Beauty and the Beast” from the 1991 Disney animated film and the blockbuster “My Heart Will Go On” from 1997’s box office smash Titanic. Decades into her career, her status as a beloved pop icon was…

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music reviews

Release Date May 18, 2018 Duration 43:44 Genre Pop/Rock Styles Indie Rock Alternative Singer/ Songwriter Alternative/Indie Rock Sparkle Hard comes into focus slowly and stately, coalescing around crawling piano chords that soon get blown to bits by guitars -- thereby offering a neat encapsulation of how this, the seventh album Stephen Malkmus has made since disbanding Pavement in 1999, walks a fine line between the familiar and the unexpected. Upon the first spin, Sparkle Hard seems to veer all over the place, bouncing from the finely etched pop of “Future Suite” to the Teutonic jam of “Bike Lane,” eventually winding up on the country-rock ramble of “Refute,” a duet with Kim Gordon, who has never before been heard with anything resembling a twang (and likely never will again). The diversity dazzles, particularly as it’s…

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avengers: infinity war

Crossover events have been huge in comic books for many decades. Whether it’s the Justice League meeting the Justice Society, top heroes fighting the coolest villains in Marvel’s “Secret War,” or any number of times that multiple superheroes stood together against a foe larger than themselves, fans come out in droves to eat it up. Within those pages, readers get characters pairing up in surprising ways, a healthy dose of spectacle and stakes, and usually some life-altering events that will become part of canon (until the next reboot or retcon). Ever since the first post-credits scene in 2008’s “Iron Man,” this is what fans have been anticipating when Nick Fury tells Tony Stark, “You think you’re the only superhero in the world? Mr. Stark, you’ve become part of a bigger…

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deadpool 2

It is not lost on Ryan Reynolds that the best trick that “Deadpool” had under its sleeve was the element of surprise, and that is gone now. He’s admitted that he’s not sure if he has a third “Deadpool” movie in him, and personally, I think he should listen to that voice. That is not a commentary on the quality of “Deadpool 2,” for the record. It’s as entertaining as the original film, and arguably funnier. The story structure, though, is a bit too close to a certain Rian Johnson film, and more importantly, how far can you take this joke before it runs out of gas? As it is, these films are a couple of bad jokes away from being parodies (“Meet the Supers”?). Indeed, if the closing credit…

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cars & bikes

The 2018 Infiniti Q50 is one of those ageless cars that looks good now and will look good in 50 years. Like fine wine or a woman of character, the Q50 holds its age and gets better with it. The Q50 is currently in its middle age in terms of automotive design, but carries it very well. For 2018, Infiniti gave the Q50 a light refresh with some options shuffling and light updates to the front fascia. We’re fans of the timeless look of the Infiniti Q50 in this generation, its quality-minded, comfortable interior and its solid road presence. The 2018 Infiniti Q50 does have some quirks, though, and we’d be remiss if we ignored those. The dual infotainment screens are problematic, for one, and the fuel economy returns (even in the…

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cars & bikes

The Avalon is the largest sedan in the Toyota line-up, and it has been largely overshadowed in the past by the more popular Camry and Corolla. Those two models each sell roughly as many cars in one month as Avalon did in the entirety of 2017. However the 2019 Toyota Avalon is all-new, and looking to establish itself as a true flagship in the lineup. While we doubt it will lead in sales any time soon, it does set a higher standard for the brand. We recently were invited to Del Mar California to drive all of the various grades, with four trims and two engine options. For this feature we’re going to focus mostly on the sportiest version, the Touring V6 model (pictured above), which has improved performance and…