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Selfie MagazineSelfie Magazine

Selfie Magazine JULY 2018

SELFIE MAGAZINE, the world's new leading men's magazine, gives guys what they want — beautiful women, jokes, sports, entertainment, gadgets, rides and beautiful women. Did we mention beautiful women?

United States
Constant Beacon Publishing
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kanye west

In the span of three short years, Kanye West went from hip-hop beatmaker to worldwide hitmaker, as his stellar production work for Jay-Z led to a major-label recording contract and, ultimately, a wildly successful solo career. West paired his beats with tongue-twisting raps and a self-assured, flamboyant personality. His dapper fashion sense set him apart from many of his rap peers, and his confidence often came across as boastful or even egotistical, albeit amusingly so. This flamboyance, of course, made for good press, something that West enjoyed in spades during his sudden rise to celebrity status. He was a media darling, appearing and performing at countless awards shows (and winning at them, too), delivering theatrical videos to MTV, and mouthing off about whatever happened to cross his mind. He frequently…

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music reviews

Release Date June 22, 2018 Genre Pop/Rock Styles Alternative Metal Alternative Pop/Rock Industrial Industrial Metal Alternative/Indie Rock On Bad Witch, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross conclude the conceptual narrative arc started on 2016’s Not the Actual Events and continued on 2017’s Add Violence. Drifting outside the comfort zone of what a Nine Inch Nails album is expected to sound like, Bad Witch is the least accessible of the trilogy, a pessimistic, misanthropic, and frustrating cacophony that challenges even the most devoted NIN fan. And yet, after multiple listens, Bad Witch reveals itself as the most cohesive and enveloping experience of this period. As Reznor noted in interviews, Events focused on self-reflection and self-destruction, while Violence searched for answers from a broken world. Bad Witch concludes that we’re the problem and humanity is doomed.…

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avengers: incredibles 2

When “The Incredibles” hit theaters in 2004, it was arguably the greatest superhero movie of all time (and remains at or near the top of the list to this day). Between the pulse-pounding action sequences and the family story at its core, Brad Bird’s Pixar debut was a game changer on a number of levels. When years had passed without a whisper of talk regarding a follow-up, it made sense. After all, walking in the shadow of that film is a fool’s errand, and yet, everyone still wanted them to try. And here we are. “Incredibles 2” didn’t have much of a chance of surpassing the original, but that wasn’t for lack of trying on Bird’s part. He came awfully close to recapturing the magic. Elastigirl has several show-stopping action sequences,…

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movie review   avengers: jurassic world

Not every film has to follow the same structure or adhere to one form. There are many times when filmmakers are looking to subvert expectations or wish to experiment with the normal narrative format to elicit a unique emotional response from audiences. The possibilities for telling stories with film are endless; there are an infinite number of ways of mashing up narrative, perspective, imagery, sound and so much more in a way that will produce a singular experience for a viewer. However, when creating a movie for general audiences and not looking to experiment with or comment upon narrative expectations, it’s okay to use standard storytelling structures to increase emotional impact and create logical throughlines that people can follow and care about. “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” has fun moments, stylish…

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cars & bikes

Our friends at BFGoodrich, the leaders in producing tires for off-road enthusiasts, are celebrating National Donut Day with their latest donut shaped creation, the Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 Tires. These donuts aren’t very tasty, even when glazed in mud, but they do have a proven history of winning and performing post-race victory donuts. We can’t wait to taste test the new Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 Tires. For more information, check out the press-release below: BFGoodrich® Tires has introduced the Mud-Terrain T/A® KM3, its next-generation off-road tire for extreme conditions. Long known as the leading brand for hard-core off-road enthusiasts, BFGoodrich has introduced technologies into the new tire that improve climbing, traction and toughness in the mud and over rock. Representing the latest innovation in BFGoodrich’s 40-year history of advancing off-road tire technology, the Mud-Terrain T/A®…

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cars & bikes

I like to think that I’m good at towing. I’ve done a lot of it, including professionally as a truck driver. Over my lifetime, I’ve towed with big vehicles, small vehicles, and most of those in between that. I’ve pulled trailers short and long, little and large, heavy and empty. Outside of trucking school, however, I don’t think I’ve learned as much or thought as much about towing as I did at an event in St. George, Utah hosted by GMC. The fact that it ended with sand-throwing in ATVs in the desert and a tour of Zion Canyon made it a lot of fun too. We arrived at the Red Mountain Resort in St. George and were met by several friends from GMC along with some 2018 GMC Sierra 1500…