Summer 2020

You’ll discover helpful techniques that are designed to help everyone, from the beginning spinner to the most advanced. Learn how to dye your own fibers, plying basics, fiber preparation and combining colored fibers to make novelty yarns. Plus great patterns to show off your handspun yarns.

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Long Thread Media LLC
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a quick spin

Spring is a time of change and renewal, and as I write in mid-April, change abounds in this season of social distancing and loss. Renewal can be hard to embrace despite trees breaking bud and new lambs exploring green pastures. A year ago, my vision for this issue of Spin Off was about the unrelenting continuity that textiles offer (and have offered for a very, very long time). Through war and famine as well as times of abundance and leisure, people have made, mended, and remade textiles. In cloth of the past, however ancient or recent, we can find creativity, skill, and intention. Spring of 2020 was a time of change, but I look to summer for the reminders of what endures. Whether you sit down to spin at a…

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Bundle, Steam, Print! Eco-Print & Botanicals Recipe Book Janis Thompson Roll up your sleeves, gather some plant material, and get set to explore eco-printing and dyeing. Janis Thompson, a multimedia fiber-arts instructor at the Eugene Textile Center, enthusiastically initiates newcomers into the magical world of imprinting hues found in leaves and flowers onto fabric. From basic supplies to mordants, this book offers an immersive course complete with recipes, projects, resources, and a sample worksheet to keep a record of the results. Whether you steam or submerge the layered bundles, Thompson will help you create fabrics that will amaze, delight, and even surprise the home hand-dyer. Springfield, Oregon: Janis Thompson, 2019. Spiralbound, 84 pages, $34. ISBN 9780578502380. www.fyberfiend.com/bundle-steam-print Embroidery on Knitting: Inspirational Modern Designs for Stitching onto Knitted Garments Britt-Marie Christoffersson Stranded colorwork and intarsia aren’t the…

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get this

INVENTIVE DESIGNS Dreaming Robots’ Electric Eel Wheel Nano 1.0 offers an affordable way to enter the world of e-spinners. From crowdfunding to updated iterations and open-source licenses, Maurice Ribble improves his spinning devices based on handspinners’ feedback. $80–$110. Editor’s note: As of press, the Nano 1.1 became available and includes a few updates to the 1.0, $110. Dreaming Robots, www.dreamingrobots.com Interruptions happen—keep your handspun from getting tangled. Burning Impressions II Spinnazzmajig hangs from your flyer’s hook and provides a place to anchor your singles when taking a short break from spinning or plying. $3.50. Burning Impressions, www.burningimpressions.shop Try natural dyeing without the need for a dedicated dye studio. Just add water to Loop of the Loom Bengala Mud Dyes and dry your handspun yarns in the sun. The all-natural mineral dyes will color cotton, linen,…

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connecting kids and cotton

The American Chestnut Land Trust comprises 3,000 acres of pristine forest in Calvert County, Maryland. Nestled in this preserve is Double Oak Farm, a communal food-pantry garden staffed by volunteers, whose aim is “connecting people to the land.” In addition to providing fresh, organically raised vegetables for members and surrounding communities, the farm hosts youth groups who participate in Maryland Master Gardeners’ Grow It, Eat It program. The children not only learn the history of a vegetable, but they also learn how to propagate from seed in February, put the plant starts in the garden in May, and harvest in September, entering the best produce in the Calvert County Fair. Finally, everyone gathers in the farm’s kitchen to feast on the bountiful harvest. In past years, participants have raised maize and have…

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a gift after loss

I lost the bid on the yarn I wanted. I had gone higher than I’d planned but still lost. The next item up at the guild’s auction was a large clear plastic bag full of yarn and bits of roving. The contents were beautiful. Even from a distance, the colors mingled perfectly together—subtle browns and greens, pale creams and beige. The colors caught me; the entire bag seemed curated into a subdued palette. I bid with hardly any competition and went home with the heavy bag. At home, I began sorting through the contents of the bag. Everything was beautifully handspun. This bag of fiber explorations was created by a spinner who could spin anything, I thought. I speculated that she must have been a teacher to be so careful and systematic.…

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squarely rests

Pattern and designer Squarely by Annette Danielsen Fiber/preparation About 110 grams (3.9 ounces) of main color (MC), plant-dyed commercial Merino/soy silk top, blended with about 110 grams (3.9 ounces) of natural white Merino d’Arles top on a blending board; 195 grams (6.9 ounces) dark blue indigo-dyed commercial Merino top and milk-protein fiber; about 120 grams (4.2 ounces) from a mixed bag of Bluefaced Leicester/Merino mini batts, hand-dyed with plants and cochineal, producing 12 rainbow colors that were extended to 14 by blending blue and red with a natural brown South American top on a blending board; and about 201 grams (7.1 ounces) of brown Merino superwash top (18.5 microns), hand-dyed with onion skins. Wheel system/spindle IST Crafts top-whorl spindle, 22 grams; Tom Walther “Anna” travel wheel, with accelerator. Drafting method Semiworsted, with…