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ritzer, mcdonald e palladio

In a historical moment such as this one, in which understandably financial themes and the economy in general are very much in the forefront. We’re running the risk of losing sight of what’s in store for industries’ ethical aspects which in the long term and more specifically once the Covid is over and finished with these themes will have to be re-addressed and returned to the forefront. Fortunately several illustrious sociologists are here to remind us of the status quo as we proceed. Among them there’s George Ritzer from the US who has just turned eighty and forewarns of what he defines as being a “McDonaldization” borrowed from the name of the much celebrated fast food chain. In a nutshell we’re looking at the results of a phenomenal shove to…

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lynx yachts orion

Sometimes trends change faster than seasons. Over the past ten years we have seen large planing yachts, displacing small ships ‘navette’ which preceded ‘explorer ‘ models and more recently ‘Crossovers’. They are beginning to comprise a wider choice with considerably more cutting edge technology and equipment. If Crossovers in the beginning were nothing else but explorer models with loads more comfort and luxurious interiors decked out in luxury cruising mode, the very latest current trend in project design work is to deliver crossovers that take after support vessels at least conceptually. Support vessels are built to carry most of the items mother ship does not want to have on board at all times such as water toys from sailing dinghies, surf boards, mini submarines, to tenders and much more which…

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codecasa gentleman’s yacht

Luca Dini naval architect has recently drawn up Codecasa’s Yacht project design work for “Gentleman” the name given to this limited edition of only ten. “There are owners’ requests for yachts, project design work requests from shipyards and then there are unique inspired projects of which this is one”, says Luca Dini, “ The idea was to transform a given period of yachting history into something exclusive. The yachts from the fifties bring me back to when I was just a boy and I just wanted to create something which would make me live again special moments from my childhood days while I would walk along the Docks in Viareggio while admiring the timeless elegance these boats possessed”. This is a truly exclusive project to all intents and purposes but not…

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sanlorenzo sd118

Sanlorenzo’s partnership with Zuccon International Project has catapulted it again to the top ranks of the international yachting world. This Italian design studio which also handles Bluegame shipyard’s yachts is nearly ‘on par’ with Sanlorenzo proper in terms of quality. Zuccon has also developed the Asymmetric SL102 and SL96 models for this north Italian brand from La Spezia. The growing interest was such that the two Italian yards jumped on the opportunity to expand a range of semi displacing SD yachts. The first model to benefit from this striking architecture which came off Bernardo Zuccon’s drawing board is the SD118 with as many as four already sold, comprising a 35.75 metre yacht which takes after the yard’s classic design which this renowned shipyard did not want to do without so…

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dynamiq yachts gtt 165

In the wake of the GTT 160’s success, Dynamiq Yachts has recently presented the GTT 165 their new flagship which to some extent takes after Van Oossanen’s renowned fast displacing yachts with his Hull Vane technology and Vector stabilizer fins by Side Power. This FD hull is built entirely with 5083 and 5383 aluminium alloys. The GTT’s exteriors are initialled by Dobroserdov Design that has maintained the same style of the yard’s other models while Giuseppina Arena handled the interiors. Sinuous lines prevail throughout the external sections which integrate with a modern looking rounded bow. A pair of balconies overlooking the surroundings on the same level of the owner’s suite and an untypical stern section equipped with wellness centre accesses directly to the beach club platform /bathing area at the…

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cantiere delle marche flexplorer 142

Cantiere Delle Marche’s Flexplorer programme is getting more and more successful with another recently sold to a wealthy expert German owner who’s already enjoyed diverse sailing yachts and motor yachts. His priorities are to cruise Mediterranean waters first followed by crossing the North West Passage. The owner turned to CDM for the experience it has in the explorer field for which it is internationally known and which is generally very strict in terms of standards. On the other hand the requisites and rules for Fl-explorers are not as stringent and are more ‘adaptable’ when it comes to safety standards necessary to cruise the most demanding areas. “The sale of Flexplorer 142 named Maverick is a milestone because it demonstrates the strength of our new propositions” says Vasco Buonpensiere Sales Director.…