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The Magnolia Journal

The Magnolia Journal

Spring 2020

This magazine from TV couple Chip and Joanna Gaines focuses on seasonal ideas for life, garden, and home. Each quarterly issue identifies a thought-provoking virtue (gratitude, confidence, hospitality ...) and delivers stories that inspire readers to pursue it intentionally in their own lives. Regular features include personal essays by Chip and Jo, ideas for entertaining and family activities, recipes, gardening, decorating, and much more--all beautifully packaged with the signature Magnolia style.

United States
Meredith Corporation
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the magnolia journal

Editor in Chief JOANNA GAINES Editor at Large CHIP GAINES Art Director ALISSA NEELY | Design Director WHITNEY KAUFHOLD | Managing Editor KAILA LUNA Associate Art Director BILLY JACK BRAWNER | Managing Design Director KELSIE MONSEN Administrative Assistant HEIDI SPRING | Staff Photographer DANIELLE JACKSON Staff Stylists HILARY WALKER, REBECCA BECKMAN, ALLI MCGRANE | Culinary Specialist BECKI SHEPHERD MEREDITH SPECIAL INTEREST MEDIA BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Vice President, Group Publisher SCOTT MORTIMER | Executive Account Director DOUG STARK Vice President, Marketing JEREMY BILOON | Director, Brand Marketing JEAN KENNEDY Associate Director, Brand Marketing BRYAN CHRISTIAN | Senior Brand Manager KATHERINE BARNET EDITORIAL Editorial Director JILL WAAGE | Senior Editor CHARIS DIETZ | Associate Art Director ALISHA WILLIAMS Senior Producer AUTUMN WOOD | Production Editor SUSAN MARTINEK | Contributing Text Manager KATHLEEN ARMENTROUT Contributing Copy Editor NANCY DIETZ | Proofreader ERIKA BJORKLUND | Contributing Writers MCGEE NALL, LIZ BELL…

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letter from the editor

SPRING RESTORES LIFE AND COLOR AND WARMTH to our lives. It’s also the season that most easily persuades us of the endless possibilities that await in a new year. The thrill that so often accompanies this notion of having a clean slate or an unwritten chapter convinces me that it’s human nature to seek revision and meaning for our lives, to desire that the imprint we leave on this world be significant, to hope that how we use the time we’re given be worthy of the opportunity. For these reasons we’re dedicating this first issue of the year to the idea of purpose. Sometimes that purpose can feel heavy. There have been times when the question What is my life’s purpose? has kept me up at night. Mostly because it carries the…

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magnolia post: purpose

silo district marathon APRIL 25–26 Join us for our third annual 5k, half marathon, and marathon races! This year, we’ve added a Fun Run for the kiddos and The Challenge, in which you can opt to run two races for double the bragging rights. Learn more at magnolia.com/events. spring at the silos MARCH 12–14 When spring has officially begun and the Silos’ gardens are in full bloom, we can’t help but throw a party. Join us for three days filled with family activities and an artisan vendor fair. Learn more at magnolia.com/events. magnolia table, volume 2 APRIL Joanna’s second cookbook will hit bookstores in April! We’re excited to share with you a whole new collection of recipes for gathering family and friends around the table. the silos are expanding! Construction is under way as we expand the Silos grounds to…

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let the light in

Sunlight sets the rhythm of our days, influences our moods, and warms our homes. It reveals the passage of hours and the transience of time. When the sun finds us, we naturally turn our faces to the light, like growing plants in search of sustenance. Yet when it comes to the things we hope to improve in our homes, it can be easy to overlook this free and precious resource. The beauty of natural light is that it’s ever-changing. It shifts depending on the time of day and season, affecting the way we perceive patterns and colors. Consider how light shows up in nature—greens filtered through sunlit leaves, blue ripples reflected on water, silver clouds against a sunset sky. A well-lit space illuminates the textures and colors that surround us—inside and…

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the purpose of a photo

Not long ago, the average person did not carry a camera in their pocket. People brought out cameras only for special occasions, not everyday life. Those old enough to remember taking photos in the pre-digital and pre-camera phone era will also recall how complex it could be: There was the expensive arsenal of lenses and camera bodies, the bulky tangle of accessories, the setting and adjusting of exposure levels and shutter speeds, the buying of film, and the cost of having that film developed in a lab and the pictures printed. Even when you thought you had done everything right, you always went to pick up your photos with a touch of anxiety. In the early days of photography, images were made, not taken, by craftspeople with a mastery of both…

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take care

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