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This Old House

This Old House November/December 2019

This Old House gives you the inspiration, information and instruction you need to take on home improvement projects of all sizes and succeed. In every issue, find fresh design ideas for every room, creative DIY solutions, step-by-step projects, and tips from the pros. For annual or monthly subscriptions (on all platforms except iOS), your subscription will automatically renew and be charged to your provided payment method at the end of the term unless you choose to cancel. You may cancel at any time during your subscription in your account settings. If your provided payment method cannot be charged, we may terminate your subscription.

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taking curb appeal to new heights—and added depths

When tackling a historic renovation, it’s often challenging to find products that will look the part and perform to modern standards. We asked KARP Associates Project Manager Gordon Jacobsen how an innovative roofing product from GAF achieves both. Built in 1840, the TOH 2019 Idea House truly is an “old” house—the Greek Revival suffered through years of haphazard renovations and additions before the craftsmen at KARP Associates came to its rescue. “The roof not only leaked; there were actual holes in it, and raccoons and other wildlife had taken up residence in the attic,” says Jacobsen. The roof itself could not be saved, but keeping the original roofline height was mandated by the local historical commission. “We imagine the original roof would have been cedar shake, so we wanted to re-create that…

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healthier air at the toh 2019 idea house

Indoor air pollutants such as mold, formaldehyde, and pet dander can cause real health concerns. These pollutants lurk in items like furniture, flooring, and household cleaners. Fireplaces, candles, and cooking vapors can emit gases that cause high levels of irritating particulate matter. Even everyday items like toiletries and vinyl shower curtains can release harmful chemicals into the air. Just like your lungs, your home needs a way to efficiently remove contaminated air and bring in fresh air. That’s why the experts at Panasonic have created the Cosmos™ Healthy Home System. HOW IT WORKS: The built-in sensors of the Cosmos system continuously monitor your indoor air quality and humidity levels. When air quality levels are compromised, Cosmos will activate your ventilation system to bring the air quality back to normal; once achieved, the fans…

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ideas worth adopting—and adapting

They say that everyone you meet in life has something to teach you—to which I’d add, so does every house you encounter. Sometimes those lessons are cautionary: the neighbors’ basement that floods with every rain (don’t ignore the grading), the relative’s living room where every upstairs flush whooshes by overhead like a rushing river (consider adding insulation). Sometimes a house just helps you hone your tastes. Banana-leaf-print wallpaper? Orange tweed curtains? Um, no thanks. And sometimes it gets you thinking that you simply want something new and different. Or, in my case, old and different. Though I started life in a rambling vintage Colonial Revival that I only remember from photos, I grew up in a succession of newish suburban houses from the 1960s and ’70s. (My dad, an engineer and father…

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clean, chic, convenient: the elkay ezh2o® liv™

Tell us how you came across the Elkay ezH2O Liv, and what made you think it was right for our Idea House. The ezH2O Liv is a first-of-its-kind built-in filtered water dispenser for the home market. And the moment we saw it at the Kitchen & Bath Show in Las Vegas this year, we knew it would be a hit with home buyers in our market. Why is that? Millennials make up the largest pool of home buyers today. This is a generation that cares about healthy living, appreciates good design, values convenience, and favors environmentally conscious products. The Elkay ezpO Liv addresses all these ideals. What sets it apart from other home water dispensers? Until now, your choice in home water dispensers was limited to stand-alone coolers with those huge, heavy 5-gallon jugs on…

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the metal fan rake

The backstory The first rakes have been traced back to 1100 B.C., when Chinese farmers used them to keep their fields tidy. Fast-forward some 3,000 years, to around 1880, and this agricultural implement had morphed into a fan-shaped tool designed to keep yards free of leaves. In 1926, the first metal leaf rake received a U.S. patent. That basic design remains the template for today’s versions, which benefit from better materials and improved engineering. Specs to check TINES Powder-coated spring-steel tines are almost impossible to kink. And because these run from side to side, in one-piece sets of six, they can’t fall out. SPRING ACTION A coil spring stiffens the head, absorbs the bending stresses and shock loads on the tines, and helps flick debris away when tension is released. HANDLE This pro-quality rake has a fiberglass shaft,…

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leaf mold is gold

Leaf mold—a type of organic matter, not a fungus—is what you get when leaves are partially or completely decomposed. You use it like compost, says University of Connecticut soil scientist Dawn Pettinelli , but it’s a lot less work, and you don’t need to worry about food scraps attracting critters. Just rake leaves into a corner of your yard—ideally where wind won’t undo your work—and leave them be. “ Add to your pile every fall,” Pettinelli says. “After a year or so, you can remove leaf mold from the bottom every spring.” Can’t wait? “If you want leaf mold for next spring, aim for a pile that’s about four feet in every dimension,” she says. “As the leaves decompose, it’ll start to shrink.” Shred the leaves first to give them a…