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08 Jul 2019

TV Soap Magazine is Australia’s number 1 magazine for lovers of TV Drama, gossip and glamour. Every issue features exclusive interviews with Australian and international celebrities, sneak previews of upcoming soap episodes, star style with the latest fashion and beauty tips, as well as fantastic competitions and giveaways.

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from the editor

It’s a sad day for Hope and Liam as they officially end their marriage on B&B. But as one relationship ends there’s the promise of new love for both with Thomas and Steffy waiting in the wings to mend broken hearts... As Big Little Lies returns, we catch up with Nicole Kidman for an insight into the hit drama – and how thrilled she is to be working with Meryl Streep. On Neighbours Andrea wrangles her mad mum and fears things with Toadie could suffer! John and Marilyn’s marriage on H&A is strained by their difference of opinion over son Jett. There’s scandal and intrigue galore on the daytime soaps, plus heaps to watch on Netflix, Stan and Foxtel: check out our Streaming guide. Enjoy!…

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waiting in the wings

Ending a marriage is never easy but Hope and Liam are finding the endgame more difficult than most estranged couples as neither of them really wants to separate. However, Hope’s made it quite clear to her husband that there’s no alternative. Sadly, their lives together irrevocably changed when their newborn daughter Beth died and, unable to contain her grief, Hope’s convinced them both that if Liam stays in the marriage, he’ll be robbed of the joy of fatherhood he was about to have with the girl. As Hope can’t bear the thought of having another baby, she believes Liam should be with Steffy, the mother of his daughter Kelly and also of her adopted child Phoebe. Hope isn’t prepared for the awful sadness she feels at calling time on her marriage Resolving…

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is it the real life or is this just fantasy?

This is the moment Thomas has been waiting for from the day he first returned to LA. In a dreamlike, romantic setting, bathed in the purity of white curtains and white light, Thomas (dressed all in the same hue) gently takes Hope’s hands into his and smoothly whispers sweet nothings to her. Won over by his moves, Hope smiles back at him and, as they embark on a passionate evening, Thomas appears to have won the woman of his dreams. This moment could easily be one rooted in reality. After all, Hope has let Liam go and Thomas is wondering if it’s best for everyone if he lets sleeping dogs lie and leaves Beth in the loving care of his sister... so it’s fair to assume that these two are…

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going rogue!

Forrester Creations snapper Xander Avant passionately committed to his girlfriend Zoe months ago – and he loves her more than anything. Lately, his promise to support her throughout whatever drama she’s facing in her life has been wearing thin. Xander knows Zoe’s keeping a lid on something that’s obviously unsettling, but she just keeps swerving his questions with cover stories he’s now doubtful are the truth... Now, all Xander’s deep misgivings have been proven to be on the money when he overhears Zoe talking about Hope’s poor baby Beth. Demanding answers, he’s of course horrified when she and Flo admitted that Beth was Steffy’s adopted daughter Phoebe, swapped at birth with a stillborn infant by Zoe’s own father Reese! He needed to sell the tot to raise money to cover his…

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dying to know…

Of all the players, innocent or otherwise, caught up in this dreadful web of deceit, perhaps Zoe, Xander, Emma or even Reese (Wayne Brady) – if he returns – are the most likely to bite the dust. After all, Reese and Zoe are two of the arch villains in this horror show, and the bad guys always have to pay for what’s happened. While Xander’s innocent, he’s been threatening Zoe and Flo with retribution if they don’t do the right thing; but this could backfire on him if he ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now that Emma also knows everything, she could be an unfortunate victim of the carnage unfolding around her. Rarely seen and as a result largely expendable in the grand scheme of…

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heart starters!

As a celebrated author, Traci (Beth Maitland) has published tons of novels over the years. She’s been penning a new tome while staying close to home to lend a hand in the daily care of her ailing mother Dina (Marla Adams). And something strange has been happening to her throughout this ordeal – which makes her wonder if there’s a chance she might be falling in love with a new man for the first time since her divorce from fourth husband Steve! She’s been basing the main character in her latest novel on her good friend Cane (Daniel Goddard), whom she’s known for years and has been helping emotionally handle his recent divorce from Lily (Christel Khalil). In bringing the book to life, Traci has been envisioning Cane as the hero…