Vogue Living July - August 2016

Vogue Living tells stories that engage, fascinate and excite, weaving together a myriad of influences that inspire our lives, be it cultural trends, arts and architecture, a new secret find around the corner, a far flung destination, or a privileged glimpse into a private and compelling world. Interiors, spaces and places, here or there, come vividly to life through their inhabitants and the lens of the camera. Beauty is paramount.

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Anson Smart The photographer/father/surfer/filmmaker (“usually in that order”) travels the world shooting the finest food and places “and the clever people who create them. Getting an up-close view of human creativity and ingenuity every day is inspiring”. This issue, he shot Bar Machiavelli for ‘La Vita è Bella’ (page 194). “It’s always a pleasure to work with Natasha and Jack,” he says of teaming up with the VL team. Smart lives in Sydney with his wife, three daughters and groodle puppy. Paul Barbera The New York-based photographer (above, with blogger Jenny Nguyen-Barron) says his Milan Design Week highlight was meeting friends and passionate creatives (page 58). “It took me 20 years to understand my craft,” he says. “I’m more emotive than process-driven; if it feels right, I’m probably on the right path.” Daniel Golling The…

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Paris match Take a tour around this Paris-inspired 1930s apartment (left) in the Polish capital, Warsaw; the work of local studio Colombe Design. VOGUELIVING.COM.AU/INTERIORS LUXE STAYS Check in with the most spectacular hotels for a mid-year summer escape. VOGUELIVING.COM.AU/TRAVEL Dining spaces Discover elegant spots for eating in homes that don’t include a dining room. VOGUELIVING.COM.AU/INTERIORS CHILD’S PLAY Designer children’s furniture you won’t feel the need to pack away before guests arrive. Below: B&B Italia ‘UPJ’ armchair, $2505, from Space Furniture; Verner Panton for Vitra ‘Panton Junior’ seat, $324, from Top3 By Design. VOGUELIVING.COM.AU/ENTERTAINING Screens are making a comeback and we’ve compiled a list of the most elegant and decorative examples . VOGUELIVING.COM.AU/DESIGN DIGITAL EDITION GET BONUS CONTENT IN VOGUE LIVING’S NEW INTERACTIVE DIGITAL EDITION. FOLLOW US Vogue Living | @vogueliving | Vogue Living | Vogue Living Magazine | @VogueLiving EDITED BY ALEXANDRA BROWN. PHOTOGRAPHER: RAFAŁ LIPSKI (COLOMBE DESIGN)…

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editor’s letter

“uite frankly, Milan Design Week — Salone del Mobile — is for neither the faint-hearted nor the lacking in stamina, especially with a photographer, video crew and sound recordist in tow. Lights, camera, walk, talk. For the Vogue Living team, the world’s largest annual design festival was an exhilarating (albeit heavily scheduled) race to absorb its atmosphere and energy, meet its protagonists and cover enough ground to satisfy the very different requirements of the magazine’s print, online and social media platforms. That’s a lot of eyeballs and a lot of shoe leather. It’s usually only on my return to Australia, when the jetlag has subsided and my mind’s inbox has started to filter and edit, that I can make sense of the week that was. This year’s Milan Design Week was…

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velvet goldmine

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profile: david roche

TO WALK INTO SOMEONE’S HOME is to enter a world that speaks of who they are. Is it clean or cluttered? Colourful or pared back? Every part of a home tells a story. And no home tells more about its owner than that of the late collector David Roche. Inspired by the many house museums he visited, Roche established the David Roche Foundation in 1999 to preserve his own collection of some 3500 objects with the ultimate aim of converting his home, Fermoy House, into a museum on his death. The building, a 1900s Federation-style bungalow in North Adelaide, along with an adjoining, “stripped back” new structure by architect David Burton, was recently opened to the public. “David was flamboyant,” says antiques dealer and director of the museum, Martyn Cook. “He…

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the new language of luxury

The term ‘luxury fatigue’ has been coined to diagnose a very modern problem, and was one of the standout topics at a recent Sydney forum hosted by Martin Raymond and Chris Sanderson of London-based trend consultancy The Future Laboratory. The forecasting duo, along with a panel of industry leaders, believes that as a result of marketing overkill we’re searching for a new kind of luxury based less on the latest musthaves and more on experiences, our wellbeing and the kind of deep emotional connections that can often be triggered by nature. » « James Ogilvy, principal at luxury consultancy Ogilvy & Co, believes that putting heart back into design is the antidote to our luxury burnout. “So much luxury marketing is superficial,” says Ogilvy, whose y superficial,” clients include Aston Martin…