Voie Libre international APRIL 2014 - 77

Discover every three months in this international issue of Voie Libre in english, new products reviews, layout descriptions, model building, historical information on secondary lines and prototypes...

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springtime and it's back to the workbench!

Modellers would appear to be like certain furry creatures, they hibernate! In winter, they abandon the workshop. Too cold, too dark, too dismal… But spring is back! So, our modeller emerges from beneath the blankets, and basks in the sunshine! And is off to the workshop, to grab tools and get to work. So much so that eating and drinking take second place. In summary, normal withdrawal symptoms! This is a godsend for the Editor of Voie Libre who is suddenly swamped in copy. And some copy! How-to articles, for learning techniques and knacks. Feature pieces about layouts, all quite delightful. Discovery articles, to get inspiration! And as Voie Libre is essentially targetted at modellers, we continue to include our central folders of drawings, to spend even more time at the workbench. What a wonderful…

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tillig: a 0-6-0t for the harz

This locomotive reproduces a Henschel engine built in 1914 for the Heeresfeldbahn, a German field railway, and now preserved on the Harz system under the number 996102. The model combines metal and many very fine plastic detailing parts. It is pre-fitted for the installation of a NeXt 18 decoder. While removing the body to fit the decoder, the central buffers supplied with the model can also be installed. But take care, when putting the body back into place, not to jam the pick-up wipers, or you’ll have a nasty clicking noise when the model runs! The locomotive is available in a starter set, with three wagons, which are older productions, at a basic price of 230€ Tillig 1/87 12 and 9mm gauge track. Analogue, pre-fitted for digital. Price for starter set…

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bemo: a modern motor-trolley

The Raco motor-trolley is now available in the Bemo metal series. This new release had been announced for the first time at the 2011 Nuremberg International Toy Fair. This ready-to-run model is of a very high standard and is sold at ca. 600. Reference 1278 102 is the motor-trolley in its original condition: Raco construction 1985, 445hp and 50kp/h speed. The model is fitted with a 5-pole motor, two driving axles, pick-up on all four wheels, and with a standardized socket for fitting a decoder. Note that many detailing parts are made out of etched brass and that the crane – also made of brass – is functional! Bemo 1/87 12mm gauge track only. Metal series. Ref. 1278 102 analogue pre-fitted for digital. Price observed: ca. 600€…

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éditions atlas: an oc1 railcar

Éditions Atlas continue to distribute their Auto-rails de France collection. A De Dion Bouton OC1 railcar has just been released. The model, in CdN livery, is reasonably accurate. The engraving and markings are of good quality, despite the presence at one end of the body of a non-prototypical double door. Enthusiasts familiar with this type of railcar will also observe that there is no driving position at one end. But this is not a major job for those with bashing abilities! Motorizing this model with a Halling chassis seems relatively straightforward. A machine that will probably be seen on many enthusiasts’ layouts! Éditions Atlas, 1/87 12mm gauge. Static model, available only by subscription Price: 38.95€…

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bachmann: 18ft boxcars

In the new series of Bachmann Spectrum wagons, here come 18ft boxcars, with Murphy roof. Meaning the prototypes are 18ft long and that their roof has two slopes, covered with tarred canvas. The bodies are 116mm long, 44mm wide and 64mm high. Two types of doors are available, as well as optional roofwalk extensions. La reference reviewed here (26551) is priced in the Bachmann Spectrum catalogue at 109 $. The same reference, without shipping and customs costs, can be found at 60 $ ! Bachmann Spectrum 0n30 – 016.5 Injected plastic…

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axleboxes made of card!

After agricultural machines, Pierre Lefeurmou is taking a first step into the area of laser-cut card railway rolling stock. Besides fine CdN carriages that we will discuss in the near future, he has just released a useful spare part for scratchbuilders. A set of four axleboxes in H0-12. Each box consists of three layers of card, which simply need to be stacked by aligning them on the brass bearing supplied with the set. The centering hole is concealed by a small strip of thin card which acts as the axlebox cover. Assembly is by way of vinyl adhesive. Maquette Création 36 rue du Presbytère - 56890 Plescop/France Phone: +33 (6) 08 41 79 90 http://www.maquettecreation.fr/Axleboxes: 5€ + postage for four…