Voie Libre international APRIL 2015 - 81

Discover every three months in this international issue of Voie Libre in english, new products reviews, layout descriptions, model building, historical information on secondary lines and prototypes...

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a healthy world!

I’m referring to our small railway modelling world, of course! The world of narrow gauge fans. Far from the hectic pace of daily life, far from everyday worries, narrow gauge enthusiasts are incredibly dynamic. Simply take a look at manufacturers’ new releases. This is a ritual we observe every year at Nuremberg. But it’s also worthwhile studying the layouts on display during international shows. Quality, quantity, diversity are all on the up-and-up when it comes to secondary and narrow gauge railways. True, there is still scope for improvement, and practicing our hobby still means we have to roll up our sleeves. But isn’t that a large part of the fun? And Voie Libre is here to help us.…

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what's new?

Atlas, the latest meter gauge model, a very fine Brissonneau & Lotz railcar What a shame this is the last item in the collection! Unquestionably, it’s the finest amongst the narrow gauge models released by Editions Atlas! The Anjou livery is very neatly applied, and the model can easily be motorized by those of us who enjoy scratch building. FRANÇOIS FONTANA ÉDITIONS ATLAS Anjou type Brissonneau & Lotz railcar 12mm gauge track Static model Collection by subscription A suburban tramway by Liliput/ Dolischo Available in several versions, here is a pleasing set of suburban tramway stock. Built in 1927/1928 by Grazer Waggonfabrik, this stock ran on the Wiener-Lokalbahn. The route originated from the famous Opera Square in Vienna, ending at the spa town of Baden, 27km away. The real trams were rebuilt several times. Of the…

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narrows gauge makes a come-back!

Fellow H0 narrow gauge fans, you who had been on a strict diet for many years where new releases were concerned, indigestion is now round the corner! Following the lightning start of the MinitrainS firm with its 009/H09 range two years ago, industrial manufacturers in this sector are showing signs of life. Three locomotives and five wagons are announced by MinitrainS before the summer of 2015. Peco is following in the German brand’s footsteps: four wagons and two carriages in 009 have been released in less than two years. The locomotive, also in 009, produced in partnership with Heljan, is expected this summer. Bachmann Branchlines is preparing a War Department 4-6-0 T in 009. Liliput is in the process of manufacturing the motor trolley and its trucks. The picture would…

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a single ticket to olot

The layout at a glance • Scale: H0• Gauge: 12mm• Control: Roco digital• Inspiration: Olot -Girona line, Spain• Period: 1960s Last November, four modellers travelled all the way from Catalonia to Pontoise and the exhibition halls of RailExpo 2014. They didn’t come alone, but brought the modules of their layout, which will integrate a historic interpretation Centre based upon the railway. This centre will be housed in Olot station, specially refurbished for this purpose. Preparing our journey For the time being, the layout consists of 15 modular elements. It reproduces part of the line, from the terminus at Olot to a balloon loop. The line travels through the stations of Les Preses, Sant Esteve d’en Bas, Sant Feliu de Pallerols and Les Planes d’Hostoles. The real line, 54km long, originated from Girona (altitude 75m)…

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ontraxs, better and better

OntraXS is a railway modeling exhibition. Organized by a small group of enthusiasts, it takes place within the large Railway Museum, installed in a station in Utrecht, Netherlands. The layouts are displayed amongst the preserved rolling stock and the collections of railwayana. An outstanding location! To meet the standards of the place, the organizers have set drastic criteria: the layouts must be of a quality above reproach, and their presentation must be impeccable. A lighting pelmet and proper signage are essential so that visitors notice the layouts. To the extent possible, the layouts must be shown for the first time, or almost. Visitors award two prizes: the children’s award and the public’s award. At the very beginning of the OntraXS adventure, 40 % of visitors came to admire the layouts, and…

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péchot moves up to the front

As early as the end of 1914, Allied and German troops dug down on the French front. The trenches built ended up looking like two gigantic fortresses, ever more elaborate and better armed... On the French side, the industrial infrastructure was pressed into trench war service. From Belfort to Dunkirk, the 75 artillery guns had to fire six rounds per minute in all circumstances. But all this ammunition also had to be routed to the front lines. Railways, roads and waterways were put to good use. However, despite their efficiency, these means of transport still could not reach all the way to the front line proper. The last few miles to be covered were under enemy artillery fire, churned up by troops and convoys: the land became impassable. Péchot paves the way The…