Voie Libre international No. 106

Discover every three months in this international issue of Voie Libre in english, new products reviews, layout descriptions, model building, historical information on secondary lines and prototypes...

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editorial #106

LET’S ENJOY! 15h28, the sun is beating down on the country lane. On the verge, a heap of old sleepers, that a farmer will use to enclose some meadow, gives off a gentle smell of creosote. This is enough to conjure up memories of fine sunny summers spent watching railcars run through the small station at Mezel. And... at once, I feel the urge to create. Let’s enjoy the long summer hours to gather impressions, images, in one word, memories. All those emotions that will help generate our next creations. In Voie Libre, feelings, escape, dreams are in charge. Have a wonderful summer! Enjoy this summer issue! The whole editorial team is hard at work to provide another Voie Libre in the autumn, an even bigger one for enhanced escape and fun. Follow us on…

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bachmann : baldwin 10-12-d engines with sound

Bachman Europe has announced the relase during the summer of the DCC sound versions of its now classic War Department 60cm gauge 4-6-0 T. The sound was recorded on 10-12D 778 preserved in the U.K. Externally, the new “sound fitted” references are strictly identical, down to the numbers, to the analogue versions released previously. They will be supplied fitted with a Zimo MX659N18 sound decoder offering 28 functions and installed on the engine’s NEXT18 socket. When operating in analogue, the engine will produce exhaust beats adjusted to the voltage of the track, as well as random sounds. BACHMANN BALDWIN 10-12-D 4-6-0T “SOUND FITTED” PRICE: CA. 220 TO 230£…

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halling modelle : vintage tramway kits

A new development in the Halling Modelle vintage tramway range: you supply the photographs and you receive, with your kit, the decals corresponding to the livery of your choice. This kit, entirely modular, also allows you to select the body parts as you wish. Supplied with simple axles, the body can equally well be fitted to the manufacturer’s multi-gauge driving chassis. Take a look at the website, in German and English, to get a better idea. I made up a complete tramway with a body and glazing, detailed balconies, a working metal pantograph and a driving chassis for 87 euros without postage. HALLING MODELLE https://shop.ferro-train.com…

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tramfabriek : a driving mechanism for the jouef steatite 0-4-0

Tramfabriek has released a new retro-fit driving mechanism, this time for the small Decauville Steatite 0-4-0. This model shows its age – 50 years – and despite a somewhat vintage apperance, deserves an up-to-date driving mechanism. The Steatite locos are readily available in swap-meets for ca. 40 euros. Once thoroughly cleaned with F spirit, carefully remove the brush holders, then the motor. The gear on the motor shaft must be removed with care. Fit the small length of brass tube into the gear, file it down with a soft file, block it in place with a drop of threadlock or supeglue. With the same product, block the gear on the shaft of the coreless motor supplied. The 3D printed motor cradle fits in between the two brush holders of the…

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scenery and technique

The Signifer brand, which mainly produces military kits, has released artificial snow. The product comes in the shape of a mineral powder that must be blended with an acrylic base, the latter more or less thinned. The product is sold in two jars, containing 50 grams or 25 grams of powder together with 65 grams or 30 grams of base. Depending on the effect sought, the instructions specify various degrees of dilution. SIGNIFER http://signifer.chez-alice.fr/o_fr.htmSN99001 SNOW 50G: PRICE: 14.50€ SN99002 SNOW 25 G: PRICE: 9.00€…

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maquette création : card for laser

Pierre Le Feurmou, who runs Maquette Création, has decided to make the material he uses for his productions available to modellers who practice laser-cutting. We are talking here of glossy and very smooth white, brown or brick red card, whose appearance is very similar to Bristol board. This product is indeed very easy to cut with a laser, generates very little smoke and above all with hardly any charring, unlike more ordinary card. Assembly calls on wood glue. This material is available in thicknesses ranging from 0.3 to 3mm. MAQUETTE CRÉATION CARD FOR LASER-CUTTING PRICE: 5 TO 6.50€ DEPENDING ON THE THICKNESS https://shop.maquettecreation.fr/…