Voie Libre international JANUARY 2016 - 84

Discover every three months in this international issue of Voie Libre in english, new products reviews, layout descriptions, model building, historical information on secondary lines and prototypes...

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may 2016 kick off with a bang and some bashing!

This is what we wish you in this issue of Voie Libre. Our way of wishing you a happy New Year. A year packed with model layouts, in all scales: in this issue, we don’t forget to celebrate the many shows that took place last autumn. A year full of bashing and building, whatever type of modelling you fancy most: follow us, whether it’s to build a model, create a layout, make a buffer stop! A year packed with discoveries and amazement relating to narrow gauge railways: existing, having existed, surviving or still around thanks to archive material. Voie Libre always offers you a window onto both history and reality. The year 2016 will also spell change for the magazine: a new page layout, improved presentation of documents, wider sources of…

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what’s new?

Bemo, Dze 6/6 N° 2002 motorized van Bemo had already released in 2008 a version of these two motorized vans under the number FZe 6/6 2001. This is a more recent version, covering the period from the December 1981 overhaul until withdrawal around 2000. This unit is now on the Blonay-Chamby preserved line, whereas N° 2001 was scrapped after having been cannibalized in the 1990s for parts to keep its “brother” going. This reproduction in the Metal Collection series is of a very high standard, with fine and accurate decoration. Running qualities, with two driving bogies, are superb, and the model is pre-fitted for DCC with a six-pin NEM 651 interface. It is unfortunate however that Bemo doesn’t fit its motive power directly with standard sockets, as the buyer has to break off…

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new releases at railexpo

This isn’t a scoop, Railexpo is no longer the gathering of European narrow gauge fans! Specialized artisans, except for the two French survivors, no longer attend this autumn show. However – there are always exceptions - even for just two artisans, Voie Libre takes the trouble to have a look. And this year, there was a newcomer at the Saint-Martin de Pontoise exhibition hall: a Spaniard. Welcome to Models Carrilet Barcelona! H0 meter gauge It’s the turn of Trains d’Antan <http://modele-reduit-train.com/> to steal the show this year. The Corpet-Louvet Charentes type 0-6-0 T engines of the TIV network, nº 51 to 91, are currently being distributed. This model is made out of etched brass and nickel-silver, with cast bronze parts. The kit costs €390. Another railcar has been added to what is already…

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railexpo, layouts

La Baraque Scale: 1/64 (Sm) Gauge: 16,5mm Dimensions: 300 x 160cm Railexpo, for those who have never been able to attend, is a large and fine show which takes place over 3 days in the two large halls of the Saint Martin exhibition center in Pontoise, near Paris. While the first hall is almost entirely dedicated to railway modelling artisans, publishers and manufacturers, the second one, located a few steps higher, brings together enthusiasts’ layouts, a few associations and some retailers. Hans Louvet’s Sm scale layout, La Baraque, was installed just at the top of the steps. A place of choice This layout isn’t really new for Voie Libre readers, as we discovered it for the first time four years ago at the RAMMA gathering in Sedan. But how nice to see it again observe it…

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a clever plan

Guy Thomas, a regular exhibitor at Railexpo, displayed a fine small layout in H0e. On 9mm gauge track, electric tramways ran through the scenery, passing in a spectacular way. Actually, the layout is a large figure-of-eight, folded back onto itself, with the curved sections concealed in tunnels. Where will the train which has just vanished to the right pop out again? This is the recurring question in viewer’s minds!…

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“les croisées de l’étroit”: a multi-directional challenge!

It all began on the Voie Libre forum, on 3rd January 2014 at 10h43 exactly. Matthieu Jacquemart had just outlined the future Voie Libre challenge for the RAMMA 2015 gathering. Participants had 22 months to join the “Croisées de l’étroit” adventure and build their own project. No time was lost. At 11h16, the first official registration was made. At 12h13, someone started poking friendly fun at us. And as early as12h34, we started having to answer the first questions. This went on for almost two years. Registrations flowed in. Queries and expressions of mild concern also. While the concept of a modular layout bringing together all the participants met with unanimous support, the end-purpose of the “Croisées” wasn’t so obvious to many enthusiasts, more accustomed to linear structures. François Fouger…