Voie Libre international JANUARY 2017 - 88

Discover every three months in this international issue of Voie Libre in english, new products reviews, layout descriptions, model building, historical information on secondary lines and prototypes...

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let the spirit of voie libre flow!

We have decided to place this New Year issue under the sign of high spirits. In addition to a feature explaining how to install a lime kiln on a layout, to a historical article about the advent of internal combustion haulage during WWI, and to articles about the shows that took place in late 2016, we have opted to be whimsical! Rochers de Naye, a whimsical rack-and-pinion line which runs up a mountain just for the enjoyment of hikers. The Leyrat motor-trolley, a whimsical and weird propeller-driven machine. The whimsical and dream-like world of Île VaOù, the 0-16.5 layout shown on the cover. Not forgetting “Zwei wochen”, an equally whimsical and compact layout in 1/22.5 scale, dedicated to stone-cutting. Such whimsical touches, combined with strong technical and historical knowledge, are what makes…

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what’s new

LOCOS N STUFF : A BRIGADELOK 0-8-0 T After having designed a “Joffre” type Kerr Stuart 0-6-0, the UK artisan Locos n Stuff has released a new model: a “Brigadelok” 0-8-0 T, better known in France under the acronym DFB. More than 2,500 of these 60cm gauge locomotives were built for the German army during WWI, and a great many were put to work after the war on narrow gauge industrial railways. A good 100 DFB engines have survived throughout the world, of which some 20 in France on tourist railways. The kit comprises sheets of 0.3mm thick etched brass for the superstructure and of 0.4mm nickel silver for the chassis and motion. Some 50 cast bronze parts and a resin one for the firebox complete the model. The motor supplied is a…

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walferdange narrow gauge-land!

The exhibition hall isn’t very big; some 15 layouts are on display, but all of them are of a high standard. The public is keen, faithful and the European scope of this gathering is undeniable. Walferdange has achieved the reputation of a must-see show for all narrow gauge fans. This year, we chose to review two of the 8 layouts displayed: Inselbahn Bieberoog in 0m by Alexander Lösch and Chat Moss in 0-9 by Philipp Gerber. INSELBAHN BIEBEROOG Don’t seek out this 8km long meter gauge line serving a North Friesian island! Maps will be of no help to you, as this is a fictitious location. But its creator, Alexander Lösch, has done such a good modelling job that the scene is highly believable. The layout consists of eight modules, each measuring 100 x…

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railexpo 2016 h0-12 steals the show!

IIM APOCOPA (<APOCOPA.FR>) The X 232 railcar from the Yunnan railway in Indo-China, with a Perspex body, is now available. This limited and numbered edition is sold ready-to-run for 790 € + postage. 0-22.5 AUBERTRAIN The Sud France 4-6-0 T is announced for June 2017. The Sud France wagons, already available in the H0 range, are being developed for 0-22.5. H0-12 AUBERTRAIN The Corpet-Louvet 2-6-0 T is available: in brass kit form (ref. 610-05, 390 €) or assembled and painted (ref. 620-10, 780 € + postage). Digital version: ref. 620-11, 880 € + postage. The Sud France carriages: second, first/second composite and second/ van composite are being released in H0-12. BÂTIMENTS ET CONSTRUCTIONS FERROVIAIRES (< BCF-MODELES.FR>) Two new CdN wagons: closed van (ref. BCF M108, 42 € + postage), and open (ref. BCF M106, 34 € + postage). CBR network: composite…

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the baume & marpent open wagon by bcf

The kit comprises a handful of plastic pouches containing the resin parts (still on their sprue), two 0.3mm thick etched nickel silver sheets, a set of transfers and the 5-page instruction sheet. ASSEMBLY The resin parts must be thoroughly washed with tepid water and soap. They must then be separated from the sprue with a scalpel blade, and any remaining flash trimmed off with either the scalpel blade or a file. The parts are assembled with instant adhesive, the semi-spherical poka-yokes ensure accurate assembly. I had to touch up the hollow semi-spheres, by hand, using a 0.8mm diameter drill bit. The brake rigging, complete below the chassis, is made out of etched nickel silver. Soldering the parts is a delicate job and requires some care. The instructions suggest fitting safety chains… this is a…

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île vaoù

We are now familiar with Thomas Schmid, to the extent that we look forward to a new creation of his almost every year – rather as if he was some famous film director! And every time, Thomas carries us away into his very own world, half-way between dreams and reality. He shows us round highly personal creations, which refer to real secondary railways, of the heritage or industrial varieties, combined with references of a more artistic nature, in the fields of literature, painting or photography. Professionally, Thomas is an architect, so his work consists in turning intellectual designs into something real, while taking account of significant technical constraints. When it comes to modelling, he can forget about those constraints; he can blend universes, scales, forget about gravity and the resistance…