Voie Libre international JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER 2017 - 90

Discover every three months in this international issue of Voie Libre in english, new products reviews, layout descriptions, model building, historical information on secondary lines and prototypes...

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in modelling we trust!

Railway modelling has a bright future! At any rate, we are convinced this is true. And what leads us to be so confident? Well, simply put, the degree of dynamism encountered in our small community. Just look at the incredible quality of what is produced, be it by artisans, industrial firms or enthusiasts. The plethora of layouts, their constant renewal, the creative genius they bear witness to. Not forgetting historical studies, ever more sophisticated, more accurate, more likely to bring the past back to life for us. This dynamism was recently displayed and made available to all of you in one place: at the Trainsmania show. And that is exactly what we shall continue to do throughout this issue and later ones. Have a great summer!…

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what’s new

BEMO : TWO NEW LIVERIES FOR THE L 45 H First version (ref. 1020 950, period V/VI): found on an Austrian 760mm gauge tourist railway, the Stainzer Lokalbahn, an unusual purple livery with a white strip, including an advertisement for the CFI workshops in Criscior, Romania. These workshops repair, convert or modernize steam locomotives and diesel engines for re-use on commercial or tourist railways. The L 45 H engines were built by FAUR, 23rd August works, in Bucarest. Second version (ref. 1020 971, period V/VI): engine T 48 001 from the Czech JHMD railway. Two lines serve Obratan in the North and Nova Bystrice in the South, from Jindrichuv Hradec. It is worth noting that the first stretch is shared with the standard gauge electrified CD network, using dual gauge track fitted…

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ENGINE SHED FESTIVAL AT HOCHDORF 2 AND 3 SEPTEMBER 2nd and 3rd September 2017 will be open days at Hochdorf engine shed, near Lucerne in Switzerland. Steam and electric trains will be running on the standard gauge, while modellers will be providing a show in the shed. A dozen layouts are expected, from all over Europe, and it will be a pleasure to see the small 0-4-0 and 0-6-0 T engines running Not to be missed! RAMMA AT SEDAN 14 AND 15 OCTOBER We will be attending the RAMMA gathering in Sedan. As is customary at this event, there will be artisans, tradesmen, but above all, layouts! More than 80 are expected this year, and it is likely that many will be narrow-gauge themed. Don’t forget either that besides having a stand, LR Presse will…

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press review

The Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette, under its classic cover illustrated by a painting, reviews a delightful item of motive power: railcar Nº 23 of the Eureka & Nevada Railway, two pages and a plan to help you model a highly unusual machine. This issue is dedicated to weird engines, as it also looks at a saddle tank 0-4-0 T built by a company’s workshops, and at a pizza layout designed around a tree that accommodates a hotel in the heart of the bayou! The Narrow Gauge and Industrial railway Modeling Review continues investigating the centenary of WWI, this time with a 0 scale layout. Schmale Spuren Modell & Vorbild, the German magazine, publishes a very interesting case study about a station on the Bex-Villars-Bretaye railway in Switzerland. An…

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roco takes a holiday

THE SET AT A GLANCE Brand: Roco ref. 31030 Scale: H0-9 Control: analogue Locomotive: HF110C 0-6-0 T Wagons: log disconnects Track: Roco code 80 rails Oval 82 x 55cm Price observed: 109 € You don’t really know what to build this summer, but you feel like making something. You are looking for that small item that will actually get your kitchen-table modelling started. The urge is there, and so are the ideas, what’s missing is the actuator… This Roco set might be the very thing! Sold under reference 31030 and called Holzzug (« forestry train »), this newly-released Roco starter set has everything going for it. TAKING A CLOSER LOOK An HF 110C locomotive: the small 0-6-0, to which a tender has been added. A relatively recent model, which runs amazingly well, features full and highly detailed motion and is…

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trainsmania 80 years of loco-revue 20 years of voie libre a fine anniversary!

It was indeed a great success and a great attraction. The many beaming faces told the story. The public and the exhibitors were happy and so were we. We, the teams of the LR Presse group, because we had all worked hard and were thrilled to see the show turn out so well. I shall refrain from serving the same old story about how subjective a choice the journalist has to make, when having to report in a given number of words, due to space constraints… Judging by the number and quality of the layouts on display, a fully comprehensive feature would have required an entire issue of the magazine. So yes, we had to be selective. And what follows is just a glimpse of what could be seen in Lille. JEAN-VILLE 0-16.5 A small…