Voie Libre international APRIL MAY JUNE 2018 No. 93

Discover every three months in this international issue of Voie Libre in english, new products reviews, layout descriptions, model building, historical information on secondary lines and prototypes...

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modellers, just try!

In a parody of Michel Audiard’s famous aphorism, I could have written: “Modellers will try anything, that’s how you can tell them apart”, as I am convinced that the very essence of our hobby is creativity. The pages of the present issue amply demonstrate it: one modeller converts a commercial model to meet his tastes! Another uses a donor chassis and specially made parts to build his very own model! A third one tells us a true story while evoking it in H0 scale! And a fourth one selects stock from various sources to model a historical railway as he perceives it! Our hobby is a technical one. But it wouldn’t mean much without the large doses of creativity, spontaneity or inventiveness that propel it into the world of fine…

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tillig : a new version of the spreewaldbahn 0-6-0 t

Seven of these engines were built between 1897 and 1903 by Hohenzollern in Düsseldorf for the Spreewald meter gauge network, known in those days as LCK. They ran until 1968/1971, numbered DR 99 5701 to 5707. This network was located in the Cottbus region of what was at the time East Germany. They weighed 21t, developed a power of 107 kW/145hp, and could reach a speed of 35kp/h. The large air tank located on the right hand side of the running board and the air compressor oddly fitted on the left-hand side of the smokebox front gave them a distinctive appearance. In the years 1952/1953, they were fitted with a Knorr air brake to replace the classical Heberlein cable brake. The latter, unlike what was customary on Saxon railways, ran…

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bachmann spectrum : a logging caboose

This attractive caboose in 0n30 scale (1/48th on 16.5mm gauge track) represents a short model with wooden sides and a curved and riveted metal roof. It is very neatly modelled. Fitted to the 18 foot chassis produced by the brand, it is a freestyle model, like the derrick car. There used to be large quantities of such vehicles, some completely home-built, others being converted wagons. It is therefore perfectly suited to a forestry or mining railway or to a secondary one. Two versions are available, one without a cupola, meaning 6 references in total, three with markings and no company name, and three with markings, as follows: - 26561 without cupola: grey MOW 003X. - 26562 without cupola: red. - 26563 without cupola: yellow. - 26564 with cupola: red « White Pass ». -…

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bachmann spectrum : a crane wagon

This attractive maintenance wagon consists of one of the brand’s flat wagons, fitted with a very neatly detailed (non working) loading boom, a steam winch based on reference 27301 and a shelter. Five references are available: three with markings and no company name, and two with such names: - 26901: grey. - 26902: yellow. - 26903: red oxide. - 26904: grey « Durango & Silverton ». - 26905: red « White Pass ». The model is supplied with Arch Bar type bogies (Diamond short model), like most wagons produced by this brand, and with EZ Mate mark II couplers fitted to the body. The wagon is 160mm long (without couplers), 57mm wide and its height above the rails varies between 101mm at chimney level and 95mm at boom level (beware of tunnels, fortunately, there aren’t…

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jellymodels : a battery-operated locomotive

We are offered a stretched version of an earlier model. In issue 89 of Voie Libre, we reviewed the small motor trolley designed to fit over a Hakotetsu driving mechanism in 9mm gauge. This is the same body, but with two driving cabs added one at each end (converting the model into a tiny tramway) and a new clerestoried roof. The body is made out of accurately cast resin. Ideal for building an imaginary layout with very sharp curves! JELLYMODELS WWW.JELLYMODELS.COM REF. NG0043 KIT WITHOUT DRIVING MECHANISM: 35€ MOTORIZED, PAINTED AND READY-TO-RUN MODEL: 91€…

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press review

Issue 284 of Voie Étroite contains a fine “nighttime” feature about the Leighton Buzzard Railway, as well as an article about the surviving Bord na Mona peat networks in Ireland. The future of these 3 foot lines appears to be ensured until 2030. Issue 385 of Chemins de fer régionaux et tramways takes a look at what was at the time modern stock: the L type Paris tramways, of which 475 units ran from 1925 to 1938. Still in the field of urban transport, Issue 70 of Rail & Industrie features a dossier about the London postal underground system. The Narrow gauge & industrial railway modelling review confirms its fondness for Scandinavia with a 1/35 scale diorama built around traditional Swedish wood buildings (issue 113). The Newsletter of the Cercle ferroviaire…