Voie Libre international No. 94

Discover every three months in this international issue of Voie Libre in english, new products reviews, layout descriptions, model building, historical information on secondary lines and prototypes...

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summer at the top

This fine shot by Damien Letondal, showing a train from the famous Montenvers railway passing over the well-known viaduct, seems highly appropriate to wish you an enjoyable summer, packed with constructive modelling projects. Whatever makes you tick in our hobby – art, techniques, technology, dreams – or perhaps a subtle blend of all such things, we hope that reading Voie Libre will propel you to the very top! Follow us on Keep in touch all the year round with on blog.voielibre.com…

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bemo : a 1020 980 diesel, exclusively for schmalspurbedarf

There is no need to go into details about these diesel engines, already well-known and described in Voie Libre. This is a new Polish version in standard PKP livery, numbered Lxd2 280, and reproduced in H0-9. All these engines being fitted with the original Maybach motors, Schmalspurbedarf has made Next 18 sound decoders available for them. At a cost of 15€, specific etched plates can also be purchased. The locomotive sells for 269.95€ in analogue, 299.95€ in simple digital. The complete set for the MX658 N18-Lxd2-M sound decoder sells for 106.90€. BEMO FOR SCHMALSPURBEDARF FRANK TUMMELER HÖNINGER WEG 36, D-50354 HÜRTH, GERMANY www.schmalspurbedarf.de post@schmalspurbedarf.de…

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euro ng : a gmeinder diesel

James Hilton, who markets his productions under the EuroNG brand, has just released a new diesel locomotive. This is a Gmeinder 80hp German military engine. Due to a shortage of documentation, this model is a very successful evocation rather than a proper scale model. As is customary with the EuroNG products, the kit consists of a 3D printed body shell and of etched detail parts. The driving mechanism calls on the MinitrainS LKM Ns2f chassis, which must be bought separately. EURONG https://shop.narrowplanet.co.uk REF. ENG-010 KIT WITHOUT DRIVING MECHANISM 50£…

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tillig : deux couverts à boggies

These bogie box vans were originally from the Nordhausen Wernigeroder Eisenbahn (NWE) company, of which six units (Gml 321 to 326) were built in 1900 by Breslauer Waggonfabrik Hoffmann. They are fitted with vacuum brakes and with a hand brake on the end platform. Weighing 9.2 tons, they could carry a load of up to 15 tons and were 11.10m long. The bogie wheelbase was 1.2m. Four of these wagons are still used as service vehicles, and the body of one of them was demolished in 1989 for conversion into a carriage for the HSB. Reference 15940 reproduces Gml 321 in Period II of the NWE, destroyed in 1935. Référence 15941 is a set of two Period III wagons consisting of one GG 99-02-51 (ex-NWE 323) of the Deutsche Reichsbahn…

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DIE BRESLAUER LINKE-HOFMANN-WERKE [History of the Linke-Hofmann company] Published for the 175th anniversary of railways in Silesia, this book tells the story of the Linke-Hofmann company, based in Breslau, nowadays Wroclaw. The book is lavishly illustrated with builders’ photographs. Pratically all the types of locomotives, as well as many carriages and wagons, are shown, together with a short technical fact-sheet for each. The book is accompanied by a brochure listing all 3175 locomotives built by Linke-Hofmann, their type and career. This should delight those who enjoy builders’ lists, so useful to discover the history of engines. Eric Fresné DIE BRESLAUER LINKE-HOFMANN-WERKE [History of the Linke-Hofmann company] COLLECTIVE WORK OBERSCHLESISCHES LANDESMUSEUM DER STIFTUNG HAUS OBERSCHLESIEN info@emh-bude.de 176 PAGES IN COLOUR, HARDBOUND PRICE: 36€, POSTAGE INCLUDED THE 2018 GUIDE TO TOURIST RAILWAYS Drawn up jointly by Editions La vie du rail and…

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press review

This quarter, Rail & industrie n° 71 offers us two very detailed features. The first is dedicated to the Campagne motor trolleys and the second – in line with the latest modellling news – to the Moyse industrial diesel shunters, recently produced in H0 scale by REE. In Voie Étroite n° 285, discover the strange automatic postal underground railway, which ran in London over 8 miles from 1927 to 2003. The Narrow gauge and industrial railway modelling review n° 114 moves into bizarre-land with the quaint Stronach-Dutton road-rail vehicles. For its 13th year, 0n30 annual 2018 takes us for a journey on the Puerto Borracho railway, a layout that is more cartoon- like than Mexican-inspired… Note that both 0n30 annual and the Review feature articles about 3D modelling and printing.…